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JVC XV-S56BK Insrtructions

Dvd video player
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Table of Contents
Page 56
Seite 56
Page 56
Biz. 56
Pàgina 56
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Sidan 56
Sivu 56
Side 56
Dimensions (W x H x D):
435 mm x 127 mm x 329 mm
(17-3/16 inch x 5 inch x13inch)
Abmessungen (B x H x T):
435 mm x 127 mm x 329 mm
Ecombrement (L x H x P):
435 mm x 127 mm x 329 mm
Afmetingen (B x H x D):
435 mm x 127 mm x 329 mm
Dimensiones (A x A x F):
435 mm x 127 mm x 329 mm
Dimensioni (L x A x P):
435 mm x 127 mm x 329 mm
Mått (B x H x D):
435 mm x 127 mm x 329 mm
Mitat (L x K x S):
435 mm x 127 mm x 329 mm
Dimensioner (B x H x D):
435 mm x 127 mm x 329 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D):
435 mm x 68 mm x 267.5 mm
(17-3/16 inch x 2-11/16 inch x 10-9/16 inch)
Abmessungen (B x H x T):
435 mm x 68 mm x 267,5 mm
Ecombrement (L x H x P):
435 mm x 68 mm x 267,5 mm
Afmetingen (B x H x D):
435 mm x 68 mm x 267,5 mm
Dimensiones (A x A x F):
435 mm x 68 mm x 267,5 mm
Dimensioni (L x A x P):
435 mm x 68 mm x 267,5 mm
Mått (B x H x D):
435 mm x 68 mm x 267,5 mm
Mitat (L x K x S):
435 mm x 68 mm x 267,5 mm
Dimensioner (B x H x D):
435 mm x 68 mm x 267,5 mm


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 XV-S56BK/S57SL[B/E/EN] ERRATA / ERRATUM / RÄTTELSE / KORJAUS / RETTELSE Page 56 Error Correction Seite 56 Fehler Berichtigung Page 56 Erreur Correction Biz. 56 Fout Correrctie Pàgina 56 Error Corrección Pag. 56 Errore Correzione Sidan 56 Rättelse Sivu 56 Virhe...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    '9' 9,'(2 3/$<(5 ;96%.;966/ Introduction Preliminary knowledge Getting started Basic operations STANDBY/ON OPEN /CLOSE PLAY TV/VIDEO MODE PHONIC CANCEL RETURN Advanced operations TV -/-- MUTING THEATER POSITION ANGLE SUBTITLE AUDIO DIGEST ZOOM SELECT DVD/CD PLAYER STANDBY OPEN/CLOSE ENTER Initial settings DVD/VIDEO CD/CD STANDBY ON ∞...
  • Page 3 IF IN DOUBT - CONSULT A COMPETENT ELECTRICIAN. Spacing 15 cm or more Front CAUTION XV-S56BK/ XV-S57SL To reduce the risk of electrical shocks, fire, etc.: 1. Do not remove screws, covers or cabinet. 2. Do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture.
  • Page 4 English Table of Contents To locate a desired scene by specifying the chapter Introduction number [CHAP.SEARCH] ...........29 Page 2 To locate a desired position in the current title or track Features................2 [TIME SEARCH]..............29 Supplied accessories............2 To locate a desired scene from the display [DIGEST] ..30 About this instruction manual ..........3 Special picture playback ..........
  • Page 5: Introduction

    Introduction Features Supplied accessories Picture functions • Audio/video cable (x 1) 7 7 7 7 Strobe function The unit can display nine continuous still pictures on the TV screen. 7 7 7 7 Digest function • Audio cable (x 2) You can select the desired selection to be played from the opening scenes displayed on the TV screen.
  • Page 6: About This Instruction Manual

    Introduction English About this instruction manual This instruction manual basically explains operations as follows: To playback in random order [RANDOM] These symbols indicate the types You can play titles or tracks in random order by using of discs which the the Random function.
  • Page 7: Notes On Handling

    Introduction Notes on handling Important cautions Safety precautions Installation of the unit Avoid moisture, water and dust • Select a place which is level, dry and neither too hot Do not place the unit in moist or dusty places. nor too cold (between 5 C and 35 C, 41 F and 95...
  • Page 8: Preliminary Knowledge

