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Model No. 247.116830
Before using this product,
read this manual
and follow all safety
rules and operating
Sears Brands Management
Estates, IL 60179, U.S.A.
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  • Page 1

    Operator's Manual I:RRFrSMAN° 21" SNOW THROWER Model No. 247.116830 • SAFETY • ASSEMBLY • OPERATION • MAINTENANCE PARTS LIST • CAUTION: Before using this product, • ESPAIRIOL read this manual and follow all safety rules and operating instructions. Sears Brands Management...

  • Page 2

    Parts List ..........Warranty Statement ........Safety Instructions ........Engine Parts List ........Labels ..........Assembly ..........Operation ........... Repair Protection Agreement ......Service and Maintenance ......Espa_ol ..........Service Numbers ......Back Cover Off-Season Storage ........Troubleshooting ........CRAFTSMAN TWO YEAR FULL WARRANTY FOR TWO YEARS f romthedateof purchase, this product i swarranted against a nydefects in material o r workmanship.

  • Page 3

    Thissymbolpointsout importantsafety instructionswhich, if not Thismachinewasbuilt to beoperatedaccordingto the safeoperation followed, could endangerthe personalsafetyand/or property of practicesin this manual.Aswith anytype of powerequipment, yourself and others.Readandfollow all instructions in this manual carelessness o r error on the part of the operatorcanresultin seriousinjury. beforeattempting to operatethis machine.Failureto complywith these Thismachineiscapableof amputating fingers, hands,toesandfeet and instructions m ay resultin personalinjury.Whenyou seethis symbol, HEED...

  • Page 4

    OPERATION CLEARING A CLOGGED DISCHARGE CHUTE Donot put hands or feetnearrotatingparts,inthe auger/impeller h ousing Hand contactwith the rotatingimpeller i nside the discharge c huteisthe most or chuteassembly. Contact w ith the rotatingpartscanamputatehands and common cause of injury associated w ith snowthrowers.Never u seyourhandto feet.

  • Page 5

    DO NOT MODIFY ENGINE Toavoidserious injuryor death,donot modify engineinanyway.Tampering with the governorsettingcanleadto arunaway engineandcauseit to operate at unsafespeeds. N evertamper with factorysetting of engine governor. NOTICE REGARDING EMiSSiONS Engines which are certified to complywith California andfederal EPA emissionregulations for SORE ( SmallOff RoadEquipment) a recertified tooperate on regularunleadedgasoline,and mayinclude the following emissioncontrol systems:Engine Modification (EM), O xidizingCatalyst ( 0C), Secondary Air injection(SAI) a ndThreeWayCatalyst ( TWC) i f soequipped.

  • Page 6

    SAFETY SYMBOLS Thispage depicts and describes safety symbols that may appear on this product. Read, understand, and follow all instructions on the machine before attempting to assemble and operate. READ THE OPERATOR'S MANUAL(S) Read, understand, and follow all instructions in the manual(s) before attempting to assemble operate WARNING--...

  • Page 7

    NOTE: Allreferences t o the left or right sideof thesnowthrowerarefrom the Tightenthe previously removed hardware to secure the handleinplace.See operator's position. A nyexceptions w ill be noted. Figure 2. Installing the Chute Unpacking the SnowThrower Place t he chutehandle on thelowerchuteasshowninFigure 3.Becertainthat Openthe top ofthe carton.

  • Page 8

    Alignthe holesinthe chutebasewith the holesinthe lowerchuteand Set-Up secure with the previously removed screws. S eeFigure 5. FuelRecommendations Operatingthe enginewith EISor E8S fuel, an oil/gasoline mixture, dirty gasoline,or gasoline over 30 days old withoutfuel stabilizing additive may result in damageto your engine'scarburetor.Subsequent d amage wouldnot be coveredunderthe manufacturer'swarranty.

  • Page 9

    Checkingand AddingOU Theengine isshipped without oil in the engine.Youmustfii[ the engine with oil before operating. Runningthe engine with insufficient o il can causeseriousengine damageandvoid the productwarranty. Place thesnowthroweronaflat, levelsurface. Remove t he oil filler cap/dipstick andwipethe dipstickclean.SeeFigure 7. Figure 7 Insertthe cap/dipstick into the oil filler neck,but do not screwit in.

