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Honeywell VoyagerGS 9590 Series User Manual

Single-line hand held laser scanner
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VoyagerGS™ 9590 Series
Single-Line Hand Held Laser Scanner
User's Guide


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Honeywell VoyagerGS 9590 Series

  • Page 1 VoyagerGS™ 9590 Series Single-Line Hand Held Laser Scanner User's Guide...
  • Page 2 Disclaimer Honeywell International Inc. (“HII”) reserves the right to make changes in specifications and other information contained in this document without prior notice, and the reader should in all cases consult HII to determine whether any such changes have been made. The information in this publication does not represent a commitment on the part of HII.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ABLE OF ONTENTS Introduction Product Overview ..................... 1 Scanner and Accessories ................. 2 Scanner Components ..................4 Cable Installation and Removal ................ 5 Labels ....................... 6 Scanner Installation RS232 (-14) ...................... 7 RS485 (-106) ....................8 Keyboard Wedge (-47) ..................9 Stand-Alone Keyboard (-47) ................
  • Page 4 ABLE OF ONTENTS Configuration Modes ..................21 Upgrading the Flash ROM Firmware ..............22 Depth of Field MS9590 ......................23 MS9591 ......................24 IR Activation Range MS9590 ......................25 MS9591 ......................25 Applications and Protocols ................. 26 Troubleshooting Guide ..................27 Design Specifications Operational .....................
  • Page 5: Introduction

    NTRODUCTION Product Overview The VoyagerGS™ 9590 series is part of Honeywell’s extensive Voyager™ branded hand-held laser scanning product family. The VoyagerGS series is the first Voyager product to feature trigger scanning in its design. The VoyagerGS provides an aggressive solution for scanning all standard 1D bar codes in a new ergonomic form factor that maximizes comfort and reduces fatigue.
  • Page 6: Scanner And Accessories

    Description MS9590 MS9590 Bar Code Scanner MS9591 MS9591 High-Density Bar Code Scanner  00-02544 MetroSelect Single-Line Configuration Guide  00-05150 VoyagerGS 9590 Series User’s Guide  Available for download at PTIONAL CCESSORIES Part # Description 46-00709 Flex Stand 46-00885 Wall Mount AC to DC Power Transformer- Regulated 5.2VDC @ 1A output.
  • Page 7 NTRODUCTION Scanner and Accessories PTIONAL CCESSORIES Part # Description Cable Compatibility Warning Use only MS9590 series compatible product cables from the list below. Damage may occur to the scanner if incompatible cables are used. Any damage incurred from incorrect cable usage will void the limited warranty shown on page 35.
  • Page 8: Scanner Components

    NTRODUCTION Scanner Components No. Item Description Window Laser Aperture Trigger See How to use CodeGate on page 17 10-pin RJ45, Female Socket, Cable Connection See Scanner Pinout Connections on page 32 See Audible Indicators on page 18 Speaker White LED See Visual Indicators on page 19 Blue LED See Visual Indicators on page 19...
  • Page 9: Cable Installation And Removal

    Gently pull on the cable strain relief to insure the cable is securely installed. Removal Before removing the cable from the scanner, Honeywell recommends that power to the host system be turned off. If the cable is a PowerLink cable, disconnect the power supply on the cable.
  • Page 10: Labels

    NTRODUCTION Labels Every MS9590 and MS9591 has a serial number label located on the underside of the scanner head and molded text on the scanner handle. The label and molded text provide important information such as the unit’s date of manufacture, serial number, CE and caution information.
  • Page 11: Scanner Installation

    CANNER NSTALLATION RS232 (-14) Turn off the host device. Plug the 10-pin RJ45 end of the PowerLink cable into the 10-pin socket on the scanner. There will be an audible click when the connector lock engages. Connect the 9-pin D-type connector of the PowerLink cable to the proper COM port on the host device.
  • Page 12: Rs485 (-106)

    CANNER NSTALLATION  RS485 (-106) Turn off the host device. Plug the 10-pin RJ45 end of the MVC cable into the 10-pin socket on the scanner. There will be an audible click when the connector lock engages.  Connect the other end of the MVC cable to the host device.
  • Page 13: Keyboard Wedge (-47)

