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NEC Versa Notebook Computer


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 NEC Versa Notebook Computer NEC V ® E R S A S E R V I C E A N D R E F E R E N C E M A N U A L...
  • Page 2 The NEC CSD product(s) discussed in this document are warranted in accordance with the terms of the Warranty Statement accompanying each product. However, actual performance of each such product is dependent upon factors such as system configuration, customer data, and operator control.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CPU Board ........................1-11 CMOS Battery ......................1-11 Bridge Battery......................1-11 ChipSet..........................1-12 System Configuration and Setup Power Sources for Your NEC Versa..................2-2 Using the AC Adapter....................2-2 Powering On..................... 2-4 Using the Main Battery Pack..................2-4 Determining Battery Status ................2-5 When to Change the Battery................2-6 Battery Handling....................
  • Page 4 Updating the BIOS.....................2-23 Performing the BIOS Update ................2-24 NEC CSD Utilities.......................2-25 NEC Customize Utility ....................2-25 Using the NEC Customize Utility..............2-25 HDPREPEZ Utility....................2-26 Using HDPREPEZ in Windows 95 and Windows 98........2-26 Using HDPREPEZ in Windows NT ..............2-27 Software Applications and Drivers ..................2-28 Using the Application and Driver CD.................2-28...
  • Page 5 Illustrated Parts Breakdown NEC Versa SX Illustrated Parts Breakdown ................5-2 Parts List ..........................5-3 Preventive Maintenance Cleaning the Notebook Exterior .................... 6-2 Cleaning the Notebook Interior ..................... 6-2 Protecting the Disk Drives..................... 6-3 Handling the Battery Pack..................... 6-3 Maintaining the LCD Quality....................6-4 Troubleshooting Quick Troubleshooting......................
  • Page 6: Preface

    SX notebook computer. The manual also provides hardware and interface information for users who need an overview of the system design. The manual is written for NEC-trained customer engineers, system analysts, service center personnel, and dealers. The manual is organized as follows: Section 1, System Overview, provides an overview of the hardware and interface components.
  • Page 7: Abbreviations

    Abbreviations ampere DMAC DMA controller alternating current disk operating system advanced technology DRAM dynamic RAM (IBM PC) error checking and correction Bulletin Board Service extended data output binary-coded decimal Enhanced Graphics Adapter BIOS Customized Utility EPROM erasable and programmable BIOS basic input/output system binary digit EVGA...
  • Page 8 peak-to-peak integrated peripheral controller programmable peripheral inches per second interface interrupt request PROM programmable ROM kilo (1024) quad flat pack kilo (1000) random-access memory kilobyte RAMDAC RAM digital-to-analog converter kilogram row address strobe kilohertz red green blue pound RGBI red green blue intensity light-emitting diode read-only memory least-significant bit...
  • Page 9 Abbreviations ampere DMAC DMA controller alternating current disk operating system advanced technology DRAM dynamic RAM (IBM PC) error checking and correction Bulletin Board Service extended data output binary-coded decimal Enhanced Graphics Adapter BIOS Customized Utility EPROM erasable and programmable BIOS basic input/output system binary digit EVGA...
  • Page 10 peak-to-peak integrated peripheral controller programmable peripheral inches per second interface interrupt request PROM programmable ROM kilo (1024) quad flat pack kilo (1000) random-access memory kilobyte RAMDAC RAM digital-to-analog converter kilogram row address strobe kilohertz red green blue pound RGBI red green blue intensity light-emitting diode read-only memory least-significant bit...
  • Page 11: System Overview

    System Overview NEC Versa SX The Front of the System The Back of the System The Left Side of the System The Right Side of the System The Bottom of the System Internal Components...
  • Page 12: Nec Versa Sx

    NEC Versa SX The NEC Versa SX notebook computer is a portable system filled with exciting resources for home, business or travel. Standard features include a powerful ® Intel Pentium 200-MHz or 233-MMX, or the Intel Pentium II 233-MHz, 266-MHz, 300-MHz, 333-MHz, or 366-MHz microprocessor that works together with the latest Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) architecture.
  • Page 13: The Front Of The System

