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Electrolux EHT 310 X Instruction Book page 11

Electrolux hob
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Installation of wok burner
It is extremely important that
both the inner and outer
burner rings are fitted
correctly into their "guide
notch", otherwise the burner
will burn with an incorrect
flame pattern and could be
ruined within a very short
period. You must be able to
hear a click telling you that
the rings have been correctly
How to proceed:
1. Fit the air valve in the burner
body. See fig. 1
2. Then fit the inner burner ring,
taking care that the guide pin
engages in the notch. See fig. 2.
Air valve
Fig. 1
Inner burner ring
Fig. 2
Maintenance and cleaning
The operating panel with knob pan
support top plate and burner
covers/rings are to be cleaned with
ordinary cleaning agents.
However, do not use any kind of
scouring powder.
The hob with the stainless steel top
plate is to be washed with ordinary
soap and water. Dry thoroughly to
avoid lime stains. Any such stains may
be removed with vinegar or whiting
dissolved in spirit.
Avoid saucepans boiling over. If you
have been so unfortunate as to get
water in the burner this water should
be removed before re-igniting the
burner, e.g. with a no-fluff cloth.



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