  • Page 10

    GasCa ChuteAssemNy_ Figure 8 Nowthat youhavesetupyoursnowthrower,it's importantto become acquainted with its controls andfeatures.Refer t o Figure 8. Thekeyisasafetydevice.It mustbefully insertedinorderfor ChokeControl the engineto start. Remove t he keywhenthe snowthroweris not in use. NOTE: Donot turn the keyinan attempttostart the engine.Doing somay cause it to break.

  • Page 11

    ShavePlate Push the primerfiveto seven(5-7)times,makingsureto coverthevent hole when pushing. Theshave platemaintains contactwith the pavement a sthe snowthroweris Ifthe engineiswarm,pushthe primeronlyonce. propelled, a llowingsnowdoseto the pavement's s urface to bedischarged. Grasp the recoil s tarterhandleandslowlypullthe ropeout.Atthe Oil Fill/Dipstick pointwhereit becomes s lightlyharderto pullthe rope,slowlyallowthe rope to recoil.

  • Page 12

    MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE Follow the maintenance schedule g ivenbelow.This chartdescribes s ervice guidelines only.Use theService L ogcolumn to keeptrackof completed maintenance tasks. T o Beforeperforming any type of maintenance/service, d isengageall controls schedule service from SearsParts & Repair,call 1-800-659-5917. andstop the engine.Wait until all moving parts havecometo a complete stop.Disconnect s parkplug wire andground it againstthe engine to preventunintended starting.

  • Page 13

    Place a suitableoil collectioncontainer u nderthe oil drainplug. Remove t he sparkplug bootanduseasparkplugwrenchto remove the plug.SeeFigure 12. Remove t he oil drainplug.See Figure11. SparkPlug © Spark Plug OilDrainn Plug Figure12 Figure 11 Visuallyinspectthe sparkplug.Discard the sparkplug if thereis any Tipthe snowthrowerbackto drainoil intothe container. U sed oil mustbe apparent w ear,or ifthe insulatoriscracked orchipped.Clean the sparkplug disposed ofat a propercollection center.

  • Page 14

    After thespark p lugisseated, tighten withaspark plug wrench tocompress Adjustilrlent$ thewasher. ShavePlate NOTE: Wheninstallinganewsparkplug,tighten 1/2-turnafterthe spark Tocheck the adjustment o f the shave plate,placethe machine on alevelsurface. plugseats to compress t he washer. W henreinstallingausedsparkplug, Thewheels,shave plateandaugerpaddles shouldall contactthe levelsurface. tighten 1/8-to 1/4-turnafter the sparkplug seats to compress t he washer.

  • Page 15

    Control Cable AugerDriveBelt Replacement Asaresultof boththe control c ableandtheaugerdrivebelt stretching dueto Run the snowthroweruntil the fuel tank isempty. wear,periodic adjustments maybe necessary. If the augerseems to hesitatewhen Pullthe recoil s tarterhandle until resistance i sfelt. Thentip the snow rotating,proceed asfollows: throwerbackuntil it restson the handles.

  • Page 16

    Toreplace the belt followtheseinstructions andreferto Figure 18: Tochange the rubberpaddles, p roceed asfollowsandreferto Figure 19: BeltKeeper " Flange Nut AugerPulley HexWasher Screw Figure 18 Figure19 Routethe beltaroundthe drivepulleyandunderthe idlerpulley. Run the snowthroweruntilthe fuel tankisempty. Routethe endofthe beltaroundthe augerpulleyandslidethe pulleyback Pullthe recoil s tarterhandleuntil resistance i sfelt. Thentip the snow throwerbackuntil it restson the handles.

  • Page 17

    If the snowthrowerwill not beusedfor30daysor longer, o r if it is theendof thesnowseason whenthe lastpossibility of snowisgone,the equipmentneeds to bestored properly.Follow storageinstructions belowto ensuretop performance f rom the snowthrowerformanymoreyears. Preparingsnow thrower Preparingthe engine Ifthe snowthrowerwill not beusedfor 30daysor longer, f ollowthe instructions Engines s toredover30daysneedto bedrained of fuel to prevent d eterioration and below.

