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Enclosure Cutout Dimensions; Gas Supply Requirements; Burners - KitchenAid Architect KSBN220SSS Installation Instructions And Use And Care Manual

Outdoor built-in side burner architect series
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Enclosure Cutout Dimensions

Fire Hazard
Do not install this side burner on or near combustible
Doing so can result in death or fire.
Enclosure and clearance dimensions that are shown must be
used. Given dimensions provide required clearances.
The installation of this outdoor side burner must conform with the
current standards CSA-Z21.58a-1998, or with local codes.
The outdoor side burner drops into the enclosure opening and is
supported by its side flanges. No bottom support is needed.
Copies of the standards listed may be obtained from:
CSA International
8501 East Pleasant Valley Rd.
Cleveland, Ohio 44131-5575
(30.5 cm)
minimum to grill
or any accessory
(30.8 cm)
(5.7 cm)
(18.1 cm)
(27.0 cm)
counter or support surfaces
must be level
(57.2 cm)
gas line
location at
rear of side
(90.2 cm)

Gas Supply Requirements

Explosion Hazard
Use a new CSA International approved "outdoor"
gas supply line.
Securely tighten all gas connections.
If connected to LP, have a qualified person make sure
gas pressure does not exceed 11" (28 cm) water
Examples of a qualified person include:
licensed heating personnel,
authorized gas company personnel, and
authorized service personnel.
Failure to do so can result in death, explosion, or fire.
Observe all governing codes and ordinances.
IMPORTANT: This installation must conform with all local codes
and ordinances. In the absence of local codes, installation must
conform with American National Standard National Fuel Gas
Code ANSI Z223.1 -latest edition or CAN/CGA B149.1 -latest
IMPORTANT: The outdoor side burner must be connected to a
regulated gas supply.
• Input ratings shown on the model/serial rating plate are for
elevations up to 2,000 feet (610 m). For elevations above 2,000
feet (610 m), ratings are reduced at a rate of 4% for each 1,000
feet (305 m) above sea level. Orifi ce conversion is required.
Contact KitchenAid Experience Center.
• Refer to the model/serial rating plate for information on the type
of gas that can be used. If this information does not agree with
the type of gas available, check with your local gas supplier.
No attempt shall be made to convert the outdoor side burner
from the gas specifi ed on the model/serial rating plate for use
with a different gas type without consulting the serving gas
supplier. The conversion kits specifi ed must be used.
Operating pressure: 11 inches (27.9 cm) W.C.
Supply pressure: 11 to 14 inches (27.9 to 35.5 cm) W.C.
Set pressure: 4 inches (10.2 cm) W.C.
Supply pressure: 7-14 inches (17.8 cm to 35.5 cm) W.C.



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