    NEC Versa. The following sections describe front features, beginning with the liquid crystal display (LCD) panel. LCD Panel Your NEC Versa SX comes with a color LCD panel that you can adjust for a comfortable viewing position. Depending on the model, the system is equipped with: 13.3-inch color Thin Film Transistor (TFT) Extended Graphics Array...
  • Page 14 C - Caps Lock D - Scroll Lock E - Num Lock Hard Drive — lights when the NEC Versa writes to or reads data from the hard drive. VersaBay III™ — lights when the NEC Versa writes data to or retrieves data from a device in the VersaBay III.
  • Page 15: Keyboard Panel And Base Unit

    Keyboard Panel and Base Unit The NEC Versa keyboard panel and base unit contain the following features that are described after the figure. Keyboard panel and base unit A - Power/Sleep Button Power/Sleep Button — press the Power/Sleep button to power on, power off, and to put the computer into Suspend mode.
  • Page 16 U.S. and Canada ship with country-specific keyboard layouts.) NEC VersaGlide — The NEC VersaGlide works like a standard computer mouse. Simply move your fingertip over the VersaGlide to control the position of the cursor. Use the selection buttons below the VersaGlide to select items or actions.
  • Page 17: The Back Of The System

    The Back of the System You’ll find system ports for connecting optional devices (like printers, docking station, or external monitor) on the back of your NEC Versa. These ports are described following the figure. Ports on the back of the system...
  • Page 18: The Left Side Of The System

    NEC Versa SX options including the NEC Versa Dock, and the NEC PortBar. DC Power Port — Use the power jack to attach the NEC Versa to a DC power source, such as the AC adapter or the optional DC car adapter.
  • Page 19: The Right Side Of The System

    PC card slots — Provides two slots for inserting two Type II PC cards or one Type III PC card. The Right Side of the System The right side of the NEC Versa offers the features shown in the following figure. Features are described after the figure. Right side features A - VersaBay III NEC VersaBay III —...
  • Page 20: The Bottom Of The System

    The Bottom of the System The bottom of the NEC Versa offers the features shown next. Descriptions of the features follow the figure. Bottom features A - Coin Screw B - Memory Expansion Bay Cover C - Battery Bay Release...
  • Page 21: Internal Components

    VersaBay III A 24X CD-ROM drive, a diskette drive, a SuperDisk drive, or a DVD-ROM drive comes installed in the NEC VersaBay III on the right side of the system. CPU Board The CPU board is a rectangular-shaped board located above the main board.
  • Page 22: Chipset

    ChipSet Chipset Chip Manufacturer Description Technology Intel Tillamook MMO 200/233 Intel 200/233/266/300/333 320-pin TCP /366 MHz CPU Intel Mobile Pentium II MMO 233/266/300/333/366 82430TX (supporting Intel System Controller Tillamook) 82440BX (supporting Pentium II) PIIX4E (both models) PC97338VJG National Super I/O 100-pin TQFP Semiconductor Cyber9388...
  • Page 23: System Configuration And Setup

    System Configuration and Setup Power Sources for Your NEC Versa BIOS Setup NEC CSD Utilities Software Application and Driver...
  • Page 24: Power Sources For Your Nec Versa

    Read the following sections for specific steps on powering on the system. Using the AC Adapter Use the AC adapter and power cable that came with your NEC Versa to run your computer on alternating current (AC) power, or to recharge the battery pack.
  • Page 25 AC source. Connect the AC adapter as follows: 1. Connect the AC adapter cable to the power port on the back of your NEC Versa. 2. Plug one end of the AC power cable into the AC adapter and the other end into a properly grounded 120- or 240-volt wall outlet.
  • Page 26: Powering On

    You can run your system on battery power for approximately two to four hours with power management features enabled. It’s easy to install and remove. Your NEC Versa system provides tools to help you keep track of the main (or an optional) battery’s power level. These include the power status LED and SystemSoft’s PowerProfiler (for Window NT systems, only) described later in...
  • Page 27: Determining Battery Status

    WARNING To prevent accidental battery ignition or explosion, adhere to the following: Keep the battery away from extreme heat. Keep metal objects away from the battery terminals to prevent a short circuit. Make sure the battery is properly installed in the battery bay.
  • Page 28: When To Change The Battery

    Battery Handling Keep the following in mind when removing or replacing a battery. Use only the battery designed for your system in the NEC Versa SX. Mixing other manufacturer’s batteries, or using a combination of very old and new batteries can deteriorate battery and equipment performance.
  • Page 29: Replacing The Battery

    Keep the battery out of the reach of children. Replacing the Battery Replace the battery pack installed in your NEC Versa SX system as follows. Note: Use the batteries in the NEC Versa SX computer for which they are designed. Also, installing another manufacturer’s battery, or using a combination of very old...
  • Page 30: Battery Precautions