  • Page 18

    Disconnect the spark plugwire andground itagainst t heengine to prevent unintended starting. Before performing anytypeofmaintenance/service, disengage allcontrols andstoptheengine. W aituntilall moving p arts have come toa complete s top. Always wearsafety glasses during operation or while performing anyadjustments or repairs. This sectionaddresses minor service issues.

  • Page 20

    Single-StageSnow Thrower -- ModelNo. 247.116830 _ 28...

  • Page 21

    Single-StageSnow Thrower-- Model No.247.116830 684-04168 750-04571 Shoulder Spacer Idler Pulley Assembly 984-04393 790-00426 Idler Cable Bracket Auger Assembly 790-00444- Rubber Auger Paddle Kit (Includes 753-06469 RH Side Plate 4044 paddles and 12 hex washer screws) 684-04398- 790-00445- LH Side Plate...

  • Page 22

    Single-Stage Snow Thrower -- ModelNo. 247.116830 14/0...

  • Page 23

    Single-StageSnow Thrower-- Model No. 247.116830 710-0451 Carriage Bolt, sA6-18 x .750 712-04063 Flange Lock Nut, sA6-18 720-04122 Wing Knob, s/_6-18 731-04426A Upper Chute 731-07644 Chute Handle 931-07753A Lower Chute 631-04583 Cover Assembly 710-0599 Hex Washer Screw, 1/4-20x .500 710-0895 Hex Washer Screw, 1/4-15x .750 710-04998 Carriage Screw, sA6-18x 1.00...

  • Page 24

    Craftsman Engine Model 161-JWA-12 ForSnow Model 247.116830 Iit _ 710-04911 Stud, M8x34, Exhaust 951-10657 Muffler Stud Assembly 951-10959 Muffler Gasket 951-10901 Muffler 712-04214 Nut, M8...

  • Page 25

    Craftsman Engine Model 161JWA-12 For SnowModel 247.116830 100- Gasket Kit- Complete 101- GasketKit- External 102- CompleteEngine 710-04968 Bolt m6x16 (Incl. 6,10,12-16,18,19, 951-12626 Valve Cover Kit 22,26-28,41-43) 731-07059 Breather Hose 951-12609 Gasket, Cylinder Head 726-04101 951-10292 Breather Hose Clamp Spark Plug/F6Rtc...

  • Page 26

    Craftsman Engine Model 161JWA-12 ForSnow Model 247.116830...

  • Page 27

    Craftsman Engine Model 161-JWA-12 F or SnowModel 247.116830 951-12627A Short Block Assembly 712-05015 NutM6 (Incl. 6,19,22,26-28,40,44-69) 951-12615 Piston Ring Set 951-12514 Oil Drain Plug 951-I 1603 Clip, Piston Pin, 18Mm 951-12622 Oil Seal 951-I 1828 Piston 951-11105 Baffle, Cylinder 951-I 1604...

  • Page 28

    Craftsman Engine Model 161-JWA-12 ForSnow Model 247.116830 27-- 3_ 8 103- CarburetorKit...

  • Page 29

    Craftsman Engine Model 161-JWA-12 F or SnowModel 247.116830 710-05469 Bolt M3x6 710-04909 Stud, M6xl13, Intake 951-12610 736-04638 Washer 3 Gasket, Port, Intake 951-12611 Gasket, Throttle Plate Insulator, Carburator 951-I 1569A Carburetor Gasket Idle Jet Assembly(0.34) 951-I 0639A Primer Assembly Idle Speed Adjusting...

  • Page 30

    Craftsman Engine Model 161-JWA-12 F orSnow Model 247.116830 710-04968 Bolt m6x16 951-I0958A Ignition Module 710-04919 Bolt M6x25 951-10908 Flywheel 951-10910 Cooling 951-I0911 Starter Cup 712-04209 Flywheel Nut, M14x1.5 710-04916 Bolt m6x14 951-III07 Blower Housing 736-04455 Gasket 6 710-04974 Bolt M6xl 0...

  • Page 31

    SingJe-Stage Snow Thrower -- Model No. 247.116830 777S33995 777S32236 777S33118 777D16369 777122139 777X43688 777D16367 DONor USE E85 OR FUEL CONTAINING MORE THAN10% ETHANOL 777J23574...

  • Page 32

    Congratulations on making a smart purchase. Your new Craftsman® product is designed manufactured for years of dependable operation. But like all products, it may require repair from time to time. That's when having a Repair Protection Agreement can save you money and aggravation.

