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Kenmore 119.166750 Operator's Manual

Liquid propane gas (lpg) grill and natural gas (ng) grill
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Gas (LPG) Grill
Gas (NG)
• Safety
• Assembly
• Use and Care
• Cooking
• Frequently
Call us first if you have any problem with this
product. We can help you with questions about
assembly and grill operation or if there are
damaged or missing parts when you unpack this
unit from the carton. Please call before returning
to the store.
CST, Monday throuqh
Leave this manual with the consumer.
Keep this manual for future reference.
(see silver CSA label on main body of grill)
• Failure to comply with these instructions
result in a fire or explosion that could cause
serious bodily injury, death or property damage.
• Whether this grill was assembled by you or
someone else, you must read this entire manual
before using your grill to ensure the grill is
properly assembled, installed and maintained.
• Use your grill at least 2 feet away from any
wall or surface.
Use your grill at least 2 feet
away from combustible objects that can melt or
catch fire (such as vinyl or wood siding, fences
and overhangs)
or sources of ignition including
pilot lights on water heaters and live electrical
• Combustion byproducts
produced when using
this product contain chemicals known to the
State of California to cause cancer, birth
defects, or other reproductive
and Co., Hoffman
IL 60179


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Kenmore 119.166750

  • Page 1 OPERATOR'S MANUAL Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) Grill Model119.166750 Natural Gas (NG) Grill Model119.176750 • Safety • Assembly • Use and Care • Cooking Guide • Frequently Asked Questions • Failure to comply with these instructions could Call us first if you have any problem with this result in a fire or explosion that could cause product.
  • Page 2 10 feet (3m) of this appliance. Do not store or use gasoline other flammable liquids Two-Year Full Warranty on Kenmore Elite vapors within 25 feet (8m) of this Grill appliance. If this grill fails due to a defect in material or...
  • Page 3: Pre-Assembly

    1-800-4-MY-HOME® (1-800-469-4663) for a 2.Carefully lift each burner up and away from the Kenmore replacement gas hose assembly or gas valve orifice. natural gas hose depending on your model. 3.Check and clean the burner tubes for insects and insect nests. A clogged tube can lead to a fire beneath the grill.
  • Page 5 DESCRIPTION PART# Lid Bolt SB0001/SB0002-1/SB0003-1 Thermometer SE0076 06W03-A Name Plate ZA0017 Heat Shield Handle FE0010 Lid Handle Connecter ZA0010 Silicon Stopper FE0001 Lid Handle RSA0004 Back Burner Cover SA0463-1 Firebox Panel-Rear/Upper SA0412 Firebox Panel-Rear SA0284 Warming Rack SA0459-1 Infrared Back Burner SD0002 Flame...
  • Page 6 DESCRIPTION PART# Electric Igniter SE0010 Rotisserie Spit Bracket SA0032-1 Rotisserie Spit Assembly SE0096 Rotisserie Spit Left Support SA0033-1 Side Burner Cover SA0463-1 Side Burner Frame SA0035-1 Side Burner Grease Tray Left Support SA0040-1 Rotisserie Motor SE0091 Rotisserie Motor Support SA0031-1 Rotisserie Spit Right...
  • Page 7 DESCRIPTION PART# Cabinet Back-Top Panel SA0290 Cabinet Right Side Panel SA0286 Cabinet Back Panel Bracket SA0072 Drawer Glide Bracket-Left SA0092/SE0018/SA0287 Cabinet Middle Drawer SA0294/SA0295/SA0055/SA0056 Drawer Front Crossbar SA0467 Drawer Glide Bracket-Right SA0092/SE0018/SA0287 Cylinder Tray Drawer Door SA0293/SA0291 Cylinder Tray Glide Mounting Bracket-Left (LP only) SA0089...
  • Page 8 Item Description Part Graphic Heat Diffuser SA0021-1 SEO004 Cooking Grate SA0459-1 Warming Rack Rotisserie Spit with SE0096 Handle Meat Fork SE0096 SE0096 Counterweight...
  • Page 9 Item No. Description Part # Graphic Rotisserie Motor SE0091 SEO007 Battery Washer SE0096 SE0096 Spit Bushing...
  • Page 10 Please refer to pages 8 and 9 for item graphics. Install Heat Diffusers Install the 3 Heat Diffusers (A) inside the firebox. Ensure the stamped word "Front" on the Heat Diffusers is placed at the front and their sides fit into the slots on the front and back of the firebox to secure...
  • Page 11 Install Warming Rack Install the Warming Rack (C) into the upper sides of the firebox. Be sure the sides of the Warming Rack fit down into the slots to secure it in place. Install Rotisserie Motor Slide the Rotisserie Motor (G) onto the mounting bracket on the right side of the firebox...
  • Page 12 Assemble Rotisserie Spit Assembly Slide one Washer ( I ) onto the handle end of the spit, followed by the counterweight (F), and the second Washer ( I ). Tighten the washers to secure the counterweight. See Inset Then slide the Bushing ( 3 ) on the spit followed by the 2 Meat Forks shown in Inset...
  • Page 13 Install Battery Unscrew the electronic igniter cap. Place the "AA" Battery (H) into the electronic igniter with the Positive (+) end facing up. Screw the electronic igniter cap back into place on the electronic igniter. Battery (Size Qty: Part # SE0007 Place LP Cylinder into the...
  • Page 14 Gas Hose Preparation (NG Model Only) Feed the Nature Gas Hose out through the back of the cabinet. Do Not Hook Up the Natural Gas Hose to your Gas Line at this time, Congratulations - Assembly is now Complete Remove any additional labels and packing from the grill.
  • Page 15 CORRECT LP GAS TANK USE Use of alcohol or drugs may impair the ability LP gas grill models are designed for use with a to assemble and operate the appliance. standard 20 lb. (9.1kg) Liquid Propane Gas (LP G) tank, which is not included with the grill.
  • Page 16 Regulator and LP Cylinder Connections Notes about LP Gas Tank Exchange Programs • Many retailers that sell grills offer you the option of replacing your empty LP gas tank through an exchange service. Use only those reputable exchange companies that inspect, precision fill, test The gas pressure regulator provided...
  • Page 17 Check aH connections for LP Gas _eaks Flow Limiting Valves on LP Gas Tanks Never test for leaks with a fiame_ Prior to Your LP gas tank is equipped with a flow limiting first use, at the beginning of each season valve that wilt restrict...
  • Page 18 Yournewgasgrill operates on Natural G as. I t is In the event of rain, cover the grill and turn off colorless a ndodorless i n itsnatural f orm.Theform the burner and gas supply. of natural g asthat is delivered to yourhomeis Use your grill on a level,...
  • Page 19 For your safety; A leak test must be repeated each time your NG gas line is connected DO NOT USE THE GRILL if you cannot stop a Do not smoke when checking for gas leaks. leak. Do not use any match or open flame, Do not use an open flame to check for gas leaks.
  • Page 20: Side Burner

