Kenmore 116.35725 Owner's Manual

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ManualDel Propietario
Model, Modelo
Read and follow all
safety and operating
before first
use of this product.
Lea y sigue todas las
instrucciones de operaciSn
y seguridad antes del uso de
este producto.
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
Impreso en M_xioo
Printed in Mexico



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  • Page 1 Owner'sManual ManualDel Propietario VacuumCleaner Aspiradora 116.35725 Model, Modelo 116.35726 CAUTION: Read and follow all safety and operating instructions before first use of this product. CUIDADO: Lea y sigue todas las instrucciones de operaciSn y seguridad antes del uso de este producto.
  • Page 2 Your vacu- um's model and serial numbers are located on the Model and Serial Number Plate. Use the space below to record the model number and serial number of your new Kenmore vacuum. Model No. Serial No. Date of Purchase Keep this book and your sales check (receipt) in a safe place for future reference.
  • Page 3 Your safetyis Important to us. To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, injury to persons or damage when using your vacuum cleaner, follow basic sarety precau- tions Including the following: Read all instructions in this manual before Keep hair, loose clothing, fingers, and all parts of body away from openings and assembling or using your vacuum cleaner.
  • Page 4: Parts And Features

    It is importantto know your vacuum cleaner's parts and features to assure its proper and safe use. Review these before using your cleaner. Item Part No. Part No. In U.S. In Canada Exhaust Filter 20-86889 20-86889C Primary Filter 20-82720 20-82720C Headlight Bulb 20-5240 20.40600...
  • Page 5 Before assembling vacuum, check the PACKING LIST on the cover of the separate Repair Parts List. Use this list to verify that you have received all the components of your new Kenmore vacuum. Handle Remove the tape located below the dust Screw...
  • Page 6 CORD ASSEMBLY HANDI-MATE JR.® For operation of Handi-Mate Jr.® see Make sure the quick release upper cord seperate owners manual. hook is in the upright position. Remove the wire tie from the power cord. Lock the cord into place by forcing it into the locking notch on the body of the Latch...
  • Page 7: Carpet/Bare Floor Selector

    To select a pile height setting: Turn off cleaner. Select a pile height setting by tilting the cleaner back until front wheels are lifted slightly off the floor as illustrated. Slide the adjustment lever to the correct setting. SUGGESTED PILE HEIGHT SE'n'INGS You may need to raise the height to make WARNING some jobs easier, such as scatter rugs and...
  • Page 8 Release the handle by pressing down on the handle release pedal with your foot and pullingback and down on the handle with your hand. Release Pedal HANDLE MOUNTED To start the vacuum cleaner, slide the On/Off switchfrom the OFF positionto the ON position.To stop the vacuum cleaner, slide the On/Off switchto the OFF position.
  • Page 9 The attached To achieve maximum reach hose swivels to with the attachments, add Hose. the crevice tool to the make cleaning easier in every end of the wand by suction direction, swivel. inserting and twist- control Slide Remove the ing slightly. ",_ hose from the hose clip by...
  • Page 10 TO STORE ATrACHMENTS CAUTION Remove dusting brush or combination brush. Snap into appropriate storage loca- tion. Remove crevice tool from the wand by twist- ing. Lay aside. Unlock the wand by turning the wand lock- Remove the extension wand from the hose. ing ring to the UNLOCK position.
  • Page 11: On/Off Switch

    CLEANING AREA Between A'I-FACHMENT Fumiture* Cushions* Drapes* Stairs Walls DUSTING BRUSH <_ CREVICE TOOL COMBINATION BRUSH HandI-Mate Jr.° cleanattachments b eforeusing onfabrics. *Always Carpetedges For best clean- Guide either side or the front of the nozzle ing results, keep along a baseboard. The full width agitator the airflow pas- brushes...
  • Page 12: Attachments

    MOTOR PROTECTION Motor Protector This vacuum has a motor SYSTEM protector by-pass valve Thermal Protector which automatically This vacuum has a thermal protector which opens to provide cooling air to the motor when a automaticallytripsto protect the vacuum from overheating. If a clog preventsthe normal clog prevents the normal flow of air to the flow of air to the motor,the thermal protector...
  • Page 13: Vacuum