  • Page 33

    OWNERSWARRANTY RESPONSIBILITIES: As the outdoor equipment engine owner, you are responsible for performance of the required maintenance listed in your owner's manual. MTD Consumer Group Inc recommends that you retain all receipts covering maintenance on your outdoor equipment engine,...

  • Page 34

    Board m ay not b eused. The use ofany non-exempted add-on or modified parts b ytheultimate purchaser willbegrounds fordisallowing awarranty claims. MTD Consumer Group I nc willnotbeliable t o warrant failures ofwarranted parts c aused bytheuse ofanon-exempted add-on o rmodified part.

  • Page 35

    Declarad6n de garantia ......Almacenamiento fuera de temporada ....Medidas de seguridad ........ Solud6n de problemas ....... Montaje ..........Acuerdo de protecd6n para reparadones ..... Fundonamiento ........Numeros de servido ......Contratapa Servido y Mantenimiento ......CRAFTSMAN D OS ANOSDE6ARANTIA TOTAL Durante dosahosdesde lafechadecompra, esteproducto est_garantizado c ontracualquier d efecto demateriales o manodeobra.Unproducto defectuoso recibir_ la reparaci6n o sustituci6n gratuitasila reparaci6n n o est_disponible.

  • Page 36

    Estam_iguinaest_ diseffadaparaset utilizada respetando[asnormasde Lapresendade este simbolo[ndicaquesetrata de instrucdones d e seguridadcontenidasen este manual.AJigual queconcuaJquier tipo de seguridad importantes quedebe respetarparaevJtarponeren riesgosu eguipo motorizado,un descuidoo error pot partedeJoperador puede seguridad personaly/o material y la de losdem_is.Leay cumplatodaslas _rodudr Jesiones graves.Estam_iquinaescapazde amputar dedos,manos [nstrucdonesde este manualantesde [ntentar operar esta m_iquina.

  • Page 37

    Manejo seguro de la gasolina: Seasumamente precavido c uando operelam_quina sobreunasuperfide congravaocuandolatruce.Mant_ngase a lertaporsisepresentan peligros Para e vitar l esiones personales odaffos mater[ales sea sumamente cuidadoso ocultosotr_nsito. manipular lagasolina. La gasolina essumamente inflamable ysus v apores pueden causar explosiones. Sise derrama gasolina endma o sobre l aropa se puede l esionar gravemente Tenga cuidado cuandocambie dedirecd6nocuando operelam_quina en yaque sepuede e ncender.

  • Page 38

    MANTENIMIENTO Y ALMACENAMIENTO NO MODIFIQUE EL MOTOR Nunca alterelosdispositivos d e seguridad. Controle peri6dicamente q ue Para evitarlesiones graves o lamuerte,no modifique el motorde ningunamanera. fundonencorrectamente. Rem[tase a lassecciones d emantenimiento y Sialteralaconfiguraci6n delregulador, e lmotorsepuede desbocar y fundonar ajustedeestemanual. avelocidades q uenosonseguras.

  • Page 39

    S|MBOLOS DE SEGURIDAD Enesta p_gina se presentan y describen los sirnbolos de seguridad que pueden aparecer en este producto. Lea, entienda y curnpla todas las instrucciones induidas en la rn_quina antes de intentar reaiizar el montaje de la unidad y utilizarla. LEA LOS MANUALES DEL OPERADOR Lea, entienda y cumpla todas las instrucciones induidas en los manuales antes de realizar el montaje de la unidad y utilizarla.

  • Page 40

    Ajuste los elementos deferreteria q ue extrajo previamente para sujetar la NOTA: Todas l asreferendas aloslados derecho o[zquierdo delam_quina manija e nsulugar. Vea laFigura 2 . quitanieve sehacen observando lamismadesde laposki6ndeloperador. E ncaso de quehuNeseunaexcepd6n, s eespedficar_ claramente. Instalad6n del canal C6mol)esembalar LaM quina Quitanieve Co[oque [ amanijadelcanal s obreelcanal i nferiorcomosemuestra en laFigura 3.Asegtirese d e quelamanijaest_alineada en elcanal s obre el...