    Lower the battery into the battery compartment while at the same time slide the battery lock lever out of the way and press gently to secure the terminal connections. Release the lock latch and your NEC Versa battery is installed.
  • Page 31 WARNING There is a danger of explosion if the battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. Discard used batteries according to “Battery Replacement” at the back of this manual. To avoid personal injury and property damage, read these battery precautions on handling, charging, and disposing Li-Ion batteries.
  • Page 32: Recharging Battery Precautions

    NEC VersaBay III The NEC VersaBay III Battery provides a second Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery to use in your NEC Versa SX computer. Inserting a second fully charged battery increases battery life to approximately 4 to 5 hours. See the NEC CSD web site at for details about the NEC VersaBay III Battery.
  • Page 33: Bios Setup

    BIOS Setup Your NEC Versa SX computer comes with a hardware program called BIOS Setup that allows you to view and set system parameters. BIOS Setup also allows you to set password features that protect your system from unauthorized use.
  • Page 34: Bios Setup Utility Main Menu

    , the system displays the BIOS Setup Main Menu screen, similar to the following. BIOS Setup Main Menu AMIBIOS HIFLEX SETUP UTILITY – VERSION X.XX (C)1996 American Megatrends, Inc. All Rights Reserved NEC Versa SX BIOS Version Standard CMOS Setup Advanced CMOS Setup System Security Setup Power Management Setup...
  • Page 35: Looking At Screens

    Looking at Screens BIOS setup screens have three areas as shown next. Advanced CMOS Setup menu AMIBIOS SETUP – ADVANCED CMOS SETUP (C)1996 American Megatrends, Inc. All Rights Reserved LCD Panel View Expansion Item-specific help text PS/2 Port Hot Swap Enabled appears here.
  • Page 36: Checking/Setting System Parameters

    Checking/Setting System Parameters See the following table for a list of parameters, their factory default settings, and alternate settings. A description of each setting follows the table. To reset all parameters to the default settings, select Auto Configuration with Defaults from the BIOS Setup Main Menu and press Enter BIOS Setup Parameters Parameter...
  • Page 37 BIOS Setup Parameters Parameter Default Setting Available Setting(s) Boot Password Required Yes/No Resume Password Yes/No Required Power Management Setup System Switch Power Button Sleep Button Power Button Power Management Under AC Power Savings Level Longest Life Custom High Perform Longest Life Hard Disk Time-out 2 min 5 seconds...
  • Page 38 BIOS Setup Parameters Parameter Default Setting Available Setting(s) Auto Suspend Time-out 10 min 5 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes 20 minutes 25 minutes 30 minutes LCD Suspend Disabled Enabled Disabled Suspend Option Suspend Suspend Auto Save To File Enabled Disabled Enabled Panel Brightness Auto...
  • Page 39 BIOS Setup Parameters Parameter Default Setting Available Setting(s) Boot Device Floppy LS120 CDROM Fnd IDE Disabled Boot Device Disabled Floppy LS120 CDROM Fnd IDE Disabled Try Other Boot Devices IDE Hard Drive Internal VersaBay DS Internal DS VersaBay Internal IDE Hard Drive VersaBay DS Internal DS VersaBay...
  • Page 40: Bios Setup Menus

    When you select the Standard CMOS Setup screen you will see System Time and System Date parameters as well as drive parameters. Date — Set your NEC Versa’s calendar month, day and year. The calendar clock is year 2000-compliant. These settings remain in memory even after you turn off system power.
  • Page 41 Docking Station Drives — Enable and disable the drives installed in a docking station. (These options are only available when the NEC Versa is docked.) Advanced CMOS Setup Advanced CMOS settings let you define the following functions. LCD Panel View Expansion — Specifies whether the panel view is reduced/off or expanded/on.
  • Page 42 Suspend Option — Allows you to specify either Suspend or Save to File (STF) as the default power management mode. In Suspend, after a specified amount of inactivity, your NEC Versa shuts down all devices as you specified in Power Management Setup or applies default timeouts.
  • Page 43 Modem Ring Resume — Lets you choose whether the system resumes automatically when an external modem receives a ring signal. Wake Up from Suspend Alarm/Resume Alarm Time — Lets you set a resume time from Suspend mode. Boot Device Setup Boot Device Setup allows you to define the following functions.
  • Page 44: Other Bios Setup Options

