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Outdoor Side Burner Use; Using The Outdoor Side Burner - KitchenAid Architect KSBN220SSS Installation Instructions And Use And Care Manual

Outdoor built-in side burner architect series
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Using the Outdoor Side Burner

Burn Hazard
Do not let the burner flame extend beyond the edge of
the pan.
Doing so can result in burns.
Food Poisoning Hazard
Do not let food sit on side burner for more than one
hour before or after cooking.
Doing so can result in food poisoning or sickness.
1. Remove the outdoor side burner cover. Do not light burners
with the cover on.
2. Make sure control knobs are turned to OFF.
Turn the gas supply on:
Natural gas or L.P. gas from a local supply
• Using gas supply source other than L.P. gas cylinder:
Turn the shutoff valve to open position from the front of gas
supply line.
L.P. gas cylinder, if converted
See the "Gas Supply Requirements" section.
• Using an L.P. propane gas cylinder:
Slowly open the cylinder valve; do not "snap" open.
When using an L.P. gas cylinder, the flow limiting
device may activate and your outdoor side burner may not
light. If your outdoor side burner does light, the flames will
be low and will not heat properly. Turn cylinder valve and all
control knobs off and wait 30 seconds. After shutting off the
cylinder, very slowly open cylinder valve and wait 5 seconds
before lighting.
Lighting the Side Burner
1. Do not lean over the side burner.
2. Select the burner you want to lite and push in the outdoor
side burner control knob. Turn the knob to "LITE/HI" while
continuing to hold it in.
3. You will hear the "snapping" sound of the spark. When burner
is lit, release the knob. Turn knob to desired setting.
If burner does not light immediately, turn the burner knob to
"OFF" and wait 5 minutes before relighting.
Manually lighting the Side Burner
1. Do not lean over the side burner.
2. Remove the manual lighting extension from inside the drip
tray of the grill.
3. Attach a match to the clip.
4. Strike the match to light it.
5. Guide the match to the burner you wish to light.
6. Push in and turn the burner knob to "LITE/HI" for the burner
closest to the lit match. The burner will light immediately.
When burner is lit, turn knob to desired setting.
7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 for each burner.
8. Remove match and replace manual lighting extension inside
the drip tray of the grill.
If burner does not light immediately, turn the burner knob to
"OFF" and wait 5 minutes before relighting.
If any burners do not light after attempting to manually light
them, contact the KitchenAid Customer Experience Center.
Replacing the Igniter battery
If igniters stop sparking, the battery should be replaced.
1. Push in and up at bottom of battery tray. Pull battery out.
2. Remove battery and replace with alkaline 9-volt battery.
3. Slide battery tray back into compartment; it will lock into place.
lift up and
slide tray out



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