  • Page 41

    Alineelosorificiosde labase del canal c onlosorificiosdel canal i nferior y ConfiguYad6n suj_teloconlostomillos quee×trajo anteriormente. V ealaFigura 5. Recomendadonessobre el combustible Elfuncionamientodel motorcon elcombustibleE15o E85,unamezclade aceitecon la gasolina,lagasolinasuda,o la gasolinade m_sde30 diasde edadqueno ha sidoaditivo estabilizadorde combustiblepuederesultaren daffosal carburadorde su motor. Daffos posterioresno estariancubiertos por la garantiadel fabrkante.

  • Page 42

    Procedimiento paracontrolar y agregar aceite E[motor seenvia sinaceiteene[ motor. Antesde ponere[ motor en marcha debeIlenarlode aceite.Si sehace funcionar el motor sinsuficiente aceite puedecausar d affos graves al motor y anularla garantiadelproducto. Coloque lam_quina quitanieveenunasuperfidefirmey nivelada. Retireeltap6ndeIlenado/varllla de medid6ndeaceitey Ilmpiebien la varilla.Veala Figura Z Figura 7 Introduzca el tap6n/lavarillademedid6ndeaceitedentrodelcuellode...

  • Page 43

    Control de la barrena Manija del arrancador de retroceso._ Tapadecombustible Montaje Placade raspadc _arrena Figura 8 Ahora que yahaajustado sum_quina q uitanieve para elfuncionamiento, Llave " importante f amiliarizarse consus controles ycaracteristicas. Consulte laFigura 8 . LaIlaveesundispositivo deseguridad. D ebe estar completamente i nsertada p araqueelmotorarranque.

  • Page 44

    Montajedelcanal Empuje la palanca delcebador a laposid6nCHOKE (cebador) _ %_. S[el motoryaest_caliente, u biqueelcebador e nlaposid6nRUN Haga rotarelcanal dedescarga hada laizquierda oderecha u sando lamanija decontrol. (fundonamlento) 1 _Ben lugardeCHOKE ( cebador)B_B. Lalndinad6n d elcanal dedescarga contmla e l_ngulo con elquesearroja lanleve. Afloje la perllla dealetas d elcostado d elcanal dedescarga antes degirar e lcanal dedescarga hada Presione e l bot6ndelcebador d ncoasiete(5-7)veces, a segur_ndose de arfiba ohada abajo.

  • Page 45

    PROGRAMA D EMANTENIMIENTO S(ga elprograma de manten(m(ento a continuad6n. E statablasedescfiben las pautasdeservidosolamente. Utilice lacolumna Registro de serv(c(opara Antesde realizar cualquiertipo demantenimiento o servicio, desenganche realizar un seguim(ento delas tareas demantenimiento reaEzadas.Para todos loscontrolesy detengael motor.Espere a quesedetengan programarel servic(o de SearsParts & Repair,Ilame al 1-800-659-5917. completamentetodaslaspiezasm6viles.Desconecte elcable de labujia y p6ngalohadendomasacontrael motor para evitarqueseencienda accidentaimente.Utilicesiempreanteojosde seguridaddurante el...

  • Page 46

    Made elcombustible deldep6sito hadendofuncionar e lmotorhastaqueeldep6sito Retire lafundadelabujiay utiliceunaIlave para bujias para extraerla, Figura 12. decombustible est_vacio.Cerci6rese dequeeltap6nde Ilenado delcombustible est_bienajustado. iadeencendido NOTA: Unkit deextensi6n deldrenaje deaceiteseencuentra disponible por separado. Comuniquese conuncentrodepartesy reparaci6n Sears para conseguir el kit n.° 753-06684. Coloque unrecipiente adecuado pararecolectar e laceitebajoeltap6nde drenaje deaceite.

  • Page 47

    Unavezquelabujiaest_asentada ensulugar,ajusteconunallaveparabujia AjUSte$ paracomprimirlaarandela. raspado Placa de NOT.4: Cuando instale unabujianueva, u navezcolocada labujiaapriete Para verificar e l ajustedela placa de raspado, ubiquelaunidadsobreunasuperfide I/2 vueltaparacomprlmirlaarandela. C uando v uelvaacolocar unabujia nivelada. L asruedas, l aplacade raspado y laspaletas delabarrenadebentocar usada, u navezcolocada labujiaaprieteI/8- I/4 devueltaparacomprimir laarandela.