    Side Burner and Back Burner lain Burner Instructions Lighting The Main Burners With Push And Lighting Instructions Turn Ignition Lighting The Side Burner Or Back Before each use, check all hoses for cracks, Burner With Electronic Ignition nicks, cuts, or abrasions. If a hose is damaged in any way, do not use your grill...
  • Page 21 MANUALLY LIGHTING THE MAIN BURNERS MANUALLY LIGHTING THE SIDE BURNER WITH THE MATCH HOLDER OR BACK BURNER Open lid. Open the lid or the side burner cover. Ensure the side and back burner control Ensure all burners in the "OFF" knob is in the "OFF"...
  • Page 22: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING If the grill still does not light you may need to reset the flow limiting valve in your LP tank. If the grill fails to light: Note: This procedure should be done every Turn gas off at source and turn control knobs time a new LP gas tank...
  • Page 23 ELECTRONIC IGNITION Turn all burner valves to the "OFF" position. Turn the LP gas tank valve to the "OFF" MAINTENANCE position or shut off the natural gas. Your grill i sequipped with electronic ignition Disconnect the regulator assembly or gas for the back and side burners.
  • Page 24 To reduce the chance of FLASHBACK FIRE Regardless of the burner cleaning procedure must clean the burner tubes as follows periodically use, we recommend you also complete in summer and fall, wherever spiders are active following steps to help prolong burner life.
  • Page 25 Burn-Off with the burner lit on the opposite side or in the center with the center burners off. Some of the new parts of your grill could have Indirect cooking must be done with the lid residual oils. We recommend you ignite down.
  • Page 26: Using The Rotisserie

    USING ROTISSERIE OPERATING THE ROTISSERIE The Rotisserie Motor that comes with this grill must be grounded in accordance with Install the rotisserie motor onto the mounting local codes, or in the absence of local bracket. codes, with the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70-1990.
  • Page 27 Question: If you hear a clicking sound, then: 1. Inspect the electrodes to be sure they Can iF convert my gas grill from one fuel are not coated with grease and dirt. type to anotherr such as LP to NG (natural Clean with rubbing alcohol.
  • Page 28 Congratulations on making a smart purchase. The Regulator and Hose supplier with my gas grill Your new Kenmore (_ product is designed does not fit the older LP Gas Tank I've used for manufactured for years of dependable years. Why not? operation.
  • Page 29 Your Home ....For repair-in your home- of all major brand appliances_ equipment, lawn and garden o r heating and cooling systems no matter who made it, no matter who sold it;! ....For tile replacement parts_ accessories owner's manuals that you need to dodt-yourse ....

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