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YAMAHA YZ250F(Y) Owner's Service Manual Page 151

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6. Tighten:
• Locknut "1"
Fully finger tighten the locknut onto
the damper assembly.
7. Loosen:
• Compression damping adjuster
• Loosen the compression damping
adjuster finger tight.
• Record the set position of the ad-
juster (the amount of turning out the
fully turned in position).
8. Install:
• Base valve "1"
To damper assembly "2".
First bring the damper rod pressure to
a maximum. Then install the base
valve while releasing the damper rod
9. Check:
• Damper assembly
Not fully stretched → Repeat the
steps 2 to 8.
10. Tighten:
• Base valve "1"
Base valve:
29 Nm (2.9 m•kg, 21 ft•
Hold the damper assembly with the
cap bolt ring wrench "2" and use the
cap bolt wrench "3" to tighten the
base valve with specified torque.
Cap bolt wrench:
Cap bolt ring wrench:
11. After filling, pump the damper as-
sembly "1" slowly up and down
more than 10 times to distribute
the fork oil.
12. While protecting the damper as-
sembly "1" with a rag and com-
pressing fully, allow excessive oil
to overflow on the base valve
Take care not to damage the damp-
er assembly.
13. Allow the overflowing oil to es-
cape at the hole "a" in the damper
14. Check:
• Damper assembly smooth move-
Tightness/binding/rough spots →
Repeat the steps 2 to 13.
15. Install:
• Dust seal "1"
• Stopper ring "2"
• Oil seal "3"
• Oil seal washer "4"
• Slide metal "5"
To inner tube "6".
• Apply the fork oil on the inner tube.
• When installing the oil seal, use vi-
nyl seat "a" with fork oil applied to
protect the oil seal lip.
• Install the oil seal with its manufac-
ture's marks or number facing the
axle holder side.
16. Install:
• Piston metal "1"
Install the piston metal onto the slot
on inner tube.


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