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Phone Setting; Date/Time; Auto Answer - RCA 25260 User Manual

2-line wireless desk phone with intercom
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Extension/Wireless Mode
From the Select Mode Menu:
1. Press the VOL (- or +) button to scroll to EXT/Wireless Mode.
2. Press SELECT Sof key, the screen display Please Register To Base Station.
3. Press Yes soft key to confirm.
Note: Each phone set to Extension/Wireless mode must be registered to another 25260 or other RCA device
that is set to Main/Wired mode and has a wired connection to the phone lines. For help with the
registration process, please see page 16.

Phone Setting

1. Make sure your phone is OFF (not in Talk mode).
2. Press the MENU soft key (left) to go to the main menu.
3. Press VOL (- or +) button to scroll to Phone Setting.
4. Press SELECT Soft key (right) to confirm and you may program the following items:
Date/Time (Main/Wired unit only), Auto Answer Intercom (both Main/Wired unit and EXT/Wireless unit ),
Dial Mode (Main/Wired unit),
Area Code (Main/Wired unit),
Registration (EXT/Wireless unit),
De-Registration (Main/Wired unit),
2nd Call Alert (both Main/Wired unit and EXT/Wireless unit),
Handset Name (EXT/Wireless unit),
Update Handset List (Main/Wired unit),
Note: Some options are system-wide and can only be programmed from the phone
while in Main/Wired mode.
NOTE: The Date/Time setting item only exists in the Main/Wired unit, EXT/Wireless unit Date/Time
should update automatically after it is set in the Main/Wired unit.
YEAR 2011.

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