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Reprogramming With J2534 - Bosch Flasher LT User Manual

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6 | Flasher LT | Reprogramming With J2534
Reprogramming With J2534
Since J2534 allows multiple devices to be connected at once,
you must tell the software you want to use the Flasher LT. Every
application will have a different way to select the device, so consult
the OEM J2534 User's Guide.
GM Service Programming (SPS)
If you are using GM's TIS2WEB, login to the service site and click on
"Service Programming System" once the initial page has loaded. A
new window will open running TIS2WEB's version of SPS
When using the FLASHER LT you can click "Skip" when
confronted with the Tech2 software update window.
When the Service Programming System window appears, click
on settings in the bottom left corner of the window.
Click on the "Diagnostic" tab at the top and select the "J2534
FLASHER LT VPW/CAN" from the device drop down menu.
With the FLASHER LT connected to the vehicle and the key on,
you can now check connectivity by clicking "Test Connection."
Now click "Ok" at the bottom. Back at the Service Programming
System window Select the "J2534 FLASHER LT VPW/CAN"
under the "Select Diagnostic Tool" heading. Select "Replace" or
"Replace and Program ECU," and click next.
You can now re-flash the vehicle.
Robert Bosch LLC
Flasher LT User's Manual | Version 2 | August 2008



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