RCA 25260 User Manual

RCA 25260 User Manual

2-line wireless desk phone with intercom


2-Line Wireless Desk
Phone with Intercom
V i S Y S
V i S Y S
User's Guide


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  • Page 1 2-Line Wireless Desk Phone with Intercom V i S Y S ™ V i S Y S User’s Guide 25260...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    -Transferring a call to another extension Wirelessly Connect Accessories -Receiving a transferred call from another extension -Adding 25055 or 25065 to 25260 -Ringer on/off and ringer volume -Adding 25260 to a Another RCA Phone -Speakerphone, handset and headset volume Programming the Phone -Hold -Standby Screen...
  • Page 6 Table of Contents Cont. Display Messages Handset Sound Signals -Backup battery operation Troubleshooting Guide -No Dial Tone -Can’t Dial Out -Handset Doesn’t Ring -Static/Noise/Fading In and Out -Memory Dialing Doesn’t Work -Unit Locks Up -Out of Range -Date/Time Setting Default -Caller ID solutions General Product Care Causes of Poor Reception...
  • Page 7: Introduction

    Base & Desk Stand (included assembled) Corded handset f you are setting up a system with multiple phones, only one  phone (the unit in Main/Wired mode) needs to be plugged into a    phone jack.  Additional phones can be wirelessly connected to  this phone using the Extension/Wireless mode.
  • Page 9: Base Layout

    Base Layout Intercom Prev Page Main Directory Caller ID Privacy Exit Do Not Disturb Flash...
  • Page 10: Base Station

    If operating the unit in MAIN/EXT mode, choose an area near an electrical outlet and a telephone NOTE: Please use the included power adaptor for normal use; the 25260 is designed to run on the back up batteries for short periods only.
  • Page 11: Installing The Phone

    If you are connecting to one 2-line phone jack with one phone cord: If you are connecting to two 1-line phone jacks using a phone coupler: If you are mounting the phone on the wall and connecting to two 1-line phone jacks with two phone cords: Line 2 Line 1...
  • Page 12: Base Station

    If you are mounting the phone on the wall and connecting to one 2-line phone jack using one phone cord: Line 1 & 2 If you are mounting the phone on the wall and connecting two 1-line phone jacks using a phone coupler: Connect the handset cord: Connect one end of the coiled handset cord to the jack on the side of the base and the other end into the jack in the handset, and place the handset in the cradle.
  • Page 15: Programming The Phone

    After powering up the unit for the first time, it will prompt you to select Main/Wired mode or Extension/Wireless mode. Each system must have one phone on Main/Wired mode and can have up to 10 other 25260s on Extension/Wireless mode. The phone set to Main/Wired mode must be plugged into a phone line, and the phones set to Extension/Wireless mode must be registered to the phone set to Main/Wired mode.The base displays the current date, time and the Soft keys.
  • Page 16: Phone Setting

    3. Press Yes soft key to confirm. Note: Each phone set to Extension/Wireless mode must be registered to another 25260 or other RCA device that is set to Main/Wired mode and has a wired connection to the phone lines. For help with the registration process, please see page 16.
  • Page 17: Auto Answer Intercom

    A phone in Extension/Wireless mode will not operate until it is registered to a phone in Main/Wired mode with a wired connection to the phone lines. Up to 10 25260s in Extension/Wireless mode can be registered to one 25260 in Main/Wired mode.
  • Page 18: Register

    From the Registration Menu: 1. On the EXTENSION/WIRELESS MODE phone,press the VOL (- or +) button to scroll to REGISTER. 3. Press and hold the PAGE button on the Main/Wired unit for 5 seconds. 4. The Main/Wired unit phone will display Registration to indicate it is searching for phones in Extension/Wireless mode. 5.
  • Page 19: 2Nd Call Alert

    Extension/Wireless Unit Name (only applicable for EXT/Wireless mode) EXT/Wireless name. PHONE SETTING 2ND CALL ALERT HANDSET NAME BACK SELECT EXT/Wireless. HANDSET NAME OFFICE BACK SELECT Prev/Next Update Device List (only applicable for Main/Wired mode) EXT/Wireless List. 3. The Device List containing the names of each device registered to the MAIN/WIRED phone will be updated on all devices registered to that phone.
  • Page 20: Sound Setting

    Press the MENU soft key to go to the main menu. Prev or Next...
  • Page 21: Ring Volume

