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Electrolux EKD60760 User Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux EKD60760

  • Page 1 Cooker EKD60760...
  • Page 3 Welcome to the world of Electrolux ! Thank you for choosing a first class product from Electrolux. The Electrolux ambition is to offer a wide variety of quality products that make your life more comfortable. Please take a few minutes to read this manual so that you can take full advantage of the benefits of your new machine.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety ..................4 Description of product............6 Before using for the first time .......... 8 Using the induction hob ...........12 Touchpanel................15 Using the oven..............26 Ovendisplay.................28 Practical advice and tips ...........38 Problems and remidies .............40 Cleaning and care ..............41 Technical data..............49 Installation ................50 Service ..................54...
  • Page 5: Safety

    Safety Cooker development has progressed Installation rapidly. You cannot always use your Any work required on the cooker must new cooker in the same way as your be carried out by a QUALIFIED EXPERT old one. For this reason, you should Any work carried out by non-qualified read the instructions carefully and people can mean poorer cooker...
  • Page 6 must also function Use only pans intended for use THE DOOR LOCK with an induction hob or oven. properly. Check the bottoms of pots and Never allow children to use the pans. Pans which bulge outwards tend bladescraper. to swivel easily on the ceramic glass Let children help you at the cooker, hob.
  • Page 7: Description Of Product

    Description of product Cooker 1 Induction hob 2 Control panel 3 Top oven 4 Bottom oven Oven (top) 1 Top heat element 2 Heating element 3 Oven lighting, 40W 4 Meat probe socket 5 Bottom heat 6 oven shelf runners, removable 7 Shelf positions Oven (bottom) 1 Top heat element...
  • Page 8 Before using for the first time Setting the clock When the power to the oven is connected, a clock symbol flashes until you have set the time on the clock Set the time like this: 1 Press to set the right time.
  • Page 9: Before Using For The First Time

    Heat the oven emty The first time an oven is used, there may still be a slight smell. This will not affect the food in any way and is not a health-hazard. Keep children under supervision! The cooling fan The cooker becomes very hot. The cooker is fitted with a cooling fan.
  • Page 10 Using grids, baking plates and roasting pan It is important for the oven grid, the shelves and the roasting pan to be Note! Make sure that the cooker fixed between the stops in the front anti-tip guard is fitted, see page 51 and rear edges of the rails to prevent The removable slide-out shelf rails them from falling off the rails.
  • Page 11 NOTE! Make sure that the locating pin hooks in under the baking plate edge/ roasting pan and that the baking plate/roasting pan rests on the rails, otherwise it can fall off the rails in the pulled-out position. When the baking plate/roasting pan is removed in the pulled-out position, the rails must be pushed back again so that the oven...
  • Page 12 The door lock (top oven) The door lock (bottom oven) The door lock makes it more difficult The door lock makes it more difficult for children to open the door. The lock for children to open the door. The lock is engaged when the cooker is is engaged when the cooker is delivered, but can be disconnected as...
  • Page 13: Using The Induction Hob

    Using the induction hob grinder falling onto the plate could crack it. Never use the hob to stand on, off-load materials onto or use as a storage area. The top oven and rear heating zones share the same energy source (the same electric phase) when they are used simultaneously.
  • Page 14 The induction zones A simple induction principle The induction zones have settings When a current passes through a coil, from 0 to 9 (can be seen in the hob), it creates a magnetic field. Under a where 9 provides the greatest heat. heating zone there is a coil fitted with Do this when you want to use the hob: ferrite rods.
  • Page 15 • Setting after 1.5 hours EATING FRYING PAN If one or more of the cooking zones ZONE DIAM should shut off before the expiration DIAM of the stated time, see the chapter “Problems and remedies” Safety switch-off for other reasons Any liquid that boils over and finishes up on the touch panel, activates immediate switching-off of all the...
  • Page 16: Touchpanel