    STF protects the integrity of your working files. For example, if you are called away from your NEC Versa and Suspend mode is selected with auto Save to File active, your system automatically goes into Suspend mode after 10 minutes.
  • Page 45: Updating The Bios

    STF. PgUp 5. Save the settings and exit BIOS Setup. There are two ways to invoke the NEC Versa’s STF feature, one automatic and one manual. With Power Management, after 30 minutes of inactivity, your NEC Versa automatically invokes STF, provided you have configured STF in the BIOS Setup utility.
  • Page 46: Performing The Bios Update

    A message similar to the following appears: The NEC BIOS Update Utility should not be used to modify the BIOS in a Versa system which is docked. If your Versa is docked, please exit the BIOS Update Utility, power down, and undock your Versa before running the utility.
  • Page 47: Nec Csd Utilities

    NEC CSD Utilities NEC CSD provides several programs and routines designed to make your NEC Versa run more efficiently. The NEC CSD utilities include: NEC Customize Utility HDPREPEZ Utility NEC Customize Utility In Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT systems, the NEC Customize utility gives you the option to install or launch: NEC CSD custom wallpaper (Windows 95 and Windows NT only) —...
  • Page 48: Hdprepez Utility

    4. Follow the on-screen instructions to process the selected option. For some of the selected options you are prompted to reboot your system. 5. If necessary, click Exit to close the NEC Customize dialog box. HDPREPEZ Utility Using the HDPREPEZ utility automatically configures your NEC Versa’s system’s save-to-file (STF) area on the hard disk drive.
  • Page 49: Using Hdprepez In Windows Nt

    Using HDPREPEZ in Windows NT In Windows NT with a system BIOS of version 1.00.01, run the HDPREPEZ utility if you increase the memory capacity in your NEC Versa beyond 256 MB of main memory. Follow these steps to run the HDPREPEZ utility.
  • Page 50: Software Applications And Drivers

    Software Applications and Drivers A variety of software* applications and drivers are provided on the Application and Driver CD for the NEC Versa SX that ships with your system. Some of these applications and drivers are already installed as part of your operating system environment.
  • Page 51: Installing The Software

    Using Partition Magic Your NEC Versa Windows 95 and Windows 98 notebook computer ships with an internal hard disk drive consisting of a single FAT 32 partition, drive C:. Use Partition Magic if you want to create multiple partitions and convert any of all of these to FAT 16 on the hard disk drive.
  • Page 52: Intel Landesk Client Manager

    If you install Intel’s LANDesk Client Manager the NEC Versa auto-suspend feature may be disabled. Set up the LANDesk Client Manager software on your NEC Versa using the easy-to-follow setup program. Follow these installation suggestions when installing LANDesk Client Manager.
  • Page 53: Systemsoft Powerprofiler

    Copy and move files on a remote system using an infrared device or a parallel or serial cable. Control access each remote system has to your data. Before using Intellisync 97 for infrared transfer, enable the IR port on your NEC Versa. Before using Intellisync 97 for parallel or serial communication, connect the appropriate cable to the appropriate port on the back of your NEC Versa.
  • Page 54: Mcafee Virusscan

    Windows 95 and Windows 98 Systems In Windows 95 and Windows 98, enable the IR port using the IR port setup utility accessible through the NEC Customize icon. Follow these steps to enable the IR port. 1. Double click the NEC Customize icon.
  • Page 55: Windows Nt Systems

    6. Save your settings and exit the BIOS Setup utility. For the infrared technology to work, you need to follow these guidelines: Position the NEC Versa no more than three feet way from the IR peripheral device you are using.
  • Page 56: Disassembly And Reassembly

    Disassembly and Reassembly Required Tools Disassembly Instructions General Reassembly Instructions...
  • Page 57: Required Tools And Equipment

    Required Tools and Equipment All NEC Versa SX corrective maintenance procedures can be performed using the following tools: Tweezers Small flat-head screwdriver Small Phillips screwdriver (# 1 and # 0) Right-angled dentist style probe. Disassembly This section contains step-by-step disassembly procedures for the system.
  • Page 58: Preparation For Disassembly

    VersaBay III device and memory module bay cover to ready the notebook for disassembly. Battery Remove the battery pack installed in the NEC Versa SX system as follows. Note: Use the batteries in the NEC Versa computer for which they are designed.
  • Page 59: Versabay Iii Device

