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JVC XV-S300BK Service Manual

JVC XV-S300BK Service Manual

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XV-S300BK / XV-S332SL
XV-S402SL / XV-S403SG
Each difference point
Body color
For except XV-S300BK
(For XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG Only)
This illustration is XV-S402SL
Optical digital out
UJ ------------ U.S.A.Militaly
A ------------------- Australia
UB -------------- Hong Kong
UG --- Turkey,South Africa,
UP --------------------- Korea
US --------------- Singapore
UT -------------------- Taiwan
UW --- Brazil,Mexico,Peru
UX ------------ Saudi Arabia
Multi-Brand remote
(Remote controller)
Area Suffix
Jun. 2002


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for JVC XV-S300BK

  • Page 1 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG SERVICE MANUAL DVD VIDEO PLAYER XV-S300BK / XV-S332SL XV-S402SL / XV-S403SG Area Suffix UJ ------------ U.S.A.Militaly A ------------------- Australia UB -------------- Hong Kong UG --- Turkey,South Africa, STANDBY/ON OPEN/ Egypt CLOSE UP --------------------- Korea MUTING US --------------- Singapore...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG TABLE OF CONTENTS Important Safety Precautions ............. 3 Safety Precautions .
  • Page 3: Important Safety Precautions

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG SECTION 1 Important Safety Precautions 1.1 Safety Precautions (1) This design of this product contains special hardware and Measure the AC voltage across the resistor with the AC many circuits and components specially for safety purposes. voltmeter. For continued protection, no changes should be made to the...
  • Page 4: Preventing Static Electricity

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 1.5 Preventing static electricity Electrostatic discharge (ESD), which occurs when static electricity stored in the body, fabric, etc. is discharged, can destroy the laser diode in the traverse unit (optical pickup). Take care to prevent this when performing repairs.
  • Page 5: Importance Admistering Point On The Safety

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 1.7 Important for laser products (1) CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT (5) CAUTION : If safety switches malfunction, the laser is able (2) DANGER : Invisible laser radiation when open and inter to function. lock failed or defeated. Avoid direct exposure to beam.
  • Page 6: Precautions For Service

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 1.8 Precautions for Service 1.8.1 Handling of Traverse Unit and Laser Pickup (1) Do not touch any peripheral element of the pickup or the actuator. (2) The traverse unit and the pickup are precision devices and therefore must not be subjected to strong shock.
  • Page 7: Disassembly Method

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG SECTION 2 Disassembly method There is a part different from the photograph according to the model and the destination though explains this disassembly method by using XV-S403SG for Australia. 2.1 Main body 2.1.1 Removing the top cover (see Fig.2-1) (1) Remove the two screws A attaching the top cover on both sides of the body.
  • Page 8 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 2.1.4 Removing the rear panel (see Fig.2-5) • Prior to performing the following procedure, remove Rear panel the top cover. (1) Remove the seven screws D attaching the rear panel on the back of the body. • As for the screw D, the number and the position are dif- ferent according to the destination and model.
  • Page 9: Loading Assembly Section

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 2.2 Loading assembly section 2.2.1 Removing the clamper assembly (See Fig.2-9) (1) Remove the four screws A attaching the clamper assem- Joint a Joint a bly. (2) Move the clamper in the direction of the arrow to release the two joints a on both sides.
  • Page 10 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 2.2.3 Removing the traverse mechanism assembly (See Fig.2-12 and 2-13) • Prior to performing the following procedure, remove the clamper assembly and the tray. (1) Remove the four screws B attaching the traverse mecha- Traverse mechanism nism assembly. assembly...
  • Page 11 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 2.2.5 Removing the motor assembly (See Fig.2-15 and 2-16) • Prior to performing the following procedure, remove the clamper assembly, the tray, the traverse mechanism assem- bly and the elevator. Belt (1) Remove the belt from the pulley. (2) Remove the screw C attaching the motor assembly.
  • Page 12 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG Pulley gear Idle gear Pulley gear bracket Pulley gear Idle gear Pulley gear bracket Tads h Pulley gear Motor assembly Fig.2-17 2.2.6 Removing the Idle gear/pully gear/middle gear/ slide cam(See Fig.2-17 to 2-19) • Prior to performing the followong procedure,remove...
  • Page 13: Traverse Mechanism Assembly Section

