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Installation Notes; Mounting; Power Connection; Remote 20 Ma - Honeywell P531 Operating Manual

Flame monitor
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The P531 or P532 Signal processor should be mounted
(using the 4 holes in the corners of the base) to a ver-
tical surface in a location with free air circulation on
the top, bottom and sides.

Power connection:

DC units should be connected to a stable 24-volt DC
AC units should be connected to an AC mains supply
Battery backup can be connected to the +24 BATT
To prevent discharging the battery, its voltage must
be less than the main supply (for DC units) or less
than 24 volts (for AC units). This can be adjusted
using series silicon diodes to provide a voltage drop
of 0.7 volts each.

Remote 20 mA

Current meters can be connected to the remote meter
outputs with the RET as a common return.


(See Figures 4 and 5)
Self-check contacts are provided for both normally
open and normally closed positions.
Connect the Self-check actuator to whichever of these
terminals is required.
The Self-check relay is internally interlocked with the
flame relays so that whenever the Self-check relay
opens all of the flame relays will open as well.

Flame Relays

Each of the flame relays provides 2 sets of normally
open and normally closed positions.
Connect the Burner supply to the required flame termi-

Alarm Relays

Alarm contact is a normally open contact that will pro-
vide a connection to it's RET when the flame count
falls below the set point. Or (if configured) the viewing
head temperature exceeds 70° C (158° F). Connect
the Alarm actuator to these terminals.

Viewing head (See Figures 1 and 2)

Viewing heads are connected to the appropriate termi-
nals using the compatibility list.
Source Impedance Resistors 470 Ohm ¼ Watt must
be installed between SC and SGND for all cable runs
to S55x viewing heads between 300 and 700 ft.

Alternative Setting Selection

For each of the 3 viewing heads:
Connect +Sel and ground through a switch from a DC
supply for selecting alternate viewing head settings.
The +24v OUT terminal can be used to supply power
for this purpose (on AC units).

P522 Mode

To Use the P532 in Reduced Feature mode install a
jumper between the P522 mode terminal and ground.
Then power must then be cycled.
WARNING: Do NOT connect P522 mode terminal
to a power source.


If the display is blank:

If only one line is blank:

Unplug all viewing heads (should display "NO VH#
If display still blank then:
Hold the Reset button for 2 seconds:
If address is displayed then reset factory defaults:
Else return unit to factory for service.
Check that the channel is associated with an opera-
tional viewing head.
Push channel until the channel letter is displayed
then push select.
Scroll through viewing heads and store the one re-
If the Channel is associated with a viewing head,
check that the viewing head's gain is not set at zero.
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