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Kenmore 119.1614521 Use & Care Manual Page 6

Liquid propane gas grill.
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 Do not insert any tool or foreign objects into
the valve outlet or safety relief valve. You
may damage the valve and cause a leak.
Leaking propane may result in explosion, fire
severe personal injury, or death.
 If a leak is detected at any time, STOP and
call the fire department.
 If you cannot stop a gas leak, immediately
close the LP tank valve and call a LP gas
supplier or your fire department!
 Never attempt to attach this grill to the self-
contained LP gas system of a camper trailer
or motor home or to any unregulated source
of propane.
 Do not use this grill until leak tested.
Leak Testing Valves, Hose, and Regulator
Turn all grill control knobs to OFF.
2. Be sure regulator is tightly connected to LP tank.
3. Completely open LP tank valve by slowing turning the
OPD hand wheel counterclockwise. If you hear a
rushing sound, turn gas off immediately. There is a
major leak at the connection. Correct before
proceeding by calling for replacement parts at 1-
4. Brush soapy solution onto the areas indicated by
arrows in the figure below.
5. If "growing" bubbles appear, there is a leak. Close
LP tank valve immediately and retighten connections.
If leaks cannot be stopped do not try to repair. Call
Sears for replacement parts at 1-800-4-MY-HOME®.
6. Always close LP tank valve after performing leak test
by turning hand wheel clockwise.
For Safe Use of Your Grill and to Avoid Serious
Do not let children operate or play near your
grill. Keep pets away from your grill.
Keep grill area clear and free from materials
that burn.
Do not block holes in sides or back of grill.
Check burner flames regularly.
Use grill only in well-ventilated space. NEVER use
in an enclosed space such as a carport, garage,
porch, covered patio, or under an overhead
structure of any kind.
Do not use charcoal or ceramic briquets in this
gas grill.
Use grill at least 36 inches (914mm) from any
wall or surface. Maintain 10 ft. clearance to
objects that can catch fire, or sources of ignition
such as pilot lights on water heaters, live
electrical appliances, etc.
NEVER attempt to light burner with lid closed. A
buildup of non-ignited gas inside a closed grill is
Never operate grill with LP cylinder out of correct
position specified in assembly instructions.
Always close LP cylinder valve and remove
coupling nut before moving LP cylinder from
specified operation position.
Apartment and Condominium Dwellers
Check with management to learn the requirements and
fire codes for using an LP gas grill in your complex. If
allowed, use outside on the ground floor with a three (3)
foot clearance from walls or rails. Do not use on or under


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