    CANNER NSTALLATION Keyboard Wedge (-47) Turn off the host device. Plug the 10-pin RJ45 end of the cable into the 10-pin socket on the scanner. There will be an audible click when the connector lock engages. Disconnect the host device's keyboard. Connect the "Y"...
  • Page 14: Stand-Alone Keyboard (-47)

    CANNER NSTALLATION Stand-Alone Keyboard (-47) Turn off the host system. Plug the 10-pin RJ45 end of the cable into the 10-pin socket on the scanner. There will be an audible click when the connector lock engages. Plug the other end of the cable into the host's keyboard port If the scanner is receiving power from the host system, skip to step #6.
  • Page 15: Usb (-38 And -106)

    CANNER NSTALLATION  USB (-106,-38-EAS, and -40-EAS) Turn off the host system. Plug the 10-pin RJ45 end of the USB cable into the 10-pin socket on the scanner. There will be an audible click when the connector lock engages. Plug the USB Type A end of the cable into the host's USB port.
  • Page 16: Additional Settings For Eas Equipped Models

    CANNER NSTALLATION Additional Settings for EAS Equipped Models All MS9590 models equipped with EAS capabilities have an EAS designation in their model numbers (example: MS9590-38-EAS). The cable supplied with these units will have additional wires for Checkpoint Device connections. Figure 10. EAS Cable Samples SW1 and SW2 are the switch banks inside the Checkpoint Device that set the deactivation range.
  • Page 17: Stands

    TANDS Flex Stand Components (PN 46-00709) Item Item Description Qty. Cradle Coupler Cradle Flexible Shaft Screw Cap Stand Base ¼" - 20 x ⅜" Flat Head Phillips Screw, 100° Undercut #8 Round Head Wood Screw M3 -.5 x 20 mm, Pan Head Phillips Screw M3 Flat Washer M3 Split Lock Washer Flexible Shaft Cover...
  • Page 18: Assembly

    TANDS Flex Stand Assembly (PN 46-00709) Figure 13. Stand Assembly...
  • Page 19: Optional Fixed Mount

    TANDS Optional Flex Stand Fixed Mount (PN 46-00709) In the kit, two #8 wood screws have been provided for fixed mount applications. When choosing the stand location, make sure to consider the front orientation of the stand (indicated in Figure 14). On a centerline, drill two #39 pilot holes in the countertop spaced 125 mm (4.92") apart.
  • Page 20: Optional Wall/Tabletop Stand (Pn 46-00885)

    TANDS Optional Wall/Tabletop Stand Fixed Mount (PN 46-00885 Drill two #39 pilot holes in the wall spaced 39 mm (1.54") apart on a horizontal centerline. Install one #8 wood screw in each of the pilot holes, leaving a space between the head of the screw and the wall surface. Locate the two slots marked as "A"...
  • Page 21: Scanner Operation

    CANNER PERATION Default Modes of Operation There are two default modes of operation available with the MS9590 series. In-Stand, Automatic Activation Mode • The laser is activated upon object detection in the IR activation area. • Bar code data is automatically decoded and transmitted. Out-of-Stand, Manual Activation Mode •...
  • Page 22: Indicators

    NDICATORS Audible During operation, the scanner provides audible feedback that indicates the status of the scanner and latest scan. Eight settings are available for the tone of the beep (normal, six alternate tones and no tone). To change the beeper tone, refer to the MetroSelect Single-Line Configuration Guide or MetroSet2’s help files.
  • Page 23: Visual

    NDICATORS Visual Each MS9590 series scanner has three LED indicators (blue, white, and yellow) located on the head of the scanner. When the scanner is in operation, the flashing, or stationary activity of the LEDs indicates the status of the scanner and the current scan.
  • Page 24: Failure Modes

    NDICATORS Failure Modes One Razzberry Tone – On Power Up This indicates the scanner has experienced a flipper/motor failure. Return the scanner for repair to an authorized service center. Three Beeps – On Power Up If the scanner beeps three times on power up, verify the host and scanner are set to the same communication protocol.
  • Page 25: Configuration Modes