    Touch panel Digital display Each of the cooking zones has a display which shows: • that the hob is switched on • selection of heat retention setting • , the selected position • Automax • Booster • residual heat • that the child-proof blocking unit (function lock) has been activated •...
  • Page 17 Touch panel functions In order to activate a function, hold one finger on the desired area until the associated control lamp lights up or goes out and the desired function is activated. Switching on the hob The hob is switched on by using the touch area “On/Off”...
  • Page 18 Selection of heat retention All four cooking zones are fitted with a heat retention setting Use area to set the heat retention position Choose Stop+Go The Stop+Go function switches all the connected cooking zones to heat retention setting at the same time and then back to the earlier heating setting.
  • Page 19 The Automax function This cooker is fitted with a special automatic heating system called Automax. The function is engaged each time you wish to use it. It works like this: You select the knob setting for the heat that you consider suitable for cooking/ roasting.
  • Page 20 Here is a little advice concerning the right heating setting and suitable heating zone. Each zone corresponds to a number in the tables ( SEE ILLUSTRATION Cooking PORTIONS ZONE SETTING PORTION porridge (oats, rye) 3 pc Potatoes 3/4 dl Rice Root vegetables Melting butter Melting block chocolate...
  • Page 21 Roasting ZONE SETTING Pancakes Potatoes, Eggs Switching off a cooking zone To switch off the heat retention setting, press at the same time or zero the area with Using the hob with activated locking function (To engage the function lock, see the chapter Safety, page 10). Even if the function lock is activated, the hob can be used, but the next time that the hob is switched on, the function lock...
  • Page 22 Disengaging the function lock 1. Switch on the cooking zones If the function lock is activated, this is shown 2. Press the area “Function lock” for about 3 seconds. A signal sounds as confirmation. 3. Press an optional heating setting The display goes out and the function lock is disengaged.
  • Page 23 Automatic safety switch-off The cooking zones in which you want to use automatic safety switch-off must be turned on. 1. Choose the zone for which automatic switch-off is to be set with the area Timer Press a few times on the area Timer and the first active cooking zone is selected according to the clock and the associated...
  • Page 24 In order to set the remaining cooking time, the desired cooking zone must be selected with the Timer area . The associated control lamp then flashes more rapidly. Re-setting continues by setting in the Timer area. When the set cooking time is reached, the cooking zone is switched off automatically, an acoustic signal sounds for two minutes and the Timer display...
  • Page 25 The Timer is disengaged - the cooking zone remains active 1. Choose the desired cooking zone with the Timer The associated control lamp then flashes more rapidly. 2. Set the Timer with Timer setting Only the Timer is switched off, while the cooking zones remain active.
  • Page 26 Lock/unlock the touch area (the oven touch area is also locked) At any time during cooking, the touch area, with the exception of the On/Off area, is locked to prevent a change of the settings, for example when drying the hob. 1.
  • Page 27: Using The Oven

    Using the oven The principle of hot air An annular heating element round the fan heats up then air, which is then It is normal for steam and spread through the air channels in the condensation to form on the oven oven rear wall by the fan.
  • Page 28 The oven functions The bottom oven has the following functions: For all functions, the yellow control lamp on the control panel lights up Hot air during heating and goes out when the Annular element and fan temperature has been reached (it lights up and goes out when the Top/bottom heating thermostat switches on and off).
  • Page 29: Ovendisplay

    Oven display User instructions • Switch on the oven by pressing . The top oven is pre-set. • Press on to choose what oven to use. To change oven, press the button again. • Choose ovenfunction by pressing • When the selected function lights up, the oven starts to heat up. •...
  • Page 30 Choice of oven functions 1 Start the oven with the button. 2 Choose oven 3 Press until the desired oven function lights up in the display. • A temperature starts to light in the display. • Unless the temperature is changed within 5 seconds, the oven starts to heat up.
  • Page 31 Switch off the oven Switch off the oven by pressing the button. Heat indicator Heating up When the oven function has been selected, the indicator starts to flash how much the oven has heated up. If Quick start is functioning, then a “running pillar”...
  • Page 32 The signal clock To programme a time. A signal sounds when the time has expired. This function has no effect on the oven. 1. Press . The clock symbol lights up. 2. Choose oven 3. Press the button until flashes. 4.
  • Page 33 Cooking time Use this function to determine how long you want the food to be in the oven. 1. Press 2. Choose oven 3. Press until flashes. 4. Select the oven function and temperature. 5. Select the desired time by pressing buttons (max.
  • Page 34 Stop time Here you set the time that you want the oven to switch off. 1. Press 2. Choose oven 3. Press untils Stop time flashes. 4. Choose oven function and temperature. 5.Use the buttons to select top time. Stop time lights up and the time is shown in the display.
  • Page 35 Cooking time and Stop time Cooking time and Stop time be used simultaneously. 1. Press 2. Choose oven 3. Select oven function and temperature. Press Cooking time and set the desired cooking time (for example 1 hour). 4. Press to set the desired finishing time when you want the food to be ready (for example 2.05 p.m.).
  • Page 36 Other functions You can save energy by switching off the display Press the buttons simultaneously until the display disappears. The next time that the oven is switched on the display shows automatically. When the oven is switched off, the display disappears automatically. To get the display to show again, you must set the clock.
  • Page 37 Using the roasting thermometer Be careful not to burn yourself on the heating coils in the top of the oven, or on the oven step units when you connect or disconnect the contact to the roasting thermometer. Use oven gloves. The roasting thermometer tolerates temperatures of between 30 and 99°C.
  • Page 38 display. Press choose your temperature. The actual temperature and the desired temperature are shown in the information window ). The SEE ILLUSTRATION information window follows the temperature increase in the meat. 5 Choose function and temperature. When the desired temperature in the meat is reached, a signal sounds and the oven switches off.
  • Page 39: Practical Advice And Tips

