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Kenmore 119.163018 Use & Care Manual

Liquid propane gas (lpg) grill
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Use & Care
Gas (LPG) Grill
Use and Care
Pg. 30
Parts and Service
Call us first if you have any problem with this
product. We can help you with questions about
assembly and grill operation or if there are
damaged or missing parts when you unpack this
unit. Please call before returning to the store.
CST, Non thru Friday
Note to Assembler/Installer
Leave this guide with the consumer.
Note to Consumer
Keep this guide for future reference.
Record Your Serial Number
(See silver CSA Plate inside of right door)
Date of Purchase :
Attach Your Sales Receipt Here :
Failure to comply with these instructions could
result in a fire or explosion that could cause
serious bodily injury, death or property damage.
Read this entire
guide before using your
grill to ensure
the grill is properly
and maintained,
it was
by you or someone
Use your grill at least
2 feet away
any wall or surface. Use your grill at least 2 feet
away from combustible objects that can melt or
catch fire (such as vinyl or wood siding, fences
and overhangs) or sources of ignition including
pilot lights on water heaters and live electrical
Combustion byproducts produced when using
this product contain chemicals known to the
State of California to cause cancer, birth
defects, or other reproductive harm.
and Co., Hoffman
IL 60179


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Use & Care Guide Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) Grill Kenmore Model Number: KmartItem Number: 640-810979-112 • Safety • Assembly • Use and Care • Cooking Guide • Espa_ol, Pg. 30 • Parts and Service Call us first if you have any problem with this product.
  • Page 2 • An LP cylinder not connected shall not be stored in the vicinity or any other appliance. • NEVER use your gas grill in a building, garage, porch, shed, breezeway other enclosed area, • NEVER obstruct...
  • Page 3 Visually inspect the hose prior to each use for cuts, cracks, excessive wear, or other use the gas grill if the hose appears Call Sears at 1-800-4-HY-HOME® (1-800-469-4663) for a Kenmore hose assembly. Theinstallation m ustconform withlocal c odes or,...
  • Page 4 PART# PART DESCRIPTION SB0064 Phillips Head Bolt,M6x35mm SB0027 Phillips Head Bolt,M6xl6mm FEOI05 M6xl.OT Plastic SBO005 Lock Washer, SB0085 Phillips Head Bolt,M4x8mm SBO016 Lock Washer, M4 SEOI23D-O02 "S"-Hook BO6WIB-6-C7 Cabinet Door Stop SEO007 Battery Size AA FE0014N Phillips Head Cotter SE9049D-O01 BO6WIB-6-C5 Door Top Brackets Washer...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Phillips Head Bolt M6x35mm Qty: Part # SB0064 Phillips Head Bolt M6x16mm Qty: 24 Part# SB0027 Phillips Head Bolt M4x8mm Qty: Part # SB0085 Washer Qty: 4 Part # SB0114 Cabinet Door Stop Qty: 1 Part# B06WlB-6-C7 Phillips Head Screwdriver Qty: 1 Part # FE0014N Plastic...
  • Page 7 DESCRIPTION Hood Assembly Hood LeftSide Panel Hood Right Side Panel Thermometer Seat Thermometer Hood Bolt Hood Handle Seat - Right Hood Handle Seat- Left Hood Handle Heat Insulator Silicon Stopper Hood Outer Panel Hood Inner Panel Hood Handle Firebox Assembly Firebox Rear Upper Panel Firebox Rear Panel Warming...
  • Page 8 DESCRIPTION Main Burner Control Panel Control Knob Seat Control Knob Electronic Igniter Button Electronic Igniter Electronic Igniter Wire Regulator Hose Assembly Cabinet Assembly Cabinet Rear Panel Cabinet Assembly Regulator Hose Support Leg Caps Door Top Bracket Cylinder Support Ring Cabinet Door Stop Cabinet...
  • Page 9 DESCRIPTION Side Burner Stopper Side Burner Inner Frame Towel Bar Handle Side Burner Outer Frame Assembly Side Burner Electrode Side Burner Valve Side Burner Side Burner Control Panel Control Knob Seat Control Knob Side Shelf Assembly Side Shelf Frame Assembly Towel Bar Handle Side Shelf Control Panel...
  • Page 10 Remove Firebox from Unscrew and discard Remove the crossbar. Carefully lift the cabinet. Cut fastening straps Install Control Knobs Push the Control Place the Cabinet Casters to the Cabinet See Inset Phillips Head Bolt M6x16mm qty: Main Burner Control knob qty: Locking Standard...
  • Page 11: Lock Washer Qty

    nstall Cabinet Front Crossbar Attach the Cabinet Washers (M6), Attach Door Top Brackets Phillips Head Bolt: M6x35mm Qty: 4 Phillips Head Bolt M4x8mm Qty: 4 © Lock Washer qty: Attach Doors to Cabinet Push down on top hinge pin to insert the Left and Right Doors into the cabinet. illustrations.
  • Page 12: Qty

    Hang Condiment Basket Hang Condiment Attach the Cabinet See Inset 2. Phillips Head Bolt M4x8mm qty: Cabinet Door Stop qty: Attach Firebox to Cabinet Place the firebox hanging inside of the cabinet, Line up the holes and attach the firebox to the cabinet frame using 4 Phillips Head Bolts (M6xl6mm) and 4 Washers (M6x!.0T).
  • Page 13: S"- Hook Qty