    ONFIGURATION ODES The MS9590 series scanners have three modes of configuration. • Bar Codes Configure the 9590 by scanning the bar codes included in the MetroSelect Configuration Guide shipped with the scanner. This manual is available for downloaded at •...
  • Page 26: Upgrading The Flash Rom Firmware

    PGRADING THE LASH IRMWARE The MS9590 and the MS9591 are part of Honeywell’s line of scanners with flash upgradeable firmware. The upgrade process requires a new firmware file supplied to the customer by a customer service representative and MetroSet2 ...
  • Page 27: Depth Of Field

    EPTH OF IELD MS9590 Depth of Field Bar Code (In the Field of View) Element Width Total Start (From Scanner Face) (From Scanner Face) .127 mm 5.0 mil 83 mm (3.3") 108 mm (4.3") 25 mm (1.0") .15 mm 5.7 mil 64 mm (2.5") 127 mm (5.0") 63 mm (2.5")
  • Page 28: Ms9591

    EPTH OF IELD MS9591 Depth of Field Bar Code (In the Field of View) Element Width Total Start (From Scanner Face) (From Scanner Face) .10 mm 4.0 mil 25 mm (1.0") 45 mm (1.8") 20 mm (.8") .12 mm 4.8 mil 23 mm (0.9") 51 mm (2.0") 28 mm (1.1")
  • Page 29: Ir Activation Range

    IR A CTIVATION ANGE The MS9590 series has a built in object detection sensor that instantly turns on the scanner's laser when an object is presented within the scanner's IR activation area. Refer to the MetroSelect Single-Line Configuration Guide for information on configurable IR activation range options.
  • Page 30: Applications And Protocols

    OEM with EAS The MS9590 Keyboard Wedge Series (-47) is designed for keyboard emulation only. Many RS232 configurable functions available in other Honeywell scanners are also available as keyboard wedge functions. The following items are the most important selectable options specific to the...
  • Page 31: Troubleshooting Guide

    ROUBLESHOOTING UIDE The following guide is for reference purposes only. Contact a customer service representative to preserve the limited warranty terms. Symptoms Possible Causes Solution All Interfaces Check the transformer, the outlet No power is being and power strip. Make sure the supplied to the unit.
  • Page 32 ROUBLESHOOTING UIDE Symptoms Possible Causes Solution The bar code being Verify that the bar code being The unit powers scanned does not scanned falls into the configured up, but does not satisfy the configured criteria. scan and/or criteria for character beep.
  • Page 33 ROUBLESHOOTING UIDE Symptoms Possible Causes Solution The next four items are only relevant for a Keyboard Wedge interface. Make sure that the proper PC type The unit scans AT, PS2 or XT is selected. Verify The unit’s configuration but the data is the correct country code and data is not correct.
  • Page 34: Design Specifications

    ESIGN PECIFICATIONS MS9590 Series Specifications PERATIONAL Visible Laser Diode 650 nm ± 10 nm Light Source: Laser Power: 0.809 mW (peak) Pulse Duration: 560 µsec MS9590 Refer to page 23 Depth of Scan Field: Refer to page 24 MS9591 MS9590 Refer to page 23 Width of Scan Field: Refer to page 24...
  • Page 35: Mechanical

    ESIGN PECIFICATIONS MS9590 Series Specifications ECHANICAL Height H 160 mm (6.30") 41 mm (1.60") Width W 65 mm (2.56") 25.4 mm (1.00") Depth: 100 mm (3.93") Weight: 150g LECTRICAL Input Voltage: 5VDC ± 0.25V Operating = 650 mW typical Power: Standby = 375 mW typical Operating = 130 mA @ 5VDC typical Current:...
  • Page 36: Scanner And Cable Terminations

