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Steel City 35600 User Manual

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User Manual

Read and understand this manual before using machine.
VER. 2.07


Shown with optional Fence
Model Numbers
Manual Part No. OR70131



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  Summary of Contents for Steel City 35600

  • Page 1: User Manual

    User Manual Read and understand this manual before using machine. TABLE SAW Shown with optional Fence Model Numbers 35600 35605 ® STEEL CITY TOOL WORKS Manual Part No. OR70131 VER. 2.07...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    The drawings, illustrations, photographs, and specifications in this user manual represent your machine at time of print. However, changes may be made to your machine or this manual at any time with no obligation to Steel City Tool Works.
  • Page 4: Warranty

    STEEL CITY TOOL WORKS 5 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY Steel City Tool Works, LLC (“SCTW”) warrants all “STEEL CITY TOOL WORKS” machinery to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 5 years from the date of the original retail purchase by the original owner.
  • Page 5: Warranty Card

    City:______________________________________________ ___ Vacuum Veneer Press ___ Wide Belt Sander Other____________________________________________ How did you first learn of Steel City Tool Works? ___ Advertisement ___ Mail Order Catalog 11. Which benchtop tools do you own? Check all that apply. ___ Web Site...
  • Page 6 FOLD ON DOTTED LINE PLACE STAMP HERE Steel City Tool Works P.O. Box 10529 Murfreesboro, TN 37129 FOLD ON DOTTED LINE...
  • Page 7: Product Specifications

    385 lbs ACCESSORIES AND ATTACHMENTS There are a variety of accessories available for your Steel City Product. For more information on any accessories associated with this and other machines, please contact your nearest Steel City distributor, or visit our website at:
  • Page 8: Definition Of Terms

    DEFINITION OF TERMS Anti-Kickback Fingers – A safety device attached to Heeling – The misalignment of the blade to the miter the blade guard and splitter assembly designed to slots; when the blade is not parallel to the miter slots. minimize the chance of a workpiece being thrown back during a cutting operation.
  • Page 9: Feature Identification

    FEATURE IDENTIFICATION Miter Gauge Blade Guard Assembly C) Motor Cover D) Bevel Scale Raise/Lower Handwheel Bevel Adjustment Handwheel G) Fence Hooks H) On/Off Switch (shown with an optional fence)
  • Page 10: General Safety

    GENERAL SAFETY WARNING WARNING TO AVOID serious injury and damage to the machine, read and follow all Safety and Operating Instructions before assembling and operating this machine. This manual is not totally comprehensive. It does not Exposure to the dust created by power sanding, saw- and can not convey every possible safety and opera- ing, grinding, drilling and other construction activities tional problem which may arise while using this...
  • Page 11 11. DO NOT FORCE the machine to perform an opera- WARNING tion for which it was not designed. It will do a safer and higher quality job by only performing operations for which the machine was intended. 12. DO NOT stand on a machine. Serious injury could result if it tips over or you accidentally contact any 3.
  • Page 12: Product Safety

    9. DO NOT handle the plug or table saw with wet hands. 10. USE accessories only recommended by Steel City. 11. DO NOT pull the table saw by the power cord. 4. TO REDUCE the risk of electrical shock. DO NEVER allow the power cord to come in contact NOT use this machine outdoors.
  • Page 13: Electrical Requirements

    230 volt in the ADJUSTMENTS section of this manual. This manual is written for two specific models, MODEL NO 35605 Model No 35600 and Model No 35605. Please follow The switch provided with your saw is a magnetic switch the specific requirements for your model saw.
  • Page 14: Grounding Instructions

    The motor supplied with your machine is either a 0 to 6 Amps 18 AWG 18 AWG 16 AWG 115/230 dual voltage motor (Model 35600) or a dedicat- 6 to 10 Amps 18 AWG 18 AWG 14 AWG ed 230 volt, single phase motor (Model 35605). Never...
  • Page 15: Unpacking & Inventory

    For missing parts, Remove any protective materials and coatings from all contact Steel City at 1-877-SC4-TOOL. of the parts and the table saw. The protective coatings A) Dust Port E) Handwheel Lock Knob (2)
  • Page 16 L) M8 x 1.25 x 30mm Hex Head Screw (8) M) M8 Flat Washer N) M8 Lockwasher O) 1/4-20 x 1/2” Round Head Screw (10) P) Cast Iron Wings (2)
  • Page 17: Assembly

    ASSEMBLY POLY-V BELT ASSEMBLY WARNING WARNING • The table saw is a heavy machine; two people may be required for certain assembly operations. MAKE CERTAIN THAT THE SAW IS DISCONNECT- • DO NOT assemble the table saw until you are sure ED FROM THE POWER SOURCE.
  • Page 18: Handwheel Assembly

    1. Before installing the extension wings on the table HANDWHEEL ASSEMBLY saw, thread the four M6 X 15mm set screws (A) into the threaded holes in the wings. Only screw them WARNING in about 1/3 of the way for now. SEE FIG. 3. MAKE CERTAIN THAT THE SAW IS DISCONNECT- Fig.
  • Page 19 WRENCH AND FENCE 2. Place the threaded end of the mounting splitter rod (A) through the hole (B) in the rear of the cabinet. HOOK ASSEMBLY Place a M12 hex nut (not shown) onto the threaded end of the mounting splitter rod inside of the cabi- WARNING net and tighten securely.
  • Page 20: Section 11 Adjustments

