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HP 6125XLG Command Reference Manual

R2306-hp 6125xlg blade switch mce command reference.
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HP 6125XLG Blade Switch
Command Reference
Part number: 5998-3736
Software version: Release 2306
Document version: 6W100-20130912


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  • Page 1: Command Reference

    HP 6125XLG Blade Switch Command Reference Part number: 5998-3736 Software version: Release 2306 Document version: 6W100-20130912...

  • Page 2

    HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY MAKES NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND WITH REGARD TO THIS MATERIAL, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Hewlett-Packard shall not be liable for errors contained herein or for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of this material.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents MCE configuration commands ···································································································································· 1   description ································································································································································· 1   display bgp group ipv4 vpn-instance ····················································································································· 1   display bgp peer ipv4 vpn-instance ······················································································································· 3   display ip vpn-instance ············································································································································ 5   domain-id ·································································································································································· 6   export route-policy ···················································································································································· 7  ...

  • Page 4: Mce Configuration Commands

    MCE configuration commands description Use description to configure a description for a VPN instance. Use undo description to delete the description. Syntax description text undo description Default No description for a VPN instance is configured. Views VPN instance view Predefined user roles network-admin Parameters text: Specifies the description for the VPN instance, a string of 1 to 79 case-sensitive characters.

  • Page 5

    Views Any view Parameters vpn-instance vpn-instance-name: Specifies the name of a VPN instance, a string of 1 to 31 case-sensitive characters. group-name: Specifies the name of a BGP peer group, a string of 1 to 47 case-sensitive characters. If no peer group is specified, this command displays information about all peer groups.

  • Page 6: Display Bgp Peer Ipv4 Vpn-instance

    Field Description Type Peer group type, external or internal. Maximum allowed prefix number Maximum number of routes that the VPN instance supports. Threshold value. Threshold If the threshold is reached, the device generates prompt information. MsgRcvd Number of messages received. MsgSent Number of messages sent.

  • Page 7

    Peer MsgRcvd MsgSent OutQ PrefRcv Up/Down State 00:18:47 Established Table 2 Command output Field Description BGP Local router ID Router ID of the local BGP router. local AS number Local AS number. Total number of peers Total number of peers. Peers in established state Number of peers in Established state.

  • Page 8: Display Ip Vpn-instance

    27-Mar-2011 15:36:12 Down Receive notification with error 6/4 Cease/Administrative Reset 27-Mar-2011 15:34:29 Up display ip vpn-instance Use display ip vpn-instance to display information about VPN instances. Syntax display ip vpn-instance [ instance-name vpn-instance-name ] Views Any view Predefined user roles network-admin network-operator Parameters...

  • Page 9: Domain-id

    Ipv6-family: Export VPN Targets : Import VPN Targets : Maximum Routes Limit : 2000 Threshold Value(%): 50 Table 4 Command output Field Description Interfaces Interface to which the VPN instance is bound. Ipv4-family IPv4 VPN information. Ipv6-family IPv6 VPN information. Export VPN Targets Export route target attribute of the VPN.

  • Page 10: Export Route-policy

    Usage guidelines When you redistribute OSPF routes into BGP on the MCE, BGP adds the configured OSPF domain ID to the redistributed BGP VPN routes as a BGP extended community attribute and advertises the routes to the BGP peer. When you redistribute the BGP VPN routes into OSPF on the BGP peer, OSPF uses the domain ID to determine whether the routes belong to the same OSPF routing domain.

  • Page 11: Ext-community-type

    A routing policy specified in IPv4 VPN view or IPv6 view takes precedence over that specified in VPN instance view. If you specify a routing policy in both IPv4 VPN view (or IPv6 VPN view) and VPN instance view, the IPv4 VPN (IPv6 VPN) uses the policy specified in IPv4 VPN view (IPv6 VPN view). Examples # Apply export routing policy poly-1 to VPN instance vpn1.

  • Page 12: Import Route-policy

    Examples # Configure the type codes of OSPF extended community attributes Domain ID, Router ID, and Route Type as 0x8005, 0x8001, and 0x8000, for OSPF process 100. <Sysname> system-view [Sysname] ospf 100 [Sysname-ospf-100] ext-community-type domain-id 8005 [Sysname-ospf-100] ext-community-type router-id 8001 [Sysname-ospf-100] ext-community-type route-type 8000 import route-policy Use import route-policy to apply a routing policy to filter incoming routes for the VPN instance.

  • Page 13: Ip Binding Vpn-instance

    # Apply import routing policy poly-2 to the IPv4 VPN of VPN instance vpn2. <Sysname> system-view [Sysname] ip vpn-instance vpn2 [Sysname-vpn-instance-vpn2] ipv4-family [Sysname-vpn-ipv4-vpn2] import route-policy poly-2 # Apply import routing policy poly-3 to the IPv6 VPN of VPN instance vpn3. <Sysname>...

  • Page 14: Ip Vpn-instance

    [Sysname] interface vlan-interface 2 [Sysname-Vlan-interface2] ip binding vpn-instance vpn1 Related commands ip vpn-instance (system view) ip vpn-instance Use ip vpn-instance to create a VPN instance and enter VPN instance view. Use undo ip vpn-instance to delete a VPN instance. Syntax ip vpn-instance vpn-instance-name undo ip vpn-instance vpn-instance-name Default...

