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YAMAHA YZ250F(Y) Owner's Service Manual Page 157

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5. Install:
• Right grip "1"
• Collar "2"
Apply the adhesive on the tube
guide "3".
• Before applying the adhesive, wipe
off grease or oil on the tube guide
surface "a" with a lacquer thinner.
• Install the grip to the tube guide so
that the grip match mark "b" and
tube guide slot "c" form the angle as
6. Install:
• Collar "1"
• Grip cap cover "2"
• Throttle grip "3"
Apply the lithium soap base grease
on the throttle grip sliding surface.
7. Install:
• Throttle cables "1"
To tube guide "2".
Apply the lithium soap base grease
on the throttle cable end and tube
guide cable winding portion.
8. Install:
• Throttle cable cap "1"
• Screw (throttle cable cap) "2"
Screw (throttle cable
4 Nm (0.4 m•kg, 2.9
After tightening the screws, check
that the throttle grip "3" moves
smoothly. If it does not, retighten
the bolts for adjustment.
9. Install:
• Grip cap cover "1"
• Cover (throttle cable cap) "2"
10. Install:
• Brake master cylinder "1"
• Brake master cylinder bracket "2"
• Bolt (brake master cylinder brack-
et) "3"
Bolt (brake master cylin-
der bracket):
9 Nm (0.9 m•kg, 6.5
• Install the bracket so that the arrow
mark "a" faces upward.
• First tighten the bolt on the upper
side of the brake master cylinder
bracket, and then tighten the bolt on
the lower side.
11. Install:
• Engine stop switch "1"
• Clutch lever holder "2"
• Bolt (clutch lever holder) "3"
Bolt (clutch lever holder):
5 Nm (0.5 m•kg, 3.6
• Hot starter lever holder "4"
• Bolt (hot starter lever holder) "5"
Bolt (hot starter lever
4 Nm (0.4 m•kg, 2.9
• Clamp "6"
• The engine stop switch, clutch lever
holder and clamp should be in-
stalled according to the dimensions
• Pass the engine stop switch lead in
the middle of the clutch lever hold-


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