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 2.3 Traverse mechanism assembly section 2.3.1 Removing the feed motor assembly (See Fig.2-20) (1) Unsolder the two soldering j on the spindle motor board. Feed motor assembly (2) Remove the two screws F attaching the feed motor assembly. Pickup...
  • Page 14 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 2.3.3 Removing the pickup (See Fig.2-24 and 2-25) Pickup (1) Remove the screw I attaching the T spring (S) and the Joint n shaft holder. Remove also the plate. Shaft holder ATTENTION: When reattaching,make sure that the T spring(S)presses the shaft.
  • Page 15 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 2.3.5 Removing the spindle motor assembly Spindle motor (See Fig.2-27 to 2-29) (1) Remove the three screws L attaching the spindle motor on the bottom of the mechanism base. ATTENTION: When reattaching, pass the card wire extending from the spindle motor board through the notch of the spin- dle base.
  • Page 16: Adjustment Method

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG SECTION 3 Adjustment method 3.1 Initialization method If microprocessor (IC401,IC402,IC451) or pick-up is replaces, initialize the DVD player in the following matter (1) Take out the disc and close the tray. (2) Unplug the power plug. (3) Insert power plug into outlet while pressing both "PLAY" button and "OPEN/CLOSE" button.
  • Page 17 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 3.2.2 For Jitter value The jitter value is displayed on the FL display referring to the previous page. The jitter value is displayed by the hexadecimal number. In the following cases, please "Flap adjustment of the pick-up guide shaft" referring to the following page.
  • Page 18: Flap Adjustment Of The Pick-Up Guide Shaft

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 3.3 Flap adjustment of the pick-up guide shaft 3.3.1 Tool list for adjustment • Hex wrench for adjustment Off-the-shelf (1.3mm) • Test disc VT-501 or VT-502 • Stud (four pieces set) Parts No. : JIGXVS40 (One is not used though there are four. ) Fig.3-4...
  • Page 19 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 3.3.3 Adjustment preparation (1) The mechanism assembly is made in the state from the main body from which is detached referring to the disassembly method. (2) Three studs are installed in the mechanism assembly respectively. (3) The servo control board is removed from the mechanism assembly, and puts into the state set up as shown in figure. (Each wire connected by the servo control board this time leaves the connection maintained.)
  • Page 20: Attention When Pick-Up Is Exchanged

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 3.4 Attention when pick-up is exchanged (1) Flexible wire, pick-up spring, switch actuator, and lead spring are removed from an old pick-up(broken the one). Switch actuator < Guide > Lead spring Flexible wire, pick-up spring and switch actuator, lead spring are removed without each decomposing while assembled.
  • Page 21: Confirm Method Of Operation

    The EEPROM is initialized. Refer to the initialization method. Opening picture check (Power ON) It should be display "JVC" Muting working The noise must not be had to the performance beginning when you push "PLAY" button or at ON/STANDBY. FL Display The mark and the logo, etc.
  • Page 22: Troubleshooting

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 3.6 Troubleshooting 3.6.1 Servo volume Press OPEN /CLOSE key Is tray Confirmation of tray drive circuit operation and circuit in surrounding correct? Is the traverse moving See "(3) Traverse movement error" along the innermost in "Check points for individual errors"...
  • Page 23: Check Points For Each Error

