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YAMAHA YZ250F(Y) Owner's Service Manual: Adjusting Valve Clearance; Specifications

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Using a digital engine tachometer for
idle speed adjustment, detect the en-
gine idling speed by bringing the
sensing element "c" of the engine ta-
chometer close to the ignition coil "2".
To increase idle speed→Turn the
throttle stop screw "1" in "a".
To decrease idle speed→Turn the
throttle stop screw "1" out "b".
Engine idling speed:
1,900–2,100 r/min
• This section is intended for those
who have basic knowledge and skill
concerning the servicing of Yama-
ha motorcycles (e.g., Yamaha deal-
ers, service engineers, etc.) Those
who have little knowledge and skill
concerning servicing are requested
not to undertake inspection, adjust-
ment, disassembly, or reassembly
only by reference to this manual. It
may lead to servicing trouble and
mechanical damage.
• The valve clearance should be ad-
justed when the engine is cool to
the touch.
• The piston must be at Top Dead
Center (T.D.C.) on compression
stroke to check or adjust the valve
1. Remove:
• Seat
• Fuel tank
AND SIDE COVERS" section in
the CHAPTER 4.
2. Remove:
• Spark plug
• Cylinder head cover
Refer to "CAMSHAFTS" section
in the CHAPTER 4.
3. Remove:
• Timing mark accessing screw "1"
• Crankshaft end accessing screw
• O-ring
4. Check:
• Valve clearance
Out of specification → Adjust.
Valve clearance (cold):
Intake valve:
0.10–0.15 mm
(0.0039–0.0059 in)
Exhaust valve:
0.17–0.22 mm
(0.0067–0.0087 in)
Checking steps:
a. Turn the crankshaft counterclock-
wise with a wrench.
b. Align the T.D.C. mark "a" on the
rotor with the align mark "b" on the
crankcase cover when piston is at
T.D.C. on compression stroke.
In order to be sure that the piston is at
Top Dead Center, the punch mark "c"
on the exhaust camshaft and the
punch mark "d" on the intake cam-
shaft must align with the cylinder
head surface, as shown in the illustra-
c. Measure the valve clearance "e"
using a feeler gauge "1".
Record the measured reading if the
clearance is incorrect.
5. Adjust:
• Valve clearance
Adjustment steps:
a. Remove the camshaft (intake and
Refer to "CAMSHAFTS" section
in the CHAPTER 4.
b. Remove the valve lifters "1" and
the pads "2".
• Place a rag in the timing chain
space to prevent pads from falling
into the crankcase.
• Identity each valve lifter and pad
position very carefully so that they
can be reinstalled in their original
c. Select the proper pad using the
pad selecting table.


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