    Preliminary knowledge English Names of parts and controls Refer to the corresponding pages indicated in () for details. Front panel 5 0 (OPEN/CLOSE) button 1 STANDBY indicator 3 Remote sensor 2 STANDBY/ON 4 Disc tray button DVD/CD PLAYER STANDBY OPEN/CLOSE DVD/VIDEO CD/CD STANDBY ON ¢...
  • Page 9: Remote Control Unit

    Preliminary knowledge Remote control unit ! Infrared signal-emitting window @ TV STANDBY/ON button # TV - DVD switch 1 OPEN/CLOSE button STANDBY/ON OPEN $ DVD STANDBY/ON /CLOSE button 2 PLAY MODE button % RETURN button PLAY TV/VIDEO MODE PHONIC CANCEL RETURN 3 3D PHONIC button ^ TV/VIDEO - CANCEL...
  • Page 10 Preliminary knowledge English 1 OPEN/CLOSE button (23) # TV - DVD switch (11, 21, 27) Opens and closes the disc tray. When setting this switch to “TV” , the numeric, cursor and TV/VIDEO - CANCEL buttons are used to control your TV. 2 PLAY MODE button (29, 33, 34, 35) When setting it to “DVD”...
  • Page 11: Display Window

    Preliminary knowledge Display window 1 Audio format indicators 4 Title/trackchapter indicators 2 Disc indicator 5 Repeat mode indicators 3 3 (play)/8 (pause) indicators LPCM VCDVD A - B TITLE TRACK CHAP MPEG DOLBY PROGRAM DIGITAL RANDOM 6 PROGRAM/RANDOM indicators 7 Multi-information window 1 Audio format indicators 4 Title/track/chapter indicators Indicates the format of audio currently being played back.
  • Page 12: Operational Principles

    Preliminary knowledge English Operational Principles On-screen displays The unit provides several on-screen displays. With some displays, you can set or select preferences or functions, while the others are display-only. Opening displays Opening display The Opening display appears automatically in some conditions.
  • Page 13: To Prevent The Monitor From Burning Out [Screen Saver]

    Preliminary knowledge Play mode menus Pressing the PLAY MODE button brings up the play While stopped During DVD VIDEO playback mode menu in which you can control playback functions. DVD CONTROL Different menus appear depending on the disc type and REPEAT PROGRAM RANDOM...
  • Page 14: On-Screen Guide Icons

    Preliminary knowledge English On-screen guide icons During DVD VIDEO playback, you may see icons displayed over the picture. These have the following meanings. : Displayed at the beginning of a scene recorded from multiple angles. (See page 36.) : Displayed at the beginning of a scene recorded with multiple audio languages. (See page 38.) : Displayed at the beginning of a scene recorded with multiple subtitle languages.
  • Page 15: About Discs

    Preliminary knowledge About discs Playable disc types Playable and non-playable disc types are as follows: Playable discs Audio CD DVD VIDEO Video CD The DVD VIDEO Logo is a trademark. • CD-R and CD-RW discs recorded with the Audio CD format can be played back, though some may not be played back because of the disc characteristics or recording condition.
  • Page 16: Audio Formats

    Preliminary knowledge English Audio formats There are some formats of audio recorded on discs as shown below. The associated indicator lights up in the display window when playing back a disc. Indicator Audio format LPCM Linear PCM MPEG MPEG Multichannel DOLBY DIGITAL Dolby Digital DTS (Digital Theater Systems)
  • Page 17: Getting Started

    Getting started Connections *In the following description, “TV” may be substituted with “monitor” or “projector.” *Before using the unit, you have to connect the unit to a TV and/or amplifier. Before making any connections • Do not connect the AC power cord until all other connections have been made. •...
  • Page 18: To Connect To A Tv With The Scart Connector

    Getting started English To connect to a TV with the SCART connector You can enjoy using the unit by simply connecting it to your television set with a 21-pin SCART cable. To hear audio sound with better quality, connect the audio output to your audio equipment. Y/C - COMP .
  • Page 19: To Connect To An Audio Amplifier Or Receiver

    Getting started Keep holding down the 7 (STOP) button on the front panel. After a few more seconds, “RGB” replaces “S-VIDEO” in the display window. Now the RGB signal can be output when setting the Y/C - COMP . switch to “COMP.” . (Display Window) LPCM A - B...
  • Page 20: To Connect To An Amplifier/Receiver Equipped With 5.1-Channel Inputs

    Getting started English To connect to an amplifier/receiver equipped with 5.1-channel inputs The unit is equipped with the Dolby Digital and MPEG Multichannel decoders and can feed 5.1-channel outputs. So you can enjoy any type of the high quality surround sounds by connecting the unit to an amplifier/receiver equipped with the 5.1-channel inputs.
  • Page 21: To Connect To Audio Equipment With A Digital Input