    CANNER AND ABLE ERMINATIONS Scanner Pinout Connections The MS9590 and MS9591 scanner interfaces terminate to a 10-pin modular jack. The serial number label indicates the interface enabled when the scanner is shipped from the factory. MS9590-14 or MS9591-14 RS232 Function Ground Transmit RS232 Output Receive RS232 Input...
  • Page 37: Cable Connector Configurations

    CANNER AND ABLE ERMINATIONS Cable Connector Configuration (Host End) RS232 PowerLink Cable 53-53000x-3 Function Shield Ground RS232 Transmit Output RS232 Receive Input DTR Input/Light Pen Source Signal Ground Light Pen Data (DSR Out for -14 interfaces) 9-Pin Female, D-Type CTS Input RTS Output +5VDC USB Cables...
  • Page 38 PC Clock No Connect Honeywell will supply an adapter cable with a 5-pin DIN male connector on one end and a 6-pin mini DIN female connector on the other. According to the termination required, connect the appropriate end of the adapter cable to the PowerLink cable, leaving the necessary termination exposed for connecting to the keyboard and the keyboard port on the PC.
  • Page 39: Limited Warranty

    IMITED ARRANTY Honeywell International Inc. ("HII") warrants its products and optional accessories to be free from defects in materials and workmanship and to conform to HII’s published specifications applicable to the products purchased at the time of shipment. This warranty does not cover any HII product which is (i) improperly installed or used;...
  • Page 40: Regulatory Compliance

    EGULATORY OMPLIANCE Safety ITE Equipment IEC 60950-1:2005, EN 60950-1:2006+A11:2009 Laser Laser Class 1: IEC 60825-1:2007, EN 60825-1:2007 IEC 62471:2006 EXEMPT RISK GROUP Caution Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous laser light exposure. Under no circumstances should the customer attempt to service the laser scanner.
  • Page 41: Emc

    EGULATORY OMPLIANCE Safety Attenzione L’utilizzo di sistemi di controllo, di regolazioni o di procedimenti diversi da quelli descritti nel presente Manuale può provocare delle esposizioni a raggi laser rischiose. Il cliente non deve assolutamente tentare di riparare egli stesso lo scanner laser. Non guardate mai il raggio laser, anche se credete che lo scanner non sia attivo.
  • Page 42 EGULATORY OMPLIANCE Remarque Cet appareil numérique de classe A est conforme à la norme canadienne NMB-003. European Standard Warning This is a class A product. In a domestic environment this product may cause radio interference in which case the user may be required to take adequate measures. Funkstöreigenschaften nach EN55022:1998 Warnung! Dies ist eine Einrichtung der Klasse A.
  • Page 43 EGULATORY OMPLIANCE This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.
  • Page 44: Index

    NDEX immunity........43 indicator AC ........see power audible ......21, 25, 34 accessories ....... 3, 4 failure ....23, 21–23, 30–33 adapter .......... 4 visual ... 6, 22, 25, 30–33, 34 interface ......34, 37–40 Keyboard Wedge ..1, 11, 25, 29, beep ......see indicator 37, 40 blue LED ......see indicator...
  • Page 45 NDEX safety ........... 42 ventilation ........36 SELV ......see caution voltage ....3, 36, see caution serial number ......... 8 specifications ......34, 36 stand ......... 3, 16–20 warranty ........41 switch bank ........15 white LED....see indicator window ........
  • Page 46: Customer Support

    USTOMER UPPORT Product Service and Repair Honeywell International Inc. provides service for all its products through service centers throughout the world. To obtain warranty or non-warranty service, contact the appropriate location below to obtain a Return Material Authorization number (RMA #) before returning the product.
  • Page 47: Technical Assistance

    E-mail: Brazil Telephone: +55 (11) 5185-8222 Fax: +55 (11) 5185-8225 E-mail: Mexico Telephone: 01-800-HONEYWELL (01-800-466-3993) E-mail: Europe, Middle East, and Africa Telephone: +31 (0) 40 7999 393 Fax: +31 (0) 40 2425 672 E-mail: Hong Kong...
  • Page 52 Honeywell Scanning & Mobility 9680 Old Bailes Road Fort Mill, SC 29707 00-05150 Rev F 10/11...

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