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HP 6125XLG Command Reference Manual: Route-distinguisher

R2306-hp 6125xlg blade switch mce command reference.
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Usage guidelines
In IPv4 VPN view, you can configure parameters such as inbound and outbound routing policies for the
# Enter IPv4 VPN view.
<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] ip vpn-instance vpn1
[Sysname-vpn-instance-vpn1] ipv4-family


Use route-distinguisher to configure a route distinguisher (RD) for a VPN instance.
Use undo route-distinguisher to delete the RD for a VPN instance.
route-distinguisher route-distinguisher
undo route-distinguisher
No RD is specified for a VPN instance.
VPN instance view
Predefined user roles
route-distinguisher: Specifies the RD for the VPN instance, a string of 3 to 21 characters in one of the
following formats:
16-bit AS number:32-bit user-defined number. For example, 101:3.
32-bit IP address:16-bit user-defined number. For example,
32-bit AS number:16-bit user-defined number, where the minimum value of the AS number is 65536.
For example, 65536:1.
Usage guidelines
RDs enable VPNs to use overlapping address space. By prefixing an RD to an IPv4 prefix for a VPN, you
make the VPN IPv4 prefix globally unique. On an MCE device, when multiple BGP VPN instances are
configured, you can configure RDs for the VPN instances to distinguish them.
To change the RD for a VPN instance, you must first delete the RD with the undo route-distinguisher
command, and then configure a new RD for the VPN instance with the route-distinguisher command.
# Configure an RD for VPN instance vpn1.
<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] ip vpn-instance vpn1
[Sysname-vpn-instance-vpn1] route-distinguisher 22:1


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