    Getting started To connect to audio equipment with a digital input You can enhance the sound quality by connecting either of the unit's DIGITAL OUT jacks (OPTICAL or COAXIAL) to the digital input of an amplifier, MD, etc. by using an optional digital cable. The digital audio signal from a disc is directly transferred.
  • Page 22: To Connect The Power Cord

    Getting started English To connect the power cord When all the audio/video connections have been made, insert the smaller plug of the supplied AC power cord to the unit’s AC IN connector, then insert the other end to the wall outlet. Make sure that plugs are inserted firmly. The STANDBY indicator lights and setup is completed.
  • Page 23: Remote Sensor

    Getting started Precautions for the safe use of batteries Observe the following precautions for the safe use of batteries. If they are used improperly their life will be shortened, they may burst or their contents may leak. Precaution • Remove the batteries from the remote control if it is not going to be used for a long period of time. •...
  • Page 24: To Use The Remote Control Unit For Tv Operation

  • Page 25 Adjusts the TV volume. NOTES • The remote control unit is initially set operating a JVC TV. • If there is more than one code listed for the manufacturer of your TV, try them one by one until you succeed.
  • Page 26: Basic Operations

    Basic operations In the following description, the buttons on the remote control unit are mainly used, however, you may use the English corresponding buttons on the front panel of the unit if available. Turning on/off the unit Press DVD STANDBY/ON on the remote control unit or press STANDBY/ON on the front panel.
  • Page 27: Basic Playback

    Basic operations NOTES • The unit can playback DVD VIDEO, Audio CD, and Video CD discs only. Do not load non-playable disc. For details about play- able and non-playable disc types, see page 12. • When loading a disc in the tray, be sure to position the disc inside the recess. Otherwise, the disc may be damaged when the tray is closed, or the disc may not be removed from the unit.
  • Page 28: To Stop Playback Completely

    Basic operations English To stop playback completely Press 7. The unit stops playback. • If you press 0 (OPEN/CLOSE) during playback, the unit stops playback and opens the tray. To stop playback temporarily Press 8. The unit pauses playback. To resume playback, press 3. To advance or reverse playback rapidly while monitoring ¶...
  • Page 29: Resuming Playback

    Basic operations Resuming playback The unit can memorize the position on a disc where you interrupt playback, and resume playback from that position later 3. To memorize the interrupted position Set the “RESUME” setting on the “SYSTEM” page of the preference display to “ON”. (See page 46 for details about how to set.) At the position you want to interrupt playback, press 7, or press DVD STANDBY/ON on the remote...
  • Page 30: Advanced Operations

    Advanced operations Use CURSOR 5/∞/2/3 to select a desired English When controlling the unit using the item, then press ENTER. CURSOR 5/∞/2/3, TV/VIDEO - CANCEL or numeric buttons, make The unit starts playback of the selected item. sure that the TV - DVD switch is set to “DVD”...
  • Page 31: To Locate A Desired Selection Using The Numeric Buttons

    Advanced operations Use the numeric buttons to select the desired The unit starts playback from the beginning of the selection. number of the item. • See page 11 for details about how to use the • See page 11 for details about how to use the numeric buttons.
  • Page 32: To Locate A Desired Scene By Specifying The Chapter Number []

    Advanced operations English To locate a desired scene by specifying NOTES • You can also locate a desired chapter directly by the chapter number [CHAP.SEARCH] specifying the chapter number using the numeric buttons during playback (except when a menu is shown).
  • Page 33: To Locate A Desired Scene From The Display [Digest]

    Advanced operations Use the numeric buttons (0 to 9) to enter the NOTES time. • When appears on the TV screen in step 2: You can specify the elapsed time of the current title The time you have selected is not available on the disc, or track to set the location which you want to or the time search function does not work with the disc.
  • Page 34: Special Picture Playback

    Advanced operations Use CURSOR 5/∞/2/3 to select the desired English Special picture playback scene. The selected scene is indicated by The unit provides special picture playback functions If there are more than 9 scenes, the digest screen including Frame-by-frame, Strobe, Slow-motion and Zoom. will have more than one page.
  • Page 35: To Playback In Slow-Motion [Slow]

