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GE 5100 Series Owner's Manual

Zoneline heat pump.
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Important Safety Information

Operating Instructions

The Controls on Your Zoneline
Care of Product

Installation Instructions

Important Electrical Safety
Adjustments and Auxiliary Controls
Helpful Information
Things That Are Normal
If Something Goes Wrong
Before You Call For Service
GE Service Numbers
GE Answer Center
GE Appliances
Zoneline Heat Pump Model
Owner's Manual
5100 Series


   Summary of Contents for GE 5100 Series

  • Page 1: Important Safety Information

    Zoneline Heat Pump Model 5100 Series Zoneline ® Owner’s Manual Important Safety Information Operating Instructions The Controls on Your Zoneline Care of Product Installation Instructions Important Electrical Safety Adjustments and Auxiliary Controls Helpful Information Things That Are Normal If Something Goes Wrong...
  • Page 2 Toll-free customer service Help us numbers are included in the back Read this manual. It contains of this manual. Or call the GE help you ® instructions to help you use and Answer Center at 800.626.2000,...
  • Page 3 IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION READ ALL SAFETY INFORMATION BEFORE USING • This Zoneline must be properly • Unplug or disconnect the installed in accordance with the Zoneline at the fuse box or Installation Instructions before it circuit breaker before making is used. any repairs.
  • Page 4 Operating Instructions TEMP MODE COOLER WARMER COOL FAN HEAT controls on your Zoneline CALL STOP/ON HIGH LOW AUTO Mode Control Temp Control COOL— For cooling The temp control is used to maintain the HEAT— For heating room temperature. The compressor will cycle FAN—...
  • Page 5: Ventilation Control

    Energy Tips Set the FAN at AUTO . It switches Keep the vent control at CLOSE . Adjust the air louvers as shown to The room air will be filtered and between low and high to adjust get the most hot or cool air into circulated.
  • Page 6 Operating Instructions Other Zoneline features About Your Heat Pump The electric heating elements use Heat pumps can save money by removing heat from the outside much more electricity than heat air—even when the outside pumps and cost more to operate. temperature is below freezing—...
  • Page 7 Fan Switch The fan switch 9 is located behind If you want the fan to cycle on the room cabinet. and off with the compressor or with the heater, move the switch Fan switch This switch is set at continuous fan to cycle fan (up).
  • Page 8 Zoneline should be checked regularly. If they are clogged with dirt or soot they may be profes- sionally steam cleaned, a service available through your GE service outlet. You will need to remove the chassis to inspect the coils Coils...
  • Page 9 Replacement filters are available from your salesperson, GE dealer, GE Service and Parts Center or authorized Customer Care® servicers.
  • Page 10 If the existing sub-base has a recep- • Any vertical deflectors in tacle or connector inside, remove the existing grille should be it. Using a GE power connection removed to decrease condenser kit, reconnect the unit wiring to air recirculation which can cause the building wiring via conduit.
  • Page 11 Important electrical safety—read carefully Important Notes • Follow the National Electrical CAUTION: Code (NEC) or local codes and Installer: Leave these • Do not use an extension cord with ordinances. instructions with the this unit. • For personal safety, this Zoneline air conditioner.
  • Page 12 Installation Instructions 230/208 Volt A power connection kit must be Electrical Supply used to supply power to the Zoneline unit. The appropriate kit is determined by the voltage, the T T a a n n d d e e m m 15 Amp.
  • Page 13 Power Connection Chart 230/208 Volt Universal Power Wall Plug Heater Wattage Cord Kits Configuration Circuit Protective Device @ 230/208 Volts RAK315 Tandem 15 Amp TD fuse or breaker 2.55/2.09 KW RAK320 Perpendicular 20 Amp TD fuse or breaker 3.45/2.82 KW RAK330* Large Tandem 30 Amp TD fuse or breaker...
  • Page 14 Installation Instructions Remove Shipping Tape Carefully remove shipping tape, 2 Remove the room cabinet by and Room Cabinet if there is any, from the room pulling it out at the bottom to cabinet and vent door. release it, then lift it up to clear the rail along the unit top.
  • Page 15 Low Voltage Connectors & Auxiliary Controls Boost Heat Option The Boost Heat Option increases If the Zoneline is controlled by the Zoneline air temperature by a wall thermostat, the Boost Heat adding electric heat to supplement Option provides ALL the heat the heat pump.
  • Page 16 10 to the ON (up) position (see illustration B at left). IMPORTANT: Connect the unit to a 6-wire Class 2 After the wire connections are Remote Thermostat (GE Model Low fan speed completed, replace the metal cover with Class 2 Class 2...
  • Page 17 Central Desk Control The Zoneline can be connected IMPORTANT: to a switch at the front desk that After the wire connections are allows you to turn the unit on or completed, replace the metal cover off without going to each unit. to prevent damage to the unit or personal injury.
  • Page 18 Installation Instructions Temperature Limiting Temperature limiting can reduce COOLING LIMITS energy costs by limiting the lowest Limit Switch Temp Range temperature that can be set on Up/On cooling and the highest tempera- NONE 62 to 85 ture that can be set on heating. 1 2 3 4 5 6 64 to 85 Temperature limiting is controlled...
  • Page 19 Helpful Information Things that are normal Noise Explanation You may hear a pinging or popping noise caused by water being P I N G ! POP! picked up and thrown against the condenser on rainy days or when the humidity is high. This design feature helps remove moisture and improve efficiency.
  • Page 20: Before You Call For Service

    If Something Goes Wrong Before you call for service Problem Possible Causes What to Do Zoneline • Make sure the Zoneline plug is The unit is unplugged Doesn’t Start pushed completely into the outlet. • Check the house fuse/circuit breaker The fuse is blown/circuit box and replace fuse or reset the breaker.
  • Page 21 Problem Possible Causes What to Do Burning Odor at the • This can cause a “burning” odor at the Dust is on the surface of Start of Heating beginning of the heating operation. This the heating element Operation odor should quickly fade. CALL SVC •...
  • Page 22 Notes...
  • Page 23 GE Service Numbers We’ll be there! GE Answer Center ® Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 800.626.2000 800-833-4322 On-Site Repair Service We provide expert repair service, Our factory-trained technicians scheduled at a time that’s know your air conditioner inside and 800-GE-CARES convenient for you.
  • Page 24 Attorney General. Warrantor: General Electric Company If further help is needed concerning this warranty, write: Manager—Consumer Affairs, GE Appliances, Louisville, KY 40225 Zoneline Pub. No. 49-7350...

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