Economy Control Switch; Connecting Electrical Loads - Champion 73531i Owner's Manual And Operating Instructions

2000 starting watts / 1600 rated watts portable inverter generator
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7. Pull the starter cord slowly until
resistance is felt and then pull rapidly
8. As engine warms up, push the choke
lever in.
If the engine starts but does not run, make
certain that the generator is on a flat, level
surface. The engine is equipped with a low oil
sensor that will prevent the engine from running
when the oil level falls below a critical threshold.
Rev 73531i-20100609 E

Economy Control Switch

The Economy Control switch can be
activated in order to minimize fuel
consumption and noise while operating the
unit during times of reduced electrical
output, allowing the engine speed to idle
during periods of non-use. The engine speed
returns to normal when an electrical load is
connected. When the economy switch is off,
the engine runs at normal speed.
For periods of high electrical load or momentary
fluctuations, the Economy Control Switch should
be turned OFF.

Connecting Electrical Loads

Let the engine stabilize and warm up for
a few minutes after starting
2. Plug in and turn on the desired 120 Volt
AC single phase, 60 Hz electrical loads.
DO NOT connect 3-phase loads to the
DO NOT connect 50 Hz loads to the
DO NOT overload the generator.
Connecting a generator to your electric utility
company's power lines or to another power
source may be against the law. In addition this
action, if done incorrectly, could damage your
generator and appliances and could cause
serious injury or even death to you or a utility
worker who may be working on nearby power
lines. If you plan to run a portable electric
generator during an outage, please notify your
electric utility company immediately and
remember to plug your appliances directly into
the generator. Do not plug the generator into
any electric outlet in your home. Doing so could
create a connection to the utility company power
lines. You are responsible for ensuring that your
generator's electricity does not feed back into the
electric utility power lines.
If the generator will be connected to a building
electrical system, consult your local utility
company or a qualified electrician. Connections
must isolate generator power from utility power
and must comply with all applicable laws and

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents