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Troubleshooting And Support - Bosch Flasher LT User Manual

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8 | Flasher LT | Troubleshooting and Support
Troubleshooting and Support
If the red LED is on continuously, this usually indicates that the
drivers have either not been installed or have not been installed
If the green LED is flashing, but you cannot communicate with
the Flasher LT, use the "minfo" utility on the drivers disk. It will
show if the Flasher LT is connected, the type of Flasher LT, and the
revisions of the boot loader and firmware on the device. If "minfo"
indicates no devices are found, check the Control Panel Device
Manager to see if Windows is indicating some sort of error with the
If no LEDs are lit, this may indicate a failure of the Flasher LT
device. Insure that the USB port that it is plugged into is good by
using another USB device on the USB port.
Note: LED's are best viewed through the transparent flexible
cord at the base of the Flasher LT housing. LED visibility may be
reduced in direct sunlight.
If these issues have been addressed, verified, and you are still
having trouble, please email:
or call
Bosch Diagnostics Tech support Hotline @ 800-321-4889 ext 2
Robert Bosch LLC
Flasher LT User's Manual | Version 2 | August 2008



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