    Advanced operations To zoom a scene [ZOOM] • Pressing 8 when the nine still pictures is shown will advance to the next nine still pictures. • Pressing 3 when the nine still pictures is shown will advance pictures in normal playback speed. STANDBY/ON OPEN /CLOSE...
  • Page 36: Changing The Playback Order

    Advanced operations Specify selections in the desired order using English Changing the playback the numeric buttons. See page 11 for details about how to use the order numeric buttons. Up to 18 titles or tracks can be programmed. You may select the same title or track more than once. You can play titles or tracks in the desired order or in random order.
  • Page 37: To Playback In Random Order [Random]

    Advanced operations To playback in random order Repeat playback [RANDOM] You can repeat playback of the current selection or all disc You can play titles or tracks in random order by using the contents (except DVD VIDEO). You can also repeat playback Random function.
  • Page 38: To Repeat A Desired Part [A-B Repeat]

    Advanced operations • During Audio CD/Video CD playback English NOTES • Some DVD VIDEO discs do not allow the title repeat or/ (for Audio CD) (for Video CD) and chapter repeat. VCD CONTROL CD CONTROL • Some DVD VIDEO discs automatically stops playback in REPEAT A-B REPEAT TIME SEARCH PBC CALL REPEAT A-B REPEAT TIME SEARCH the middle of the disc.
  • Page 39: Selecting A Scene Angle Of Dvd Video

    Advanced operations Press ENTER at the end of the part you want Selecting a scene angle of to repeat (point B). The unit locates “A” and starts repeat playback DVD VIDEO between “A” and “B.” In the A-B repeat mode, “A-B” illuminates in the display window.
  • Page 40: To Select A Scene Angle From The Angle List Display [Angle]

    Advanced operations English To select a scene angle from the angle Changing the language and list display [ANGLE] sound For DVD VIDEO discs, you can select the subtitle language, as well as the audio language/sound included on a disc. STANDBY/ON OPEN /CLOSE For Video CD discs, you can select the audio channel(s).
  • Page 41: To Change The Audio Language Or Sound [Audio]

    Advanced operations • For Video CD NOTES Each time you press Example: • For DVD VIDEO, the selected language may be abbreviated AUDIO or CURSOR 2/3, on the TV screen. See “Appendix A: Table of languages and STEREO the playback audio their abbreviations”...
  • Page 42: Miscellaneous Functions

    Advanced operations English To simulate surround sound Miscellaneous functions [3D PHONIC] To select the picture character Using the 3D Phonic function, you can get a simulated [THEATER POSITION] surround effect from your stereo system. You can select the picture character from among four STANDBY/ON OPEN /CLOSE...
  • Page 43: To View The Disc/Time Information

    Advanced operations • THEATER To view the disc/time information You can enjoy sound effects like in a major theater in Hollywood. When you play a DVD VIDEO disc recorded in Dolby You can view the disc/time information on the TV screen. Digital which contains more than 3 channels, ACTION is not available.
  • Page 44: To View The Dvd Function Status

    Advanced operations English To view the DVD function status Dimming the brightness of the display window You can view the DVD function status on the TV screen. You can select the brightness of the display window. STANDBY/ON OPEN /CLOSE PLAY TV/VIDEO MODE PHONIC...
  • Page 45: Initial Settings

    Initial settings Move to select the item you want to set by Selecting preferences using CURSOR 5/∞ LANGUAGE AUDIO DISPLAY SYSTEM You can set various preferences for playback via the ENGLISH MENU LANGUAGE preference displays. AUDIO LANGUAGE ENGLISH SUBTITLE ENGLISH ENGLISH ON SCREEN LANGUAGE How to set preferences...
  • Page 46: Audio Page

    Initial settings AUDIO LANGUAGE ON SCREEN LANGUAGE English You can select the default audio language to be played if You can select the on-screen display language to be it is contained on the disc. displayed. Each time you press Each time you press LANGUAGE AUDIO DISPLAY...
  • Page 47: Down Mix

    Initial settings The following chart shows the relationship between • Lt/Rt types of playback discs and output signals. Select this option when you enjoy multichannel surround audio by connecting the unit’s AUDIO output (normally, the DIGITAL output) to a surround decoder. Output •...
  • Page 48: Display Page

    Initial settings SPEAKER SETTING English DISPLAY page Select the speaker setting option. Normally, simply LANGUAGE AUDIO DISPLAY SYSTEM MONITOR TYPE select “5.1 CHANNEL” or STREAM / PCM DIGITAL AUDIO OUTPUT Lo / Ro DOWN MIX “2 CHANNEL” according to COMPRESSION You can select the monitor 5.1 CHANNEL SPEAKER SETTING...
  • Page 49: System Page

