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Setting Up The Flasher Lt; Installing The Flasher Lt; Updating The Drivers And Firmware - Bosch Flasher LT User Manual

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4 | Flasher LT | Setting Up the Flasher LT
Setting Up the Flasher LT
Installing the Flasher LT
NOTE: The Flasher LT requires Windows 2000 or Windows XP to
operate. Windows 95/98 is not supported.
Connect the Flasher LT cable to a USB port on your PC. Windows
will detect it automatically by plug-and-play
The Found New Hardware Wizard will open automatically. Select
"No, not this time" and click next. Then click "Install from a list or
specific location" and click next. Insert the Flasher LT drivers CD,
make sure "Search removable media" is selected and click next.
The wizard will install all necessary drivers. A dialog box may
pop-up to indicate that Flasher LT has not passed Windows Logo
testing. Click "Continue Anyway".
Updating the Drivers and Firmware
Both the Windows drivers and Flasher LT firmware are field
upgradable. The Windows J2534 drivers and the Flasher LT
firmware versions are locked to each other. If you update the
Windows drivers, you must update the Flasher LT to a matching
firmware version. Updates are regularly released which include
new features, improve performance, and correct problems. These
updates can be found at
Robert Bosch LLC
Flasher LT User's Manual | Version 2 | August 2008



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