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Register; Remove Handset; De-Register - RCA 25260 User Manual

2-line wireless desk phone with intercom
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From the Registration Menu:
1. On the EXTENSION/WIRELESS MODE phone,press the VOL (- or +) button to scroll to REGISTER.
3. Press and hold the PAGE button on the Main/Wired unit for 5 seconds.
4. The Main/Wired unit phone will display Registration to indicate it is searching for phones in Extension/Wireless mode.
5. If the registration is successful, the Extension/Wireless phone will beep and display Registration Complete.
If the registration fails, the Extension/Wireless phone will beep and display REGISTRATION FAILED! If the phones
fail to register several times, you may need to place the Extension/Wireless phone closer to the Main/Wired
phone's location.
Remove Extension/Wireless Unit
Deregistering an Extension/Wireless phone will remove its pairing from the Main/Wired unit.
Note: Once an Extension/Wireless phone is deregistered from the Main/Wired phone, you will not be
able to access the phone lines or make calls from that unit. You must reregister the phone in
Extension/Wireless mode or switch the unit to Main/Wired mode and plug in phone lines to make calls.
From the Registration Menu:
4. Press the YES soft key to confirm deregistration. The screen will display Saved, and the screen
on the Extension/Wireless phone will display Press REG to initiate registration.
(only applicable for Main/Wired mode)
displays Remove EXT/Wireless unit?.
Remove EXT/Wireless unit.
Remove EXT/Wireless unit?

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