Safe Operation Rules - Craftsman 25cc - Propane Curved Shaft Trimmer Powered by Lehr Operation Manual

Propane powered line trimmer
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• Never start or run the unit inside a closed room or build -
ing. Breathing exhaust fumes can be fatal. Operate this
unit only in a well ventilated outdoor area.
• Wear safety glasses or goggles that meet ANSI Z87.1
standards and are marked as such. Wear ear/hearing
protection when operating this unit. Wear a face or dust
mask if the operation is dusty.
• Wear heavy long pants, boots, gloves and a long sleeve
shirt. Do not wear loose clothing, jewelry, short pants,
sandals or go barefoot. Secure hair above shoulder
• The cutting attachment shield must always be in place
while operating the unit as a trimmer. Do not oper -
ate unit without both trimming lines extended, and the
proper line installed. Do not extend the trimming line
beyond the length of the shield.
• This unit has a clutch. The cutting attachment remains
stationary when the engine is idling. If it does not, have
the unit adjusted by an authorized service technician.
• Adjust the handle to your size in order to provide the
best grip.
• Be sure the cutting attachment is not in contact with
anything before starting the unit.
Use the unit only in daylight or good artificial light.
• Avoid accidental starting. Be in the starting position
whenever pulling the starter rope. The operator and
unit must be in a stable position while starting. Refer to
Starting/Stopping Instructions. (p.10) .
• Only use this tool for its intended purpose.
• Do not overreach. Always keep proper footing and bal -
• Always hold the unit with both hands when operating.
Keep a firm grip on both handles or grips.
• Keep hands, face, and feet at a distance from all mov -
ing parts. Do not touch or try to stop the cutting attach -
ment when it rotates.
Do not touch the engine, gear housing or muffler. These
parts get extremely hot from operation, even after the
unit is turned o .
• Do not operate the engine faster than the speed needed
to cut, trim or edge. Do not run the engine at high speed
when not cutting.
• Always stop the engine when cutting is delayed or when
walking from one cutting location to another.
• If you strike or become entangled with a foreign object,
stop the engine immediately and check for damage. Do
not operate before repairing damage. Do not operate the
unit with loose or damaged parts. Stop the unit, switch
the engine to o , and disconnect the spark plug for
maintenance or repair.
• Use only original equipment manufacturer replacement
parts and accessories for this unit. These are available
from your authorized service dealer. Use of any unau -
thorized parts or accessories could lead to serious injury
to the user, or damage to the unit, and void your war -
• Keep unit clean of vegetation and other materials. They
may become lodged between the cutting attachment
and shield.
To reduce fire hazard, replace faulty muffler and spark
arrestor. Keep the engine and muffler free from grass,
leaves, excessive grease or carbon build up.
• Never store a unit with propane canister attached inside
a building where vapor may reach an open flame or
• Allow the engine to cool before storing or transporting.
Be sure to secure the unit while transporting.
• Store the unit in a dry area, locked up or up high to
prevent unauthorized use or damage, out of the reach of
• Never douse or squirt the unit with water or any other
liquid. Keep handles dry, clean and free from debris.
Clean after each use, see Cleaning and Storage instruc -
tions. (p.19)
• Keep these instructions. Refer to them often and use
them to instruct other users. If you loan someone this
unit, also loan them these instructions.

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Table of Contents

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