    Fig. 11 7. Place a square (N) onto the saw table and against the splitter assembly (O) behind the kickback fin- gers (P). Make adjustments to the splitter bracket assembly (Q) so that the splitter is square to the saw table. Once square, tighten the two hex socket head screws on the bottom of the splitter bracket assembly.
  • Page 21 CONNECTING SWITCH CORD Fig. 13B TO MOTOR CORD WARNING MAKE CERTAIN THAT THE SAW IS DISCONNECT- ED FROM THE POWER SOURCE. 1. Place the switch cord (A) through hole (B) in front of cabinet. SEE FIG. 13A. Fig. 13A 2. Open motor cover, insert three prong switch cord (C) into three hole outlet (D) of the motor cord.
  • Page 22: Adjustments

    ADJUSTMENTS RAISING AND To tilt the blade bevel to 45-degrees, loosen the hand- wheel lock knob (counterclockwise) and turn the hand- LOWERING THE BLADE wheel clockwise. When the saw blade is at 45-degrees it will come into contact with the adjustable positive stop Fig.
  • Page 23: Section 12 Operations

    Fig. 18 CHECKING BLADE ALIGNMENT Blade heel is the misalignment of the blade to the miter slots. This means that the blade is not parallel to the miter slots. The blade is set parallel at the factory and should not need any adjustments. You can check this by using a dial indicator (not included) or a combination square (not included).
  • Page 24 Fig. 21 Fig. 22 1. To align the blade parallel to the miter slot, first loosen two hex head screws (A) under the left side of the table saw. This is the same side as the bevel handwheel (B). SEE FIG. 22. 6.
  • Page 25: Table Insert Adjustment

    TABLE INSERT ADJUSTMENT CHANGING MOTOR VOLTAGE This section only applies to Model 35600 WARNING with the 1-3/4HP Motor. The 35605 Model with the 3HP motor will only run at 230V. MAKE CERTAIN THAT THE SAW IS DISCONNECT- ED FROM THE POWER SOURCE.
  • Page 26: Changing The Saw Blade

    CHANGING THE SAW BLADE ALIGNING SPLITTER BRACKET WARNING WARNING • Turn the power switch “OFF” and unplug the MAKE CERTAIN THAT THE SAW IS DISCONNECT- power cord from its power source when chang- ED FROM THE POWER SOURCE. ing the saw blade. •...
  • Page 27: Miter Gauge Adjustment

    MITER GAUGE ADJUSTMENT ADJUSTING POSITIVE STOPS Fig. 30 WARNING MAKE CERTAIN THAT THE SAW IS DISCONNECT- ED FROM THE POWER SOURCE. Fig. 29 1. To adjust 0-degree positive stops, loosen knob (B), pull out on plunger (C) and turn miter gauge over. 2.
  • Page 28: Operations

    OPERATIONS 1. The ON/OFF switch is located under the front rail CAUTION on the table saw. • A separate electrical circuit should be used for your 2. To turn the table saw on, press the green “START” table saw. The circuit should not be less than #14 button (A) in one-half inch.
  • Page 29: Test Run

    PRE-RUN CHECK WARNING WARNING MAKE CERTAIN THAT THE SAW IS DISCONNECT- ED FROM THE POWER SOURCE. MAKE CERTAIN THAT THE SAW IS DISCONNECT- ED FROM THE POWER SOURCE. Before you begin to use your Table Saw, you should give it a thorough inspection, making sure you ask WARNING yourself the following questions: 1.
  • Page 30: Blade Selection

    BLADE SELECTION 3. Combination Blade: Used for cutting with and across the grain. A compromise between a rip blade Choosing the correct blade for the job is essential for and a cross-cut blade, a 10” combination blade will the safe and efficient use of your table saw. Ignoring typically have between 40-50 teeth.
  • Page 31 CROSSCUTTING RIPPING Crosscutting means cutting across the grain of the Ripping means to cut with the grain of the wood. In wood. In wood products without grain (i.e. MDF, other materials such as MDF or plywood, ripping simply particleboard), crosscutting simply means cutting across means to cut lengthwise.
  • Page 32: Dado Operations

    Do not stand directly behind the workpiece when WARNING ripping. SEE FIG. 36. Fig. 36 Dado operations present very real hazards requiring proper procedures to avoid serious injury. The chance of kickback is always greater when dado blades are used so extra precautions must be used.
  • Page 33: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE BACKLASH ADJUSTMENTS FOR To clean and maintain the unpainted cast iron surfaces: BLADE RAISING/LOWERING AND BLADE TILTING ASSEMBLIES • Apply a heavy coat of WD-40 onto the unpainted cast iron surface. If any play is detected in the blade raising/lowering or •...
  • Page 34: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE This section covers the most common processing problems encountered in sawing and what to do about them. Do not make any adjustments until the table saw is unplugged from the power source and moving parts have come to a complete stop. PROBLEM LIKELY CAUSE(S) SOLUTION...
  • Page 35 x NOTES x...
  • Page 36: Parts List

  • Page 37 PART PART DESCRIPTION QTY. DESCRIPTION QTY. OR91785 PUSH NUT OR73631 SWITCH ASSY (1.75HP) CONST OF REF.60, 60A, 61, 62, 62A, 63, 63A, 64, 66, OR91781 67, 68, 69, 70, 73, 74, 75, 75A, 76 OR91027 “SEE THRU” BLADE GUARD OR73360 SWITCH ASSY (3HP) CONST OF REF.
  • Page 39 PART PART DESCRIPTION QTY. DESCRIPTION QTY. OR91767 5/8-18 JAM NUT OR91790 SHAFT 200A OR91824 5x5x15 KEY OR91757 M5 x 20mm HEX SOC HD SCR OR91020 ARBOR PULLEY ( 1.75 HP) OR91744 GEAR 201A OR70143 ARBOR PULLEY ( 3 HP) 242A OR91792 3mm x 15mm SPRING PIN OR91732...
  • Page 42 x NOTES x...
  • Page 43 STEEL CITY TOOL WORKS 1-877-SC4-TOOL (1-877-724-8665) 5 Year Warranty...

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