  • Page 15: Route-distinguisher

    Usage guidelines In IPv4 VPN view, you can configure parameters such as inbound and outbound routing policies for the VPN. Examples # Enter IPv4 VPN view. <Sysname> system-view [Sysname] ip vpn-instance vpn1 [Sysname-vpn-instance-vpn1] ipv4-family [Sysname-vpn-ipv4-vpn1] route-distinguisher Use route-distinguisher to configure a route distinguisher (RD) for a VPN instance. Use undo route-distinguisher to delete the RD for a VPN instance.

  • Page 16: Route-tag

    route-tag Use route-tag to configure a route tag for redistributed VPN routes. Use undo route-tag to restore the default. Syntax route-tag tag-value undo route-tag Default If BGP AS number is not greater than 65535, the first two octets of the default route tag is always 0xD000 and the last two octets are the AS number of the local BGP.

  • Page 17: Routing-table Limit

    routing-table limit Use routing-table limit to set the maximum number of routes in a VPN instance. Use undo routing-table limit to restore the default. Syntax routing-table limit number { warn-threshold | simply-alert } undo routing-table limit Default No limit is set to the route number for a VPN instance. Views VPN instance view, IPv4 VPN view, IPv6 VPN view Predefined user roles...

  • Page 18: Vpn-instance-capability Simple

    [Sysname] ip vpn-instance vpn2 [Sysname-vpn-instance-vpn2] route-distinguisher 100:2 [Sysname-vpn-instance-vpn2] ipv4-family [Sysname-vpn-ipv4-vpn2] routing-table limit 1000 simply-alert vpn-instance-capability simple Use vpn-instance-capability simple to disable routing loop detection for a VPN OSPF process. Use undo vpn-instance-capability to restore the default. Syntax vpn-instance-capability simple undo vpn-instance-capability Default Routing loop detection is enabled for a VPN OSPF process.

  • Page 19

    A route target is a string of 3 to 21 characters in one the following formats: • 16-bit AS number:32-bit user-defined number. For example, 101:3. 32-bit IP address:16-bit user-defined number. For example, • 32-bit AS number:16-bit user-defined number, where the AS number must not be less than 65536. •...

  • Page 20: Ipv6 Mce Configuration Commands

    IPv6 MCE configuration commands This chapter describes only IPv6 MCE specific commands. To configure IPv6 MCE, you must use some MCE commands in VPN instance view or IPv6 VPN view. For more information, see "MCE configuration commands." display bgp group ipv6 vpn-instance Use display bgp group ipv6 vpn-instance to display information about the BGP IPv6 peers in the specified VPN instance.

  • Page 21

    Maximum allowed prefix number: 4294967295 Threshold: 75% Configured hold timer value: 180 seconds Keepalive timer value: 60 seconds Minimum time between advertisements: 30 seconds Peer preferred value: 0 Routing policy configured: No routing policy is configured Members: Peer MsgRcvd MsgSent OutQ PrefRcv Up/Down State 3::3 0 00:01:02 Connect...

  • Page 22: Display Bgp Peer Ipv6 Vpn-instance

    Field Description State Current state of the BGP session between the local device and the peer. display bgp peer ipv6 vpn-instance Use display bgp peer ipv6 vpn-instance to display BGP IPv6 peer in the specified VPN instance. Syntax display bgp peer ipv6 vpn-instance vpn-instance-name [ group-name log-info | ipv6-address { log-info | verbose } | verbose ] Views Any view...

  • Page 23

    Field Description MsgSent Number of messages sent. OutQ Number of messages to be sent. PrefRcv Number of prefixes received. Up/Down Lasting time of the current BGP session state. State Current state of the BGP session between the local device and the peer. # Display detailed information about BGP IPv6 peer 1::2 in the VPN instance vpn1.

  • Page 24: Ipv6-family

    Field Description Percentage of received routes from a peer to maximum routes allowed Threshold to learn from the peer. If the percentage is reached, the system generates alarm messages. Minimum time between Minimum route advertisement interval in seconds. advertisements Optional capabilities Optional capabilities supported by the local end.

  • Page 25

    Predefined user roles network-admin Usage guidelines In IPv6 VPN view, you can configure IPv6 VPN parameters, such as the export routing policy and import routing policy. Examples # In VPN instance view, enter IPv6 VPN view. <Sysname> system-view [Sysname] ip vpn-instance vpn1 [Sysname-vpn-instance-vpn1] ipv6-family [Sysname-vpn-ipv6-vpn1]...

  • Page 26: Support And Other Resources

    Support and other resources Contacting HP For worldwide technical support information, see the HP support website: Before contacting HP, collect the following information: Product model names and numbers • Technical support registration number (if applicable) • • Product serial numbers Error messages •...

  • Page 27: Conventions

    Conventions This section describes the conventions used in this documentation set. Command conventions Convention Description Boldface Bold text represents commands and keywords that you enter literally as shown. Italic Italic text represents arguments that you replace with actual values. Square brackets enclose syntax choices (keywords or arguments) that are optional. Braces enclose a set of required syntax choices separated by vertical bars, from which { x | y | ...

  • Page 28

    Network topology icons Represents a generic network device, such as a router, switch, or firewall. Represents a routing-capable device, such as a router or Layer 3 switch. Represents a generic switch, such as a Layer 2 or Layer 3 switch, or a router that supports Layer 2 forwarding and other Layer 2 features.

  • Page 29: Index

    Index D E I R S V W ipv4-family,1 1 ipv6-family,21 description,1 display bgp group ipv4 vpn-instance,1 display bgp group ipv6 vpn-instance,17 route-distinguisher,12 display bgp peer ipv4 vpn-instance,3 route-tag,13 display bgp peer ipv6 vpn-instance,19 routing-table limit,14 display ip vpn-instance,5 Documents,23 Subscription service,23 domain-id,6...

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