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Bosch Flasher LT User Manual

Bosch Flasher LT User Manual

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Flasher LT
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  • Page 1 Flasher LT User’s Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Installing the Flasher LT Updating the Drivers and Firmware Reprogramming With J2534 GM SPS Specifications and Pinout Vehicle Connector Troubleshooting and Support If you need to generate a logfile for debugging If all else fails... Flasher LT User’s Manual | Version 2 | August 2008 Robert Bosch LLC...
  • Page 3: Introduction

    2 | Flasher LT | Introduction Introduction The Flasher LT offers users a J2534 compliant device at a low cost. The device features a direct connection to a laptop or desktop PC via a USB2.0 full speed connection. All of the electronics are contained in the OBD-II connector shell, making for a compact and rugged vehicle communications solution.
  • Page 4: Getting To Know Flasher Lt

    The Flasher LT-Chrysler supports CAN, J2610 (SCI), and J1850 VPW. (P/N# F00E900077) Your Flasher LT kit includes: the Flasher LT hardware, a CD including drivers, user’s manual, and quickstart guide. Flasher LT User’s Manual | Version 2 | August 2008...
  • Page 5: Setting Up The Flasher Lt

    Installing the Flasher LT NOTE: The Flasher LT requires Windows 2000 or Windows XP to operate. Windows 95/98 is not supported. Connect the Flasher LT cable to a USB port on your PC. Windows will detect it automatically by plug-and-play The Found New Hardware Wizard will open automatically. Select “No, not this time” and click next. Then click “Install from a list or specific location”...
  • Page 6 The new Windows drivers should install normally. Updating the Flasher LT Firmware To update the Flasher LT Firmware from the Windows GUI: Ensure the Flasher LT is not connected to a vehicle and plug it into the USB port of a PC. Navigate to the “Troubleshooting/Reflash” directory of the Flasher LT drivers.
  • Page 7: Reprogramming With J2534

    Reprogramming With J2534 Since J2534 allows multiple devices to be connected at once, you must tell the software you want to use the Flasher LT. Every application will have a different way to select the device, so consult the OEM J2534 User’s Guide.
  • Page 8: Specifications And Pinout

    SCI TX SCI RX J1850- SCI RX Prog Voltage CAN- CAN- CAN- CAN- / SCI RX L-Line SCI TX Battery Battery Battery Battery Voltage Voltage Voltage Voltage Flasher LT User’s Manual | Version 2 | August 2008 Robert Bosch LLC...
  • Page 9: Troubleshooting And Support

    If the green LED is flashing, but you cannot communicate with the Flasher LT, use the “minfo” utility on the drivers disk. It will show if the Flasher LT is connected, the type of Flasher LT, and the revisions of the boot loader and firmware on the device. If “minfo”...
  • Page 10 “out of warranty service charges”. For warranty return authorization call: 1-800-321-4889 For warranty returns and repairs, ship to the following address: Bosch Diagnostics Robert Bosch LLC Repair Dept. 2800 S. 25th Avenue Broadview, IL 60155-4594 Flasher LT User’s Manual | Version 2 | August 2008 Robert Bosch LLC...
  • Page 11 Robert Bosch LLC Automotive Aftermarket Division Diagnostics Business Unit 2040 Alameda Padre Serra, Ste 220 Santa Barbara, CA 93103 Phone 800-321-4889 ©2008 All rights reserved. 2213436...

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