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Autoranging/Manual Range Selection; Relative Mode; Display Backlight; Hold - Craftsman 82003 Owner's Manual

True rms multimeter
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When the meter is first turned on, it automatically goes into
Autoranging. This automatically selects the best range for the
measurements being made and is generally the best mode for
most measurements. For measurement situations requiring that
a range be manually selected, perform the following:
1. Press the RANGE key. The "Auto" display indicator will turn
2. Press the RANGE key to step through the available ranges.
Observe the decimal point and units displayed until the
preferred range is located.
3. To exit the Manual Ranging mode and return to Autoranging,
press and hold the RANGE key for 2 seconds.
Note: Manual ranging does not apply for the Capacitance and
Frequency functions.


The relative measurement feature allows you to make
measurements relative to a stored zero reference value. A
reference voltage, current, etc. can be stored and
measurements made in comparison to that value. The displayed
value is the difference between the reference value and the
measured value.
1. Perform the measurement as described in the operating
2. Press the REL button to store (zero) the reading in the display
and the "REL" indicator will appear on the display.
3. The display will now indicate the difference between the
stored value and the measured value.
4. Press the REL button to exit the relative mode.
Note: The Relative function does not operate in the Frequency


Press the backlight
fade to off after approxamately 10 to 15 seconds.


The hold function freezes the reading in the display. Press the
HOLD key momentarily to activate or to exit the HOLD function.
button to turn on. The light will slowly

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