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Visual - Honeywell VoyagerGS 9590 Series User Manual

Single-line hand held laser scanner
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Each MS9590 series scanner has three
LED indicators (blue, white, and yellow)
located on the head of the scanner.
When the scanner is in operation, the
flashing, or stationary activity of the
LEDs indicates the status of the scanner
and the current scan.
All LEDs are Off
The LEDs will not be illuminated if the scanner is not receiving power from the
host or transformer.
The scanner is in manual activation mode.
Steady Yellow
The scanner is in automatic scanning mode.
Steady Blue
When the laser is active, the blue LED is illuminated. The blue LED will remain
illuminated until the laser is deactivated (default mode only).
Steady Blue and Single White Flash
When the scanner successfully reads a bar code, the white LED will flash and
the scanner will beep once.
After a successful scan, the scanner transmits the data to the host
device. Some communication modes require that the host inform the
scanner when data is ready to be received. If the host is not ready to
accept the information, the scanner's white LED will remain on until the
data can be transmitted.
Alternating Flashing of Blue and White
During Operation
This indicates the scanner is in configuration mode.
Figure 20. LED Configuration


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