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 3.7 Check points for each error 3.7.1 Spindle start error (1) Defective spindle motor • Are there several ohms resistance between each pin of CN201 "5-6","6-7","5-7"? (The power supply is turned off and measured.) • Is the sign wave of about 100mVp-p in the voltage had from each terminal? [ CN201"9"(H1-),"10"(H1+),"11"(H2-),"12"(H2+),"13"(H3-),"14"(H3+) ]...
  • Page 24 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 3.7.3 Traverse movement NG (1) Defective traverse driver • Has the voltage come between terminal of CN101 "1" and "2" ? (2) Defective BTL driver (IC201) • Has the motor drive voltage gone out to IC201"17" or "18"? (3) Has the control signal come from servo IC or the microcomputer? •...
  • Page 25 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 3.7.9 Neither picture nor sound is output (1) It is not possible to search • Has the tracking been turned on? • To "(5) Tracking ON NG" in "Check points for each error" when the tracking is not normal.
  • Page 26: Description Of Major Ics

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG SECTION 4 Description of major ICs 4.1 74VHC00MTC-X (IC455,IC503) : 2-input nand gate 4.1.1 Pin layout 4.1.2 Truth table L : High impedance (TOP VIEW) 4.2 74VHC74MTC-X (IC454) : ZIVA Wait 4.2.1 Terminal layout 4.2.2 .Trouth table Input Output...
  • Page 27: An8703Fh-V (Ic101) : Frontend Processor

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 4.3 AN8703FH-V (IC101) : Frontend processor 4.3.1 Pin layout 4.3.2 Pin function Pin No. Symbol Description Pin No. Symbol Description LPC1 I Laser input terminal (DVD) RFDIFO - Non connect LPC01 O Laser drive signal output terminal (DVD) RFOUT...
  • Page 28: Ba5983Fm-X (Ic201) : 4Ch Driver

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 4.4 BA5983FM-X (IC201) : 4CH Driver 4.4.1 Block diagram STAND BY Level Shift Level Shift Level Shift Level Shift STAND BY CH1/2/3 4.4.2 Pin function Pin No. Symbol Description Pin No. Symbol Description BIAS IN Input for Bias-amplifier VO4(-)
  • Page 29: Ba6664Fm-X (Ic251) : 3Phase Motor Driver

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 4.6 BA6664FM-X (IC251) : 3Phase Motor Driver 4.6.1 Pin layout 4.6.2 Block diagram DRIVER GAIN SWITCH GAIN CONTROL CURRENT SENSE AMP HALL AMP TOROUE SENSE AMP SHORT BRAKE CK Q BRAKE MODE Hall Bias...
  • Page 30: 74Vhct08Asj-X (Ic704) : 2-Input And Gate

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 4.6.3 Pin function Pin No. Symbol Description Non connect Output 3 for spindle motor Non connect Output 2 for spindle motor Non connect Non connect Output 1 for spindle motor Connect to ground Positive input for hall input AMP 1...
  • Page 31: K3N5V1000F-J001 (Ic402) :P2 Rom Of 1,048,576Word X 16 Bit / 2,097,152 Word X 8 Bit

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 4.8 K3N5V1000F-J001 (IC402) :P2 ROM of 1,048,576word x 16 bit / 2,097,152 word x 8 bit 4.8.1 Pin layout 4.8.2 Block diagram x 8 / x 16 Output select BYTE Memory Cell Matrix 1,048,576 x 16-Bit or 2,097,152 x 8-Bit...
  • Page 32: K4S641632F-Tc75 (Ic504) :Cmos Sdram

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 4.9 K4S641632F-TC75 (IC504) :CMOS SDRAM 4.9.1 Pin layout 4.9.2 Block diagram Data input register LDQM Bank select 1M x 16 1M x 16 1M x 16 1M x 16 Column decoder Latency & Burst length LCKE Programming register LDQM...
  • Page 33: Mn101C35Dld (Ic701) : System Controller

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 4.10MN101C35DLD (IC701) : System controller 4.10.1 Pin function Pin No. Symbol Description DDATA DAC control data DACOCS DAC control chip select DCLK DAC control clock MUTE1 Muting signal to IC601 VIDEO SW Component / S-Video switch input MODE 1,2...
  • Page 34: Mn102L62Glh (Ic401) : Unit Cpu