    Removing the battery A – Battery Bay Release Latch VersaBay III Device Use the following steps to remove a device from the VersaBay III. 1. Locate the VersaBay III release lock and VersaBay III release latch on the bottom of the unit. VersaBay III release lock and latch A –...
  • Page 60: Keyboard

    1. Open the LCD panel. 2. Locate and remove the rubber cap (if present) and the Phillips-head screw on the upper left hand corner of the keyboard cover of the NEC Versa. Locating the rubber cap 3. Press down using a slight pressure on the right hand side of the keyboard retainer and slide to the left.
  • Page 61: Hard Drive Assembly

    5. Carefully tilt the keyboard and place it against the LCD panel. Disconnect the keyboard cable from Connector P41 on the LED/Power switch board. LED/Power switch board A – Connector P41 Hard Drive Assembly 1. Disconnect the hard drive cable at P6 ( ) on the main board.
  • Page 62: Dip Switch

    Switch 1, Password Override Switch — The default setting is “OFF.” If you forget your password and cannot access the data on your NEC Versa, change the setting to “ON” and your current password dissolves.
  • Page 63: Led Status/Power Switch Board

    LED Status/Power Switch Board The LED status/power board consists of a board that contains three connectors and status LEDs. The connectors are for the VersaGlide, main board and keyboard. 1. Remove one screw and lift the LED board starting at the left and working right to disconnect the LED board from the main board.
  • Page 64: Versaglide Assembly

    Location of bottom screws A – Bottom Screws B – VersaBay III Screws VersaGlide Assembly The VersaGlide assembly is on the underside of the top cover. Follow the steps to remove the VersaGlide assembly. 1. Disconnect the cable at connector P60 and remove four screws. 2.
  • Page 65: Lcd Panel Assembly

    LCD Panel Assembly 1. Remove six screws ( ) on the back as shown in the following figure. 2. Disconnect the LCD panel cable at P3 on the main board. 3. Lift the LCD panel from the bottom cover assembly. Back of system A –...
  • Page 66 7. Remove one screw ( ) and lift to disconnect the CPU subassembly from the main board. See the following figure. Internal Components A – Connector P23 B – Screw C – CMOS Battery D – Connector P11 E – Bridge Battery Disassembly and Reassembly 3-11...
  • Page 67: Main Board Assembly

    Main Board Assembly 1. Disconnect the two screws ( ) that hold the hard drive bracket in place. 2. Lift the main board from the remainder of the system, lifting from right to left and sliding to the right. 3. Disconnect the fan cable at P5 on the underside of the main board. Main Board and Fan Assembly A –...
  • Page 68: Fan And Fan Duct

    Fan and Fan Duct 1. Remove one screw ( ) to release the fan duct. 2. The fan is held in place via double-sided tape. To remove the fan, lift from the bottom cover. A – Screws B – Screw Disassembly and Reassembly 3-13...
  • Page 69: Pc Card Assembly

    PC Card Assembly 1. On the underside of the main board remove four screws ( 2. Turn the main board over and disconnect the PC card assembly from the main board. PC Card Assembly A – Screws Microphone 1. Turn the main board over; disconnect the microphone cable at P4. 2.
  • Page 70: System Board Layout

    System Board Layout LED Status Board Main Board VersaGlide Assembly...
  • Page 71: Led Status Board

    LED Status Board A – Connector P40 (underside) B – Connector P42 C – Connector P41 Main Board A – Connector P3 B – Connector P6 C – Connector P35 D – Connector P7 E – Dip Switch F – Connector PC Card G –...
  • Page 72: Versaglide Assembly

    VersaGlide Assembly VersaGlide Assembly A – Screws B – Connector P60 C – Connector P61 System Board Layout 4-3...
  • Page 73: Illustrated Parts Breakdown

    Illustrated Parts Breakdown NEC Versa SX Illustrated Parts Breakdown Parts List...
  • Page 74: Nec Versa Sx Illustrated Parts Breakdown

    NEC Versa SX Illustrated Parts Breakdown 5-2 Illustrated Parts Breakdown...
  • Page 75: Parts List

