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Level The Washer - Maytag 120-volt Installation Instructions Manual

Commercial washer
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Connect the drain hose
NOTE: Slide washer onto cardboard or hardboard before
moving across floor.
1. Move washer close to final position.
2. Put "hook" end of drain hose into laundry tub or standpipe.
3. Estimate the length of drain hose needed when washer is in
final position. Hose must be cut exactly to length so "hook"
end is held tightly over edge of standpipe.
If drain hose is too long, cut straight end of hose. (Do not cut
the "hook" shaped end of the drain hose.)
NOTE: Do not force excess length of drain hose down the
standpipe. This could cause siphoning.
4. Place the hose clamp over the washer drain connector. Push
the drain hose onto the washer connector. Use pliers to open
clamp and slide clamp over drain hose. Check for good fit.
5. Measure and mark a point approximately 16" (40.6 cm)
from the plug end of the shipping strap. Cut shipping strap at
this point.
16" (40.6 cm)
6. Check that hose is not twisted or kinked and is securely in
Put "hook" end of drain hose into standpipe. Tightly wrap the
shipping strap around the standpipe. Push plug into the
nearest hole in the shipping strap.
Connect the inlet hoses to the water faucets
1. Before attaching water inlet hoses to the water faucets, run
water through both faucets into a bucket. This will get rid of
particles in water lines that might clog hoses. Mark which is
the hot water faucet.
2. Attach bottom hose (inlet marked "H") to hot water faucet.
Tighten coupling to faucet by hand.
3. Attach top hose (inlet marked "C") to cold water faucet.
Tighten coupling to faucet by hand.
4. Use pliers to make an additional two-thirds turn to each

Level the Washer

Install the front leveling feet
1. Stack two corner posts on top of each other. Tilt washer
backward and insert corner posts 3" (7.6 cm) in from one side
of washer as shown. Repeat with other corner posts on other
side of washer.
2. Use the leveling legs and nuts from parts package. Screw nut
down to within
" (1.3 cm) of base.
A. " (1.3 cm)
B. Base
C. Nut
3. Insert legs into correct holes at each front corner of washer
until nuts touch washer. Do not tighten nuts until the washer
is leveled.
4. Tilt washer backward and remove corner posts. Gently lower
washer to floor.
5. Move washer to its permanent location. Remove cardboard or
hardboard from under washer.



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