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Mounting - Electrolux EHT 310 X Instruction Book

Electrolux hob
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Caution: In order to avoid a hazard this
appliance must be installed according to
these instructions for installation, also
complying with Gas Safety (installation
& use) Regulation
The hob unit can be mounted in any type
of kitchen with a table surface whose
thickness is between 28 mm and 40 mm.
The distance to any shelves or tops of a
cabinet under the hob is to be at least 55
Screw the fixing brackets out to such an
extent that they can be turned in under
the table top. Tighten the brackets on to
the table top with an ordinary
Cut-out measurements
One rectangular hole is sawn out for the
hob combination chosen.
The depth of the cut-out for any unit is:
490 mm
Length of hole = sum of all units`
externally measured lenght, less 20 mm.
Mounting of Reinforcement
A reinforcement Beam, with supporting
flanges at each end, is included with each
two-burner unit. For unit combinations, a
reinforcement beam must be used
between each unit.
Minimum distance
Minimum distance to
to wall:
wall (non flammable
material): 50 mm
150 mm
It is not necessary to attach the
reinforcement beam to the work top
surface, as it is held in place by a
specially designed moulding, which is
incorporated in the hob units flanges.
The units externally measured
145 mm:
Cooker hood
290 mm:
Two-zone ceramic-top electric hob
Two-burner gas hob
580 mm:
Four-zone ceramic-top electric hob
Four-burner gas hob
725 mm:
Four-zone ceramic-top electric hob
Installation of a single unit
When mounting a single unit, be it a
half-or full size unit, in a
worktopsurface which is thicker than
30 mm, it is necessary to make a
special notch in both sides of the cut-
out hole, as shown in the adjacent
The purpose of these notches is to
create space for the electrical cables.



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