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Kenmore 119.1614521 Use & Care Manual Page 7

Liquid propane gas grill.
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Safety Tips
▲ Before opening LP cylinder valve, check the coupling
nut for tightness.
▲ Before each use, check the gas hose for excessive
abrasion or wear, or cuts. Replace a hose assembly
showing those signs with the hose assembly specified
in the parts list before using the grill. Inspect the hose
assembly by following it from the LP tank connection
to the gas manifold assembly.
▲ Ensure your grill is located on a level surface and use
the adjustable feet (if equipped) as necessary to
▲ Ensure any locking casters are locked (if equipped).
▲ Keep any electrical supply cord and the fuel supply
hose away from any heated surfaces and water.
▲ Do not lean over the grill or touch the edges of the
firebox or lid when in use.
▲ When grill is not in use, turn off all control knobs and
LP cylinder valve.
▲ Never move grill while in operation or still hot.
▲ Use long-handled barbecue utensils and oven mitts to
avoid burns and splatters.
▲ Maximum load for side burner and side shelf is 10
▲ The grease tray must be inserted into grill and
emptied after each use. Do not remove grease tray
until grill has completely cooled.
▲ Clean grill often, preferable after each cookout. If a
bristle brush is used to clean any of the grill cooking
surfaces, ensure no loose bristles remain on cooking
surfaces prior to grilling.
▲ If you notice grease or other hot material dripping
from grill onto a valve, hose, or regulator, turn off
gas supply at once. Determine the cause, correct, and
then clean and inspect valve, hose and regulator
before continuing. Perform a leak test.
▲ Keep ventilation openings in cylinder enclosure (grill
cart or cabinet) free and clear of debris.
▲ Do not store objects or materials inside the grill cart
or cabinet enclosure that would block the flow of
combustion air to the underside of either the control
panel or the firebox bowl, such as a cover.
▲ The regulator may make a humming or whistling
noise during operation. This will not affect safety or
use of the grill.
▲ If you have a grill problem, see the "Troubleshooting
▲ If the regulator frosts, turn off grill and LP cylinder
valve immediately. This indicates a problem with the
cylinder and it should not be used on any product.
Return to supplier.
 Do not preheat the grill on HIGH with the lid
closed for longer than 15 minutes. Preheating
the grill with the lid closed beyond this point
can result in excessive cooking temperatures
and risk of injury.
 Putting out grease fires by closing the lid is
not possible. Grills are well ventilated for
safety reasons.
 Do not use water on a grease fire. Personal
injury may result. If a grease fire develops,
turn knobs and LP cylinder off.
 Do not leave grill unattended while
preheating or burning off food residue on
HIGH. If grill has not been regularly
cleaned, a grease fire can occur that may
damage the product.
Main Burner Igniter Lighting
▲ Do not lean over grill while lighting.
Turn OFF all gas burner control valves.
2. Turn ON gas source or tank slowly.
3. Open lid during lighting.
4. To ignite any main burner, turn the main burner
control knob to
ignition button for 3 to 5 seconds. You should hear a
clicking sound which shows the electronic igniter is
5. Once burner has ignited, turn knob to desired heat
6. If ignition does not occur in 5 seconds, turn the burner
control knob to OFF, wait 5 minutes for gas to clear
away, and repeat the lighting procedure.
7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 for remaining main burners.
Main Burners
Hi. Immediately press the electronic
Electronic Ignition Button


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