    BACK SELECT Ring VOL. RING VOL L1<>L2 L1: VOL 3 L2: VOL 3 Prev or Next BACK SELECT Voice Mail (only applicable for Main/Wired unit). This feature is used to conveniently access the voicemail feature offered by your telephone service provider. NOTE: You must subscribe to telephone service provider-offered voicemail on at least one phone line in order for this feature to operate.
  • Page 22: Making Calls With The Corded Handset (From The Base)

    3. Hang up the handset when finished. Making Calls with the RCA Wireless Headset Please refer to the Instruction Booklet for your RCA Wireless Headset for instructions on setup and use 1. Plug the headset into the Headset jack on the side of the unit.
  • Page 23 Press the DIAL Soft key, Spk button, Talk button, or line1 or line 2 button to take a line, or pick up the corded handset and then the telephone number will be dialed out. To switch to the headset, press the headset button to enable the headset, and the headset indicator illuminates.
  • Page 24: Flash

    flash flash button.
  • Page 25 Press the Spk button (speakerphone mode), or press the headset button (headset mode), or pick up the corded handset and the first available line will go off hook. If both lines are available, Line 1 will be used.
  • Page 26: Transferring Call To Another Extension

    1-234-456-7890 00:00:55 VOL 1 XFER 2. Use VOL (- or +) to select the desired extension you want 3. The unit will intercom the selected extension. SELECT EXTENSION HANDSET 01 HANDSET 02 BACK SELECT speaker button (both base and handset) or leave the corded handset unit to answer the call.
  • Page 27: Hold

    The line button indicator will flash also. Press the corresponding line button to release the hold and pick up the call again. While a call is in progress, another user can join that call by pressing the corresponding line button. Both parties on the original call will hear a tone to alert them someone else has joined the call.
  • Page 28: One-Touch /Memory Log

    In idle mode, press any One-Touch/Memory Log button (1- 10) for the station you want to intercom with. One-Touch/Memory Log button #1 represents handset 01, #2 represents handset 02, etc. The Intercom paging ring will be emitted. Press the intercom button, and all the extensions except itself list in the log, NOTE: To cancel intercom call, press the STOP Soft key.
  • Page 30 ol + 10/25 03:09PM 02 SMITH, JOHN 123-456-7890 FORMAT STORE ENTER NAME: SMITH, JOHN BACK SAVE ENTER NUMBER: 123-456-7890 BACK SAVE VIP TONE MELODY: NONE MELODY 1 NOTE: If NONE is selected, calls from this number will use the default BACK SELECT ringtone selected for this phone.
  • Page 32 Vo + FORMAT STORE ENTER NAME: SMITH, JOHN BACK SAVE NOTE: More than one letter is stored in each ENTER NUMBER: of the number keys so it requires more than 123-456-7890 one press for some letters. For example, for the BACK SAVE letter “B”, press the number 2 twice. To add a  VIP TONE MELODY: space, press the 1 key. NONE MELODY 1 BACK SELECT...
  • Page 33 Press the EDIT soft key to change the name or number stored in this One-Touch dialing button. For more help on how to input the name and number, please see "Storing Record in One-Touch Dialing" on page 30. (Prev & Next)
  • Page 34 You can copy one directory record or the whole directory from the Main/Wired unit to any Extension/Wireless unit or any Extension/Wireless unit to the Main/Wired unit. In the Extension mode: In the Main mode: 3. The extension list will be shown. Use the Vol (- or +) button to select the desired extension for the record to be copied to.
  • Page 35 Vo + FORMAT STORE Make sure the phone is ON (in Talk mode) by pressing speaker button, selecting a Line , or pick up corded handset . Vol + FORMAT STORE Press the speaker button or line 1/2 button or pick up the corded handset. The number dials automatically.
  • Page 38: Unit Locks Up

    The Extension unit may be out of range of the Main unit. Move them closer together. The Extension unit may be out of range of the Main unit. Move them closer together. The Extension unit may be out of range of the Main unit. Move them closer together. Unit locks up and there is no commuication between the base and cordless devices Unplug the power adaptor from the electrical outlet and the bottom of the base.
  • Page 40 Your’re...
  • Page 41 1-800-511-3180 1-800-511-3180.
  • Page 42 • Contact RCA Customer Care at (800) 511-3180. Our representatives will help you troubleshoot and diagnose the problem. As you may be asked to disconnect your RCA telephone from it's power source, you must call from another telephone. If the issue cannot be resolved by our Customer Care Team, you will be issued an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number and be given instructions on how to submit your proof-of-purchase paperwork and where to send your defective merchandise.
  • Page 43: Limited Warranty

  • Page 44 2011. All rights reserved. Model 25260 T0008003 (REV 03) 10-34 Printed in China 25255RE2...

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