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Passcode Protect; Safe Display - Honeywell GasAlertMicro 5 User Manual

Gas detector
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Passcode Protect

The Passcode option prevents unauthorized
access to the user options menu, the calibra-
tion function, and to adjusting the alarm
The passcode is provided separately.
If passcode protect is enabled and the Enter
passcode: 1000 screen displays, press G or
H to scroll to the correct passcode and then
press C to confirm.
The detector is shipped with the Passcode
option disabled.
If an incorrect passcode is entered or C is not
pressed within 5 seconds to confirm the correct
passcode, Passcode incorrect displays. The
alarm beeps three times and the detector
• resumes normal operation
(for user options), or
• deactivates
(for calibration if Due Lock is enabled).

Safe Display

When enabled, the Safe option confirms that
conditions are normal and there are no gas
hazards present. When all gas levels are
normal or below the alarm setpoints, Safe
displays continually on the LCD.
The detector is shipped with the Safe option
GasAlertMicro 5/PID/IR
User Options Menu

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