    Parts List The following table contains a listing of the field-replaceable parts and corresponding part numbers. Parts List Item Number Description Part Number LCD Assembly (13.3"XGA) 158-057568-000 LCD Assembly (14.1"XGA) 158-057568-001 Keyboard Cover Assembly 136-243287-001B LED Package (R) 136-533683-004A Keyboard V201 (US) 808-897359-001-A Keyboard Top Cover Assembly 136-243284-001E...
  • Page 76 Parts List Item Number Description Part Number CPU Board Sub Assembly (TM200) 136-243293-002A CPU Board Sub Assembly (TM233) 136-243293-001A CPU Board Sub Assembly (MD233) 136-243294-001A CPU Board Sub Assembly (MD266) 136-243294-002A CPU Board Sub Assembly (MD300) 136-244464-001A CPU 400 MHz, Dixon, PII, PE-MMC1 802-143380-408A 333MHz,CPU,DIXON,PII,PE-MMCC1 802-143380-406A...
  • Page 77 USB Cap 136-640193-001A NEC Logo Badge 136-804605-004A NEC Versa SX Logo Nameplate 136-640214-003A Weight Saver Pack 136-641008-001A NEC Versa SX User’s Guide 819-200483-001 NEC Versa SX Service and Reference 819-200487-001 Manual * Item not shown on IPB Illustrated Parts Breakdown 5-5...
  • Page 78: Preventive Maintenance

    Preventive Maintenance Cleaning the Notebook Exterior Cleaning the Notebook Interior Protecting the Disk Drives Handling the Battery Pack Maintaining the LCD Quality...
  • Page 79: Cleaning The Notebook Exterior

    Preventive Maintenance Preventive maintenance is limited to cleaning the plastic case, the keyboard, the display screen, and the diskette drive heads, as required. Note: Remove the battery and disconnect the AC adapter before performing any maintenance. Voltage is present inside the system unit and LCD even after the system is turned off.
  • Page 80: Protecting The Disk Drives

    Protecting the Disk Drives To protect the disk drives and data, back up the system disk periodically on diskettes. Periodically use a head-cleaning diskette in the disk drive to prolong the life of the drive and to help maintain data integrity. Here are some maintenance procedures to use when servicing a hard disk: Always back up the data files from the hard disk.
  • Page 81: Maintaining The Lcd Quality

    Always charge the battery packs as soon as possible after a low battery indication. Maintaining the LCD Quality When it comes to screen problems, heat plays a big part. After a good working session, the typical routine is to shut the machine and close the cover. The display surface (no matter what type it is) radiates heat.
  • Page 82: Quick Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Quick Troubleshooting Helpful Questions...
  • Page 83: Quick Troubleshooting

    Quick Troubleshooting This section summarizes problems that may develop during system operation and lists suggested corrective actions. Quick Troubleshooting Problem Corrective Action No power Check that the AC adapter is plugged into the power connector of the system. Also, check that the AC adapter is plugged into a properly grounded AC power outlet.
  • Page 84 Quick Troubleshooting Problem Corrective Action Serial device does not work Check if the device driver is installed properly. Check if the serial device is connected properly. Check the device drive installation for any IRQ or I/O address conflict. Replace the serial device. Check the I/O controller chip on the main board for any cold or loose soldering.
  • Page 85: Helpful Questions

    Helpful Questions Here are some helpful questions to ask when troubleshooting the notebook: Is there any external power source connected to the computer? Is the battery fully charged? Is the computer turned on and the Power LED activated? Is the LCD display switched to the external monitor? Are all cables and devices connected properly and securely? Are all needed device drivers installed properly? Have you checked the AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files for...
  • Page 86: Getting Services And Support

    Getting Services and Support Services and Support Contact Information NEC CSD Web NEC CSD FTP Sites Email/Fax to Support Services NEC CSD Bulletin Board NEC CSD Support Services NEC CSD Customer Assistance Center Versa Laptop Fulfillment Hotline...
  • Page 87: Services And Support Contact Information

    NEC CSD Web Site If you have a modem or a network board, you can access the NEC CSD Web site. You can do this through a commercial online service or through your Internet account.
  • Page 88: Nec Csd Ftp Site

    NEC CSD FTP Site You can use the Internet to access the NEC CSD FTP (file transfer protocol) site to download various files (video drivers, printer drivers, BIOS updates, and Setup Disk files). The files are essentially the same files as on the NEC CSD Web site and the NEC CSD Bulletin Board System.
  • Page 89: Nec Csd Bulletin Board

    NEC CSD Bulletin Board If you have access to a modem, you can use the NEC CSD Bulletin Board System (BBS) to get the latest information on hardware and software. The BBS allows you to download files (video drivers, printer drivers, BIOS updates, etc.) to a diskette for system enhancements and upgrades.
  • Page 90: Nec Csd Support Services