    Practical advice and tips Problems Cause Remedy Bread/yeasted doughs, If the oven temperature is Check the set temperature too low, the mixture can rise against the recommended sponge cakes turn out and then sink and become temperature in the table or flat.
  • Page 40 The cakes/oven dishes are If the oven temperature is Check that you have set the too high, the cakes/oven correct temperature. too brown. dishes can be browned too much before they are completely cooked. The food has been Check in the table or recipe positioned too high in the that you have selected the oven thus receiving too much...
  • Page 41: Problems And Remedies

    Problems and remedies Never do anything to the cooker that could cause injury to people or damage the product. Below you will find suggestions as to what you can do yourself if there is a problem. If you need help - contact Service. Problems Cause/Remedy There is no power to the cooker...
  • Page 42 Problem Cause/Remedy F9 lights up in the display Pull the plug out of the wall outlet. Connect up again and re-start the cooker F11 lights up in the display The roasting thermometer contact is not properly inserted into the outlet in the oven F flashes in the hobdisplay •...
  • Page 43: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the ceramic hob Do not use a steam cleaner to clean the cooker! Immediately after use (while the plate is still hot) clean with the blade scraper to remove sugar and Cleaning the cooker spills with a high sugar content, The easiest way to clean the oven is such as marmalade, and also any by using a clean cloth, hot water and...
  • Page 44 How to use the blade scraper: Catalysis enamel 1 Pull back the guard so that the blade is visible. 2 Make sure that the blade is clean and whole, otherwise it The oven gets hot during use. could damage the plate. You Keep an eye on children.
  • Page 45 The oven door The oven door can be removed for cleaming. When the oven door opens, the lamps light and the hot air fan stops. Removing the oven door 1 Open the oven door about one- third of the way (parking position). 2 Grasp the sides of the oven door with both hands and pull the door off the oven.
  • Page 46 The oven door glass Do not use the oven door as a foot-hold. The oven door is made up of two parts with heat reflecting glass to give a lower surface temperature. The inner glass panes can be removed for cleaning. Cleaning between the glass panes Take care that you do not damage the door glass.
  • Page 47 Fitting the central glass panes in the door 1 Insert the central glass panes in order, diagonally from above into the glass retainer on the handle side (1). 2 Lower the central pane and push it towards the lower edge of the door until it will go no further against the lower retainer (2).
  • Page 48 Oven step units It is possible to remove the oven step units on both the right and left side walls to make it easier to clean the side walls. Removing the oven step units: First pull out the step unit at the front from the side of the oven (1) and then hook it off at the back (2).
  • Page 49 Super Clean accessories the plug. For other cookers, pull out the multi-pole switch. These accessories have a dirt- repellent coating and a long life if they are treated correctly Place a cloth on the bottom of the oven to protect both the bulb and the glass.
  • Page 50: Technical Data

    Technical Data We reserve the right to make changes. This appliance meets the requirements of EC Directives 89/ 336/EEC and 73/23/EEC. EKD60760 Width (mm): Height when delivered (mm): Depth: ENERGY EFFICIENCY CLASS Top oven Bottom oven ENERGY CONSUMPTION Top/bottom heating (kWh), top oven: 0.73...
  • Page 51: Installation

    Installation Any work required on the cooker must be carried out by a QUALIFIED . The cooker is heavy. Edges EXPERT and corners, with which you do not normally come into contact, can be sharp. U SE GLOVES WHEN MOVING THE COOKER When delivered, the cooker is adapted to a bench height of 900 mm.
  • Page 52 the cooker and functions The anti-tip guard correctly. Check that the anti-tip guard The anti-tip guard must be fitted to projects at least 20 mm (0.8") prevent the cooker from tipping over into the hole in the back of with abnormal loads. the cooker (B) when the The anti-tip guard only works when cooker is pushed in (...
  • Page 53 Electrical connections Base trim (optional accessory) Any work required on the cooker NOTE! Take due care when fitting must be carried out by a the base trim to the cooker. Edges QUALIFIED . Any work carried out by with which you do not normally EXPERT non-qualified people can mean come into contact with can be...
  • Page 54 At the end of the appliances life Disposal 1 Disconnect the cooker from the The symbol on the product or on wall outlet. its packaging indicates that this 2 Cut the cable as close to the product may not be treated as back of the cooker as possible.
  • Page 55: Service

    Service European guarantee This appliance is guaranteed by Electrolux, in each of the countries listed in the following page, for the period specified in the appliance guarantee or otherwise by law. If you move from one of these countries to another of these countries the appliance guarantee will move with you subject to the following qualifications: ²...
  • Page 60 349 55 97-01/A- 2007-07-19...