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Setting The Sensor Zero - Honeywell IAQPoint User Manual

Indoor air quality monitor
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Table of Contents
Using the IAQPoint
Calibrating the Unit

Setting the Sensor Zero

The Sensor Zero function is represented by the LED blink code 2, and
the procedure to set the sensor zero is as follows:
Before starting the calibration
(using the programming menus),
connect the regulator to the gas
Adjust the flow rate to 0.1 L/min.
Open the rubber cap on the
IAQPoint calibration port and
connect the tubing from the
regulator to the sensor, as shown.
Let the gas flow for at least 10
minutes before starting the
Press and hold the pushbutton and count 2 blinks and release the
the LED will blink the 2-blink code three times (2 blinks, pause; 2
blinks, pause; 2 blinks, pause) to request confirmation to set the
sensor zero.
Press the pushbutton and hold for one blink only once to confirm
(you must confirm within 32 seconds or the screen will return to the
main menu). The unit begins setting the sensor zero (throughout
the zero process, the LED will blink 3 times every 4 seconds).
If the zero calibration is successful, the LED remains on without
If the calibration failed, the LED will blink non-stop.
Never calibrate the sensor Zero with ambiant air. Always
use Nitrogen (N
sensor for at least 10 minutes before beginning and
continue throughout.
IAQPoint User Manual
). Make sure to release the gas to the
Gas Cylinder

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Table of Contents

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