    NEC office or dealer for the support and service available in your country.) Direct assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call the NEC CSD Support Services, toll free, at (U.S. and Canada only) for the 1-800-632-4525 following support.
  • Page 91: Nec Csd Customer Assistance Center

    Please have available your system’s name, model number, serial number, and as much information as possible about your system’s problem before calling. For outside the U.S. or Canada, please contact your local NEC office or dealer for the support and service available in your country.
  • Page 92: Specifications

    Specifications System Components Pin Assignments Connector Locations Memory Map Interrupt Controllers...
  • Page 93: System Components

    External Keyboard/External Mouse — 1 port, PS/2, 6-pin MiniDin; exclusionary use or both supported with optional Y-adapter Expansion — 1 port, 240-pin for optional NEC Versa Dock, optional NEC Versa PortBar, or optional external FDD Connector Kit Microphone — 1 port, 3-pin, Mini Pin Jack Stereo Headphones —...
  • Page 94 Stereo Line-In — 1 port, 3-pin, Mini Pin Jack DC In — 1 port, for AC adapter cable USB port — 1 port, 4 pin Speakers Two built-in, 0.3 watts (W) each with a maximum 0.5 watt (W) output 16-bit stereo, 44 Khz Sound BlasterPRO compatible Sound Controller - ESS 1978SA (Maestro 2E) PC Card Slots...
  • Page 95 Diskette Drive Size — 3.5-inch Capacity — 1.44 MB (formatted), 2 MB (unformatted) Access Time (average) — 94ms Transfer Rate — 250 to 500 K/bps Interleave 1:1 Controller — NS PC87338VJG VersaBay III SuperDisk™ Drive Formatted Capacity: Optical diskette — 120 MB High-Density floppy diskette —...
  • Page 96 Height — 1.28 in. (32.5 mm) Battery Pack Width — 3.44 in. (87.4 mm) Depth — 5.63 in. (143 mm) Height — 0.78 in. (19.8mm) Weight NEC Versa — 4.74 lb (2.15 kg) Battery Pack — .85 lb (.38 kg) Specifications 9-5...
  • Page 97 Recommended Environment Operation Temperature — 41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C) Relative Humidity — 20% to 80% (Noncondensing) Storage Temperature — -4°F to 104°F (-20°C to 40°C) Relative Humidity — 20% to 80% (Noncondensing) 9-6 Specifications...
  • Page 98: Pin Assignments

    Pin Assignments Keyboard/Mouse Connectors Signal Keyboard Data Mouse Data Ground Keyboard Clock Mouse Clock Serial Port Connector Pin Assignments Signal Data Carrier Receive Data Transmit Data Data Terminal Ready Ground Data Set Ready Request to Send Clear to Send Ring Indicator Power Connector Signal Ground...
  • Page 99 Parallel Printer Pin Assignments Signal Strobe Data Bit 0 Data Bit 1 Data Bit 2 Data Bit Data Bit 4 Data Bit 5 Data Bit 6 Data Bit 7 Acknowledge Busy Select Auto Feed XT Error Initialize Select In 18 -25 Ground 9-8 Specifications...
  • Page 100 Hard Disk Drive Connector Signal HDD Access LED Chip Select 0 Chip Select 1 Address 0 Address 2 Address 1 Diagnostic Not Used Not Used Not Used I/O Channel Ready MS Select I/O Write I/O Read Not Used Data0 Data1 Data15 Data14 Data2...
  • Page 101 Hard Disk Drive Connector Signal Ground Data5 Ground Data10 Ground Data6 Ground Data9 Ground Data7 Not Used Ground Ground RESET Ground CRT Connector Pin Assignments Signal Green Blue OPT1 Ground Ground Ground Ground +5V PnP VESA Vcc Ground OPT2 PnP VESA Data Horizontal Sync Vertical Sync PnP VESA Clock...
  • Page 102: Connector Locations

    Connector Locations Connector(Device) Location P3 (LCD Panel) Main Board P4 (Microphone) Main Board P6 (Hard Drive) Main Board P11 (Bridge Battery) Main Board P12 (Fan) Main Board P13 (CMOS) Main Board P23 (Speakers) Main Board P25 (CPU) Main Board P35 (LED Board) Main Board P40 (Main Board) LED Board...
  • Page 103: Memory Map

