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Operation - Craftsman 316.794450 Operator's Manual

Universal 2-n-1 blower attachment
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Always wear eye, hearing, hand, foot and
body protection to reduce the risk of injury when operating
this unit.
Stand in the operating position (Fig. 6).
Hold the shaft grip with the right hand. Keep the right arm
slightly bent.
Hold the handle with the left hand. Keep the left arm straight.
Hold the unit at waist level.
Make sure the unit is not directed at anybody or any loose
debris before starting the unit.
To reduce the risk of hearing loss associated with sound level(s),
hearing protection is required.
Operate power equipment only at reasonable hours— not early
in the morning or late at night when people might be disturbed.
Comply with times listed in local ordinances. Usual
recommendations are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through
To reduce noise levels, limit the number of pieces of equipment
used at any one time.
To reduce noise levels, operate power blowers at the lowest
possible speed to do the job.
Use rakes and brooms to loosen debris before blowing.
In dusty conditions, slightly dampen surfaces or use a mister
attachment when water is available.
Conserve water by using power blowers instead of hoses for
many lawn and garden applications, including areas such as
screens, patios, grills, porches, and gardens.
Watch out for children, pets, open windows or freshly washed
cars, and blow debris safely away.
Clean up after using blowers and other equipment. Dispose of
debris appropriately.
Use the flare nozzle for large, hard surfaces such as driveways
and sidewalks (Fig. 7).
Use the concentrator nozzle for hard to reach places, such as
corners in a garage, or to control dust in a dust-laden
environment (Fig. 8).


Fig. 6
Fig. 7
Fig. 8



Table of Contents

Table of Contents