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HP 6125XLG Command Reference Manual: Route-tag

R2306-hp 6125xlg blade switch mce command reference.
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Use route-tag to configure a route tag for redistributed VPN routes.
Use undo route-tag to restore the default.
route-tag tag-value
undo route-tag
If BGP AS number is not greater than 65535, the first two octets of the default route tag is always
0xD000 and the last two octets are the AS number of the local BGP. For example, if the local BGP AS
number is 100, the default VPN route tag is 3489661028 in decimal. If the BGP AS number is greater
than 65535, the default route tag is 0.
OSPF view
Predefined user roles
tag-value: Specifies the VPN route tag in the range of 0 to 4294967295.
Usage guidelines
On an MCE device, you can configure a VPN route tag for a VPN instance bound to an OSPF process.
The VPN route tag must be included in Type-5 or Type-7 LSAs. HP recommends configuring the same
VPN route tag for MCEs in the same area.
The VPN route tag is not transferred in any BGP extended community attribute. It is locally significant and
needs to be configured and takes effect only on the MCEs that receive BGP routes and generate OSPF
Type-5 or Type-7 LSAs.
You can configure the same VPN route tag for different OSPF processes.
A route tag can be configured by different commands and has different priorities. The commands used
to configure the external route tag (in the descending order of tag priority) are as follows:
default tag
If the route tag carried in a Type-5 or Type-7 LSA received by an MCE is the same as the locally
configured route tag, the MCE neglects the LSA in route calculation to avoid routing loops.
# Set the route tag to 100 for OSPF process 100.
<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] ospf 100
[Sysname-ospf-100] route-tag 100
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