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 4.11MN102L62GLH (IC401) : Unit CPU 4.11.1 Pin function Pin No. Symbol Function Pin No. Symbol Function WAIT Micon wait signal input Connect to TP406 Read enable Connect to TP405 SPMUTE Spindle muting output to IC251 P85/TM5IO Connect to TP404...
  • Page 35: Mn103S28Ega (Ic301) : Super Optical Disc Controller

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 4.12MN103S28EGA (IC301) : Super optical disc controller 4.12.1 Terminal layout 4.12.2 Block diagram Host I/F DVD-ROM Analog MPEG I/F Formatter CD-PRE ATAPI High speed IO bus Instruction Servo I/O CGEN memory (core 1 I/O) (40KB) 32 bit CPU core...
  • Page 36 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 4.12.4 Pin function (MN103S28EGA : 2/4) Pin No. Symbol Description Read signal input from system controller 37~44 CPUDT7~0 System control data CLKOUT1 Non connect MMOD Test mode switch signal NRST System reset MSTPOL Master terminal polarity switch input SCLOCK...
  • Page 37 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 4.12.5 Pin function (MN103S28EGA : 3/4) Pin No. Symbol Description PLFLT1 Connect to capacitor 1 for PLL AVSS Connect to ground for analog circuit Connect to resistor for VREF reference current source VREFH Reference voltage input (2.2V) PLPG Non connect VHALF Reference voltage input (1.65V)
  • Page 38: Mm1565Af-X (Ic951) / Mm1563Df-X (Ic953) : 500Ma Regulator

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 4.12.6 Pin function (MN103S28EGA : 4/4) Pin No. Symbol Description Connect to ground VDD3 Power supply terminal for I/O (3.3V) HDD1 ATAPI host data 1 HDD13 ATAPI host data 13 HDD2 ATAPI host data 2 HDD12 ATAPI host data 12...
  • Page 39: Mn35505-X (Ic703) : Dac

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 4.14MN35505-X (IC703) : DAC 4.14.1 Terminal layout LRCK DVDD1 DVDD2 VCOF DVSS2 XOUT DVSS1 OUT1C OUT2C AVDD1 AVDD2 OUT1D OUT2D AVSS1 AVSS2 4.14.2 Pin function Pin No. Symbol Description Control signal for DAC Digital data input LRCK L and R clock for DAC...
  • Page 40: S-93C66Afj-X (Ic451) : Eeprom

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 4.15S-93C66AFJ-X (IC451) : EEPROM 4.15.2 Pin function 4.15.1 Pin layout Pin No. Symbol Description Non connect Power supply terminal Chip select input Serial clock input Serial data input Serial data output Connect to ground Non connect 4.15.3 Block diagram...
  • Page 41: Ziva-4.1-Pb0 (Ic501) : Back End - Digital Decoder

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 4.17ZIVA-4.1-PB0 (IC501) : Back end - Digital decoder 4.17.1 Terminal layout 4.17.2 Pin function (1/5) Pin No. Symbol Description Read strobe input Read/write strobe input VDD_3.3 Power supply terminal 3.3V WAIT Transfer not complete / data acknowledge. Active LOW to indicate host initiated transfer is complete.
  • Page 42 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 4.17.3 Pin function (ZIVA-4.1-PB0 : 2/5) Pin No. Symbol Description Connect to ground Non connect Non connect Non connect Non connect Non connect PIO0 I/O Programmable I/O terminal Connect to ground VDD_3.3 Power supply terminal 3.3V PIO1 I/O Programmable I/O terminal...
  • Page 43 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 4.17.4 Pin function (ZIVA-4.1-PB0 : 3/5) Pin No. Symbol Description MADDR6 SDRAM address MADDR5 SDRAM address VDD_2.5 Power supply terminal 2.5V Connect to ground MADDR4 SDRAM address SDRAM write enable SD-CAS Active LOW SDRAM column address VDD_3.3 Power supply terminal 3.3V...
  • Page 44 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 4.17.5 Pin function (ZIVA-4.1-PB0 : 4/5) Pin No. Symbol Description Connect to ground Non connect VSS_DAC Connect to ground for analog video DAC VSS_VIDEO Connect to ground for analog video CVBS DAC video output format : CVBS. Macrovision encoded...
  • Page 45 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG 4.17.6 Pin function (ZIVA-4.1-PB0 : 5/5) Pin No. Symbol Description DVD-DATA7/CDG-SCLK DVD parallel compressed data from DVD DSP. or CD-G clock indicating sub code data clock input or output VDACK In synchronous mode, bit stream data acknowledge. Asserted when DVD data is valid.
  • Page 46 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG VICTOR COMPANY OF JAPAN, LIMITED PERSONAL & MOBILE NETWORK BUSINESS UNIT 1644, Shimotsuruma, Yamato, Kanagawa 242-8514, Japan 200206 No.A0030...
  • Page 47 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG In regard with component parts appearing on the silk-screen printed side (parts side) of the PWB diagrams, the parts that are printed over with black such as the resistor ( diode ( ) and ICP ( ) or identified by the " " mark nearby are critical for safety.
  • Page 48: Block Diagrams