    Initial settings SYSTEM page NOTES • The monitor screen of a projector or projection TV is easily burned out if the screen saver mode is set to OFF AUTO STANDBY and a static picture is displayed for a long time. When the unit is stopped for •...
  • Page 50: Expert Speaker Setting (Available Only When "Expert" Is Selected For Speaker Setting)

    Initial settings Press ENTER. English EXPERT SPEAKER SETTING The left and right allows of the selected item are highlighted, showing that you can now edit the (available only when “EXPERT” is item. selected for SPEAKER SETTING) Select the option by using CURSOR 2/3. Press ENTER.
  • Page 51: Test Tone

    Initial settings R.SPK (Rear speaker) settings TEST TONE You can check the level EXPERT SPEAKER SETTING • SIZE setting by monitoring the SIZE LEVEL DELAY Selects the rear speaker F.SPK Large EXPERT SPEAKER SETTING test tone. C.SPK Small 0 dB 0 ms SIZE LEVEL...
  • Page 52: Example: Making Speaker Settings According To Speaker And Room Conditions

    Initial settings English Example: Making speaker settings according to speaker and room conditions The following shows an example of how to make speaker settings according to speaker and room conditions. We assume the surround system with the following speaker conditions. •...
  • Page 53: Fine Tuning Of Each Speaker Type

    Initial settings Fine tuning of each speaker type ¶ While the EXPERT SPEAKER SETTING display is Press ENTER. shown after completing the basic speaker settings The output level of the rear speakers is set. Tuning the center speaker Move to [DELAY] of [R.SPK] using CURSOR 2/3 and press ENTER.
  • Page 54: Limiting Playback By Children

    Initial settings While points [Set Level], use CURSOR English Limiting playback by 2/3 to select the parental lock level. children PARENTAL LOCK Country Coce Set Level - - - - PASSWORD This function restricts playback of DVD VIDEO discs which contain violent (and other) scenes according to the EXIT level set by the user.
  • Page 55: To Change The Settings [Parental Lock]

    Initial settings To change the set level, use CURSOR 2/3 to To change the settings select the desired level while points [Set [PARENTAL LOCK] Level], and then press ENTER. moves to [PASSWORD]. You can change the Parental Lock settings later. Enter the password using the numeric buttons (0 to 9) and press ENTER.
  • Page 56: To Temporarily Release The Parental Lock [Parental Lock]

    Initial settings English To temporarily release the Parental Lock [PARENTAL LOCK] When you set the parental level strictly, some discs may not be played back at all. When you insert such a disc and try to play it, the following Parental Lock on-screen display appears on the TV screen, asking you whether you want the Parental Lock to be temporarily released or not.
  • Page 57: Additional Information

    Additional information Care and handling of discs How to handle discs When handling a disc, do not touch the surface of the disc. Since discs are made of plastic, they are easily damaged. If a disc gets dirty, dusty, scratched or warped, the images and sound will not be picked up correctly, and such a disc may cause the player to malfunction.
  • Page 58: Troubleshooting

    Additional information English Troubleshooting What appears to be a malfunction may not always be serious. Please go through the following list before requesting service. Symptom Possible case Remedy Power does not come on. Power plug is not inserted securely. Plug in securely. Too far from the unit.
  • Page 59: Specifications

    Additional information Specifications General Readable discs: DVD VIDEO, Audio CD, Video CD Video format: Other Power requirements: AC 230 V , 50 Hz Power consumption: 16 W (POWER ON), 2.7 W (STANDBY mode) Mass: 2.6 kg Dimensions (W x H x D): 435 mm x 73 mm x 267.5 mm Video outputs 1.0 Vp-p (75 Ω)
  • Page 60: Country Code List For Parental Lock

    Additional information English Appendix B:Country code list for Parental Lock This list is used for the Parental Lock operation. For details, see page 51. Spain Lebanon Saudi Arabia Andorra Ethiopia Solomon Islands United Arab Emirates Saint Lucia Finland Seychelles Afghanistan Liechtenstein Fiji Sudan...
  • Page 61 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS “SOME DOS AND DON’TS ON THE SAFE USE OF EQUIPMENT” This equipment has been designed and manufactured to meet international safety standards but, like any electrical equipment, care must be taken if you are to obtain the best results and safety is to be assured.

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