    Install Grease Tray, Insert Grease See Inset Attach the Grease Cotter Pins Install the Grease See Inset Cotter Pin qty: Xnstall Towel Bar Handles, Use 2 Phillips Head Bolts (M4x8mm), Bar to the side burner attach the Side Burner Control Slide 3 Utensil Hooks onto the second Towel Bar and use 2 Phillips Head Bolts (M4x8mm), Washers...
  • Page 14 install Side Burner Unscrew the 2 Phillips Head bolts ¼" from the upper left and right corner holes in the left side of the firebox as shown in Inset burner frame. Slide the upper holes of the side burner down. Use 2 Phillips Head Bolts (M6x16mm) burner frame to the firebox...
  • Page 15: Qty

    Attach Side Burner Use 2 Phillips Control Panel Phillips Head Bolt M4x8mm Qty: 2 © Lock Washer: Qty:2 Attach Side Burner Slide the side burner Firebox Assembly Push the Control Side Burner Control Knob qty: Inset Control Panel to Hain Control Head Bolts (M4x8mm)
  • Page 16 Install Unscrew the 2 Phillips Head bolts 1/4" from the upper left and right corner holes in the right side of Side Shelf the firebox as shown in Inset shelf frame. Slide the upper holes of the side shelf frame over the heads of the 2 Phillips down.
  • Page 17 Place Hook the ends Secure of the See Inset Place the LP cylinder faces to the front. LP cylinder in place, Unscrew bolt hose support ring, and nut. Inset Do Not Hook Up the Install Battery Unscrew the electronic Screw the electronic Battery (Size...
  • Page 18 Congratulations - Assembly Remove any additional clean all foam packing Please proceed to and read the remaining your LP cylinder To transport grill, grasp Towel Bar Handle on the end of the side shelf for easier mobility. is now complete! labels or packing material material...
  • Page 19 20lb. (9.1kg) Liquid Propane Gas (LP Gas) tank, which is not included with the grill. Never connect your gas grill to an LP gas tank that exceeds this capacity. A tank of approximately in diameter by 18-1/2" (472mm) maximum size LP gas tank to use.
  • Page 20 Notes about LP Gas Tank Exchange • Many retailers that sell grills offer you the option of replacing your empty LP gas tank through an exchange service. Use only those reputable exchange companies that inspect, precision fill, test and certify their tanks. Exchange your tank only for an OPD safety feature equipped tank as described in the LP gas tank section of this manual,...
  • Page 21 Flow Limiting Valves on LP Gas Tanks Your LP gas tank is equipped with a flow limiting that will restrict the flow of gas due to a sudden change in pressure. This can often activate knowledge. You will notice among your grill does not get as hot as it should, longer to heat up, or you may not be able to light all...
  • Page 22 Grill Lighting Instructions Before each use, check all hoses for cracks, nicks, cuts, or abrasions. damaged in any way, do not use your grill before replacing the hose with an authorized part from the Parts List. Also make sure all gas supply connections tightened.
  • Page 23 When lit, turn the control knob to its desired setting. lean over the grill cooking your gas grill. Keep your face and body (at least 18 inches) hole and burners when lighting BURNER not in knob to...
  • Page 24 Shut off gas supply (turn the LP tank valve clockwise) to the gas grill. Turn the control knobs to the "OFF" position. Open the grill lid. Put out any flame with a Class B Fire...
  • Page 25 Immediately off and dry the stainless steel should they ever come in contact with your gas grill. include, but are not limited to, pool chemicals (chlorine and bromine), lawn fertilizer,...
  • Page 26 To reduce the chance of FLASHBACK clean the burner tubes as follows summer and fall, wherever spiders are active in your area, and if your grill has not been used for an extended period of time. Turn all burner control knobs to the "OFF"...
  • Page 27 Burn-Off Some of the new parts of your grill could have residual oils, We recommend turn to "Hi", and lower the lid for 3 to 5 minutes burn any oils off before grilling CAUTION: Operating your grill on the "Hi" setting for longer than five minutes parts of your grill.
  • Page 28 Question: can I convert my gas grill from one fuel type to another, such as LP to NG (natural or vice versa? Answer: No, your gas grill is manufactured standards developed by CSA and ANSI for your safety and is certified for one type of gas only.
  • Page 29 (such as vinyl or wood siding, fence and overhangs) or sources of ignition lights on water heaters and live electrical appliances. Never use your gas grill in a garage, breezeway or any other enclosed Never obstruct the flow of ventilation your gas grill housing. Question:...
  • Page 30 Congratulations onmaking a smartpurchase. Your newKenmore (_product i s designed a ndmanufactured foryearsofdependable operation. Butlikeallproducts, it mayrequirerepair fromtimeto time.That'swhen havinga Repair P rotection A greement cansaveyou money andaggravation. Here's what Repair Protection includes: Expert service by our 10,000 professional repair specialists Unlimited service...
  • Page 31 For repair - in your home ccc;_ lawn and garden equipment, no matter For the replacement owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself. For Sears professional and items like garage door openers and water heaters. 1-800-4-MY-HOME ® (1-800.469-4663) Call, anytime, For expe_ home solutions For repair of carry-in (4: Registered Trademark /...

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