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG Block diagrams DVD Servo control & AV decoder section (SHEET 5,6) CN502 CN503 WAITDEC DRVMUTE CN101 CN201 CN202...
  • Page 49 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG System control & audio output section (SHEET 4) RESET IC702 J702 POWERSW STANDBYIND AV Compulink TO FW801 AV COMPULINK SHEET 2 Q709 RESET AVCO AVCI AIN0 AIN1 REMO SYSTEM OSC1,2 CONTROLLER X701(8MHz) TO FW802 IC701 +12V SHEET 2 TO SHEET 1...
  • Page 50 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG DC Regulator section (SHEET 1) CN961...
  • Page 52 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG <MEMO>...
  • Page 53 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG Standard schematic diagrams Power supply section T901 Q951 CP951 QQS0149-001 KTD863/Y/-T EP952 ICP-N10-T R956 D901 S1WB/A/60-4101 C904 R952 C908 D951 F1T4-T2 C960 C961 R901 0.0033/1K 82/10 D960 L901 MTZJ4.7B-T2 QQR1105-001 F901 C909 D908 C907 R953 -VDISP TO SHEET 2...
  • Page 54 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG FL Display & operation switch section TO CN702 SHEET 4 TO CN703 SHEET 4 FW802 QUM125-09DGZ4 FW801 QUM123-11DGZ4 IC801 GP1UD271XK S831 C802 C801 S832 47/10 S833 S834 S821 S835 B3.3V TO SHEET 1 S1-S24.1G-13G TO SHEET 4 C821 4.7/50...
  • Page 55 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG Audio / video signal output section J604 QNZ0499-001 R662 R663 R665 R664 2.2k 9.1k Q694 KRC102S-X IC601 MM1566BFBE-W J601 R609 C660 C658 220/16 C650 C661 470/6.3 1U/50V C657 C651 100/6.3 C/R/V C985 1U/50V C656 R619 C662 C666 220/16 22/16...
  • Page 56 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG System control & audio signal DAC section EP711 C704 100P R1713 DA_BCK J702 R708 L709 DA_LRCK QNS0089-001 L710 R707 DA-DATA1 100p C713 SW0PEN IC703 SWUPDN MN35505-X TO CN503 R797 SHEET 6 Q791 KRA102S-X D791 1SS133-T2 BUSY DDATA DCLK S2UDT...
  • Page 57 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG DVD Servo control section K301 K302 K303 D1.8V K304 R341 5.6K DGND CN101 QGF0522F1-30W ODCIRQ2 R318 C144 ODCIRQ 0.01/16 R319 T2CD C113 TP309 C145 22/6.3 F2CD C347 TP308 0.1/16 ADSCIRQ TP307 T1CD C141 TP306 0.1/16 HDTYPE C310 0.1/16 F1CD...
  • Page 58 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG AV Decoder section R574 X571 NAX0550-001X DGND TP505 R571 DGND SGND K502 0.1/16 NQR0007-002X C534 0.1/16 100/4 K501 TO CN961 NQR0007-002X 0.1/16 DGND 0.1/16 SHEET 1 D501 0.1/16 1SR154-400-X CN502 MGND DGND SGND QGB2027L1-10X R552 C527 K506 0.1/16 NQR0007-002X C531 0.1/16...
  • Page 59 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG Printed circuit boards Main board J703 J604 S692 C1701 P901 J691 S691 L710 C1750 B7029 B7028 B7030 L709 D702 B7034 B7309 B7026 Q754 C694 B7031 C738 B5532 B5540 K712 B7308 K711 C737 B7307 B7124 C746 L1701 D641 B7306 D640...
  • Page 60 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG DVD Servo control board (Forward side) (Reverse side) C203 R222 TP80 R210 TP82 R212 TP84 CN502 C252 C216 IC251 R221 TP81 TP83 TP85 C333 TP86 C201 TP87 C304 R337 R336 K301 R220 C308 C329 C321 C259 C258 C257 C332...
  • Page 61 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG Loading motor board 2-15...
  • Page 62: Parts List