    Memory Map The system supports system and video shadowing, both controlled through complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS). The system supports BIOS as a cacheable area with write protection. The following table shows the system's memory map. System Memory Map Memory Space Size Function 000000-0002FFh...
  • Page 104: Interrupt Controllers

    PS/2 Mouse Slave IRQ13 Math Coprocessor (built into CPU) Slave IRQ14 Hard Disk Controller 1 Slave IRQ15 IDE NEC Versa Dock or PC card in NEC Versa Dock Master IRQ03 Not used, available Master IRQ04 Serial Port Master IRQ05 Sound/PC CardBus...
  • Page 105: Glossary

    Software designed to perform specific functions, like solving business or mathematical problems. AC Adapter A device that connects an NEC Versa portable computer and an AC wall outlet to provide AC power for running the system or recharging the battery. base RAM Area of system memory between 0 and 640 kilobytes available to the user for operating system and application programs.
  • Page 106 CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. A chip that contains nonvolatile memory in the NEC Versa. CMOS is backed up by an internal lithium battery that preserves clock/calendar data and system configuration parameters stored in CMOS. cold boot Process of starting up the computer by turning on the power. If power is already on, the process means to turn off the computer and turn it on again.
  • Page 107 Liquid Crystal Display. An LCD consists of a thin sandwich of two glass plates with sealed edges, containing nematic liquid-crystal material that forms the screen image. NEC Versa displays are LCD type. load To copy a program into the computer's memory from a storage device.
  • Page 108 Usually contained on a single chip that includes an arithmetic logic unit, control logic, and control-memory unit. mode A method of operation; for example, the NEC Versa operates in either normal or power-saving modes. modem MOdulator-DEModulator. A device that links computers over a telephone line.
  • Page 109 parallel interface Interface that communicates eight bits at a time. parallel printer A printer with a parallel interface. parameter A characteristic of a device or system. password A string of characters that the user must enter before the system allows access or system privileges.
  • Page 110 The main printed circuit board inside the system unit into which other boards and major chip components, such as the system microprocessor, are connected. Thin Film Transistor. A type of NEC Versa LCD color screen that supports 256 colors and provides exceptional screen display.
  • Page 111 Storage media that loses its data when system power is turned off. Standard memory and memory that you add to the NEC Versa are volatile memory. See nonvolatile memory. warm boot Process of resetting the computer without turning off the power through keyboard...
  • Page 112: Index

    Index CMOS battery, 1-11, 2-10 Connecting the AC adapter, 2-3 AC adapter, 2-2 Control panel, 1-3 using, 2-2 CRT connector pin assignments, 9-7 AC outlet, 2-3 Custom settings, power management, 2-20 AC power cable types, 2-3 AC Power port, 1-8 Dimensions Adapter kit, 2-10 battery pack, 9-5...
  • Page 113 8-2 calendar clock, 9-2 NEC CSD utilities, 2-25 CD-ROM drive, 9-4 NEC Customize, 2-25 diskette drive, 9-4 NEC Versa disassembly sequence, 3-2 hard disk drive, 9-4 NEC VersaBay III, 1-9 input/output facilities, 9-2 NEC VersaGlide, 1-6 keyboard, 9-3...
  • Page 114 Updating the BIOS, 2-23 USB port, 1-9 Using the AC adapter, 2-2 Using the battery pack, 2-4 Versa Laptop Fulfillment Hotline, 8-6 VersaBay III release latches, 1-10 Volume control, 1-8 Wake up, suspend alarm, 2-21 Weight battery pack, 9-5 Y-cable adapter, 1-7 Index-3...
  • Page 115 A lithium battery in some computers maintains system configuration information. In the event that the battery fails to maintain system configuration information, NEC CSD recommends that you replace the battery. For battery replacement information, call your NEC CSD dealer or the NEC CSD Customer Assistance Center.
  • Page 116 This product is in conformity with the protection requirements of EC Council Directive 89/336/EEC on the approximation of laws of the Member States relating to electro-magnetic compatibility. This product satisfied the Class B limits of EN 55022. NEC Computer Systems Division, Packard Bell NEC, Inc. 1 Packard Bell Way...
  • Page 117 NEC Computer Systems Division 819-200487-001 Packard Bell NEC, Inc. 5/99 %&(!% %&(!%$ $ ( ( 1 Packard Bell Way Sacramento, CA 95828-0903

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