  • Page 48

    Cabledecontrol Reemplazo de la ¢orrea de transmisi6n de la barrena Esposiblequenecesite realizarajustes peri6dicos d ebidoalestiramientodelcable Ponga en marcha lam_quina quitanievehastaqueeltanquedecombustible decontroly delacorrea detransmisi6n ocasionado p oreldesgaste. Silabarrena est_vac[o. parece titubearmientras gira,hagaIosiguiente: Jaledelamanijadelarrancador de retroceso hastasentirresistencia. Luego Elagujero superior d e labarrade control p rev(_ e lajustede latensi6n del cable.Para inclinelam_quina quitanievehaciaarrashastaquequedeapoyada s obrelas realizar e l ajuste, d esconecte e lextremodelcablede control d elagujeroinferior manijas.

  • Page 49

    Para volveracolocar lacorrea sigaestasinstrucdones y consulte laFigura 18: Para cambiar l aspaletas decaucho, p roceda comosiguey consulte laFigura 19: Polea detr con reborde Poiea de[abarrena' Tomillo d ecabeza h exagonal Figura 18 Figura19 Pase lacorrea alrededor d e lapoleadetransmisi6n y pordebajo de lapolea Ponga en marcha la m_quina quitanievehastaqueeltanquede combustible loca.

  • Page 50

    Sinosevaa utilizarlam_quina quitanieve durante30diaso m_s,o sieselfinal delatemporada denievey yanoexisteposibilldad dequenieve,esnecesario a lmacenar elequipodemaneraadecuada. Sigalasinstrucciones d ealmacenamiento q ueseindicanacontinuaci6n paracjarantizar elrendimiento m_ximodelam_quina quitanieve durantemuchos afiosm_s.a Preparaci6ndei motor Preparad6nde ia m quina quitanieve Losmotores quesealmacenan durantem_sde30diasdebenserdrenados d e Sino sevaausarlam_quina quitanieve durante30d[aso m_s,sigalassiguientes instrucciones i ncluidas a continuaci6n combustible paraevitarquesedeterioren y seformecjomaenelsistemade combustible oenlaspiezas prindpales delcarburador.

  • Page 51

    Antesderealizar cualquier t ipo demantenimiento o servicio, desenganche todos loscontroles y detenga el motor. Espere aquesedetengancompletamente t odaslaspiezas m6viles.Desconecte el cabledela bujiay p6ngalohadendomasacontraelmotor paraevitar queseenciendaacddentalmente. Utilice siempre anteojosdeseguridad duranteel funcionamientoo mientrasajustao reparaesteequipo. Enesta se¢¢i6n seanalizan problemasmenores de servkio.Paraubkar el CentrodeServi¢ioSearsrobscercano o para programarun servi¢io, simplemente¢omuniquese conSears al tel_fono 1-800-4-MY-HOME_°...

  • Page 52

    Vibraci6n excesiva 1. Hay piezas que est_n flojas o la barrena est_ Detenga el motor de inmediato y retire la Ilave. da_ada. Controle si la m_quina est_ da5ada. Ajuste todos los pernos y las tuercas. Realice las reparaciones necesarias. Si el problema persiste, Ileve la m_quina quitanieve al centro de servicio Sears.

  • Page 53

    Felicitaciones por haber realizado una adquisici6n inteligente. El producto Craftsman® que ha adquirido esta diseSado y fabricado para brindar muchos aSos de funcionamiento confiable. Pero como todos los productos a veces puede requerir de reparaciones. Es en ese momento cuando disponer de un Acuerdo de protecci6n...

  • Page 54

    Agencia de Proteccidn Medioambiental de los Estados Unidos, (EPA). MTD Consumer Group Inc. debe garantizar el sistema de control de emisiones (ECS) de su motor de equipos de exteriores por el periodo...

  • Page 55

    (Air R esources Board). El u so decualquier pieza a dicional omodificada noexenta pot e lcomprador final s er_ c ausal deinvalidez delos reclamos bajo garantia. MTD Consumer Group I nc notendr_ r esponsabilidad potlagarantia defallas d epiezas garantizadas que fueren causadas pot e luso deuna pieza a dicional noexenta omodificada.

  • Page 56

    Your Home For troubleshooting, product manuals and expert advice: managernylife For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself.

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