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG PARTS LIST [XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL] [XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG] * All printed circuit boards and its assemblies are not available as service parts. Area Suffix UJ ------------ U.S.A.Militaly A ------------------- Australia UB -------------- Hong Kong UG --- Turkey,South Sfrica, Egypt UP --------------------- Korea US --------------- Singapore...
  • Page 63: Xv-S300Bk/Xv-S332Sl/Xv-S402Sl/Xv-S403Sg

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG Exploded view of general assembly and parts list Block No. M 28 BACK SIDE Grease UD-24H2R 27 BACK SIDE ONLY FOR XV-S300BK XV-S332SL...
  • Page 64 GN10017-008A FRONT PANEL XV-S332SL GN10018-003A FRONT PANEL XV-S402SL GN10018-015A FRONT PANEL XV-S403SG GN40006-001A JVC MARK XV-S300BK GN40006-002A JVC MARK except XV-S300BK GN40017-001A FELT SPACER FRONT FOOT XV-S402SL/S403SG GN20009-001A WINDOW SCREEN XV-S300BK/S332SL GN20010-002A WINDOW SCREEN XV-S402SL GN20010-003A WINDOW SCREEN XV-S403SG LE30900-001A...
  • Page 65 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG Parts list (General assembly) Block No. M1MM Area Item PartsNo Parts name Q'ty Description GN20018-081A REAR PANEL XV-S332SL UB,US GN20018-082A REAR PANEL XV-S332SL UT GN20018-083A REAR PANEL XV-S332SL UW GN20018-085A REAR PANEL XV-S332SL A GN20018-086A REAR PANEL XV-S332SL UG...
  • Page 66: Dvd Traverse Mechanism Assembly And Parts List

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG DVD Traverse mechanism assembly and parts list Block No. M Grease EBS0006-013B PG-641 CFD-4007ZY2 12.0mm 0.2mm 65.2mm...
  • Page 67 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG Parts list (DVD Traverse mechanism assembly) Block No. M2MM Item Parts number Parts name Q'ty Description Area LE20520-002A MECHA BASE LE20516-001A SPINDLE BASE QYSDST2605M TAPPING SCREW LE30909-001A HOLDER QAR0165-001 FEED MOTOR LV41510-001A FEED GEAR QYSPSPU2040M SCREW LV41512-001A FEED GEAR...
  • Page 68: Dvd Loading Mechanism Assembly And Parts List

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG DVD Loading mechanism assembly and parts list Block No. M Grease UD-24H2 EM-30L CFD-4007ZY2...
  • Page 69: Electrical Parts List

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG Parts list (DVD Loading mechanism assembly) Block No. M3MM Item Description Parts number Parts name Q'ty Area LV10454-007A LOADING BASE QAR0164-001 MOTOR LV42087-001A MOTOR PULLEY QYSPSPU1730Z SCREW VKZ4777-003 MINI SCREW LV42209-001A BELT LV42084-002A PULLEYGEAR LV42085-002A MIDDLE GEAR LV42086-001A IDLE GEAR...
  • Page 70 C 934 QEZ0528-108 E CAPACITOR C 668 NCS31HJ-271X C CAPACITOR C 935 QETN1AM-477Z E CAPACITOR C 691 NCS31HJ-101X C.CAPA. C.M except XV-S300BK C 938 NCB31HK-471X C CAPACITOR C 701 QETN1HM-105Z E CAPACITOR C 939 NCB31EK-104X C CAPACITOR C 702 NCB31CK-104X C.CAPA.
  • Page 71 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG Electrical parts list (Main board) Block No. 01 A Item PartsNo Item PartsNo PartsName Remarks Area PartsName Remarks Area C1702 QETN1EM-475Z E CAPACITOR K708 NQR0227-004X F.BEADS C.M C1703 NCS31HJ-151X C CAPACITOR K709 NQR0227-004X F.BEADS C.M C1704 NCS31HJ-331X C.CAPA. C.M...
  • Page 72 RES. C.M R 777 NRSA63J-101X RES. C.M R1776 NRSA63J-0R0X RES. C.M XV-S402SL/S403SG R 778 NRSA63J-103X RES. C.M S691 QSW0454-001 except XV-S300BK R 782 NRSA63J-221X MG.RES C.M S692 QSW0454-001 R 783 NRSA63J-221X MG.RES C.M S801 QSW0651-001Z TACT SWITCH R 786 NRSA63J-333X RES.I.M...
  • Page 73 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG Electrical parts list (Servo control board) Block No. 02 Item Parts Number Parts Name Remarks Area Item Parts Number Parts Name Remarks Area NCB31CK-104X C.CAPA. C.M C263 NCB31CK-104X C.CAPA. C.M NCB31CK-104X C.CAPA. C.M C264 NCB31CK-103X C.CAPA. C.M NCB31CK-104X C.CAPA. C.M...
  • Page 74 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG Electrical parts list (Servo control board) Block No. 02 Item Parts Number Parts Name Remarks Area Item Parts Number Parts Name Remarks Area C502 NCB31CK-104X C.CAPA. C.M IC501 ZIVA-4.1-PB0 C503 NCB31CK-104X C.CAPA. C.M IC503 74VHC00MTC-X C504 NCB31CK-104X C.CAPA. C.M...
  • Page 75 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG Electrical parts list (Servo control board) Block No. 02 Item Parts Number Parts Name Remarks Area Item Parts Number Parts Name Remarks Area R208 NRSA63J-223X RES. C.M R411 NRSA63J-472X RES. C.M R209 NRSA63J-223X RES. C.M R413 NRSA63J-472X RES. C.M...
  • Page 76 XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG Electrical parts list (Servo control board) Block No. 02 Item Parts Number Parts Name Remarks Area Extention of area column 1: XV-S300BK UJ 13: XV-S402SL US R577 NRSA63J-470X MG.RES C.M 2: XV-S332SL A 14: XV-S402SL UT X571 NAX0550-001X CRYSTAL...
  • Page 77: Packing Materials And Accessories Parts List

    XV-S300BK/XV-S332SL/XV-S402SL/XV-S403SG Packing materials and accessories parts list Block No. M4MM Block No. M5MM Accessories Only version A,UB Only version A,UB Only XV-S300BK Except XV-S300BK 3-16...
  • Page 78 A 15 BT-56002-2 SVC CENTER LIST 2,10 A 16 GN30014-004A UB SHEET A 17 GN30014-005A UB SHEET Extention of area column 1: XV-S300BK UJ 7:XV-S332SL UT 13: XV-S402SL US 2: XV-S332SL A 8:XV-S332SL UW 14: XV-S402SL UT 3: XV-S332SL UB 9:XV-S332SL UX...

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