    Always follow all safety precautions when cleaning and servicing the vacuum cleaner. EleotrlcalShock And Personal Injury Hazard Disconnectelectrical supplybefore servicing or cleaning the unit. Failure to do so could result in eloctdcalshock or personal Injuryfrom cleaner sud- denly starling. Gather the cord and wrap it loosely around the upper and lower cord hooks.
  • Page 14: Vacuum

    TO EMPTY DUST BIN Always empty the dust bin when dirt level reaches the "MAX FILL" line. TO REMOVE DUST BIN Turn This Direct/on Closed To Open For Emptying (For Use) 'I, 1WARNING Always unplug power cord from electd- cal outlet before performing any ear- vice on vacuum.
  • Page 15: Dust Bin Cleaning

    TO REPLACE DUST BIN Place dust bin Turn This Direction Open back into vacuum To Close For Use (For Emptying) cleaner by insert- ing the bottom first_ and tilt back with the dust bin han- dle raised. o.,B,n Lower the dust bin handle to Release lock dust bin in...
  • Page 16: Vacuum

    EXHAUST FILTER HEPA The exhaust filter must be replaced when BectricalShockHazard dirty. It should be replaced regularly Unplug power cord from electrical out- depending on use conditions. let. Do not operate the deanar without the primary or exhaust filters. Be sure The filterCANNOTbe washedas it willlose the filters are properlyinstalled to pre- itsdusttrapping ability.
  • Page 17: Vacuum

    Depress tabs on rear of agitator cover and rotate forward to ElectricalShock Or Personal Injury release from the Hazard nozzle body, Disconnect electricalsupply before servicingor cleaning the unit. Failure to do so could resultin electricalshock The light bulb socket assembly does not or personal injuryfrom cleaner sud- have to be removed, Lay the agitator donly starting.
  • Page 18: Vacuum

    TO CLEAN AGITATOR TO REPLACE BELT Note: In order to keep cleaning efficiency Make sure that the carpel/bare floor selec- high and to prevent damage to your vacu- tor is in the carpet position. um, the agitator must be cleaned every time Loop the new belt on the motor shaft.
  • Page 19 Note: See PARTS AND FEATURES for belt Lower the agitator cover to its originalposi- number. tion. After positioning the agitator cover, push forward on the two (2) locking tabs in Loop the other end of the belt on the belt order to ensure that they are securely in pulley on the agitator.
  • Page 20: Vacuum

    Always follow all safety precautions when Re-insert the hose into the opening on the cleaning and servicing the vacuum cleaner. lower body from which it was removed. Press firmly to assure connection. Elecldcal Shock Or Personal Injury Hazard Disconnectelectrical supplybefore Hose servicing or cleaning the unit.
  • Page 21: Vacuum

    Remove the light bulb by pushing the bulb in while ElectricalShock Or Personal Injury Hazard turning coun- terclockwise to Disconnect electricalsupply before release from servicingor cleaning the unlL Failure the slot.Then to do so could result In electricalshock pull the light or personal Injuryfrom cleaner sod- bulb straight donly starting.
  • Page 22: Vacuum

    TO REPLACE AGITATOR Remove the nozzle cover, agitator cover and agitator. See BELT CHANGING ElectricalShock Or Personal Injury AGITATOR CLEANING. Hazard Remove the end caps. Disconnectelectrical supply before servicing or cleaning the unit. Failure Replace the agitator with a new one. to do so could result In electrical shock or personal injuryfrom cleaner sud- Replace the bearing covers and end caps.
  • Page 23: Clog Removal

    Review this chart to find do-it-yourself solutions for minor performance problems. Any service needed, other than those described in this owner's manual, should be performed by a Sears authorized service representative. WARNING Electrical Shock Hazard Disconnect electrical supplybefore servicing or cleaning the unit. Falure to do so could result in electricalshock or personal Injury, •...
  • Page 25 Cuando prequnte por informaci6n usted necisitar&el n_roero completo de serie y modelode la aspiradora que estb Iocado en ta placa de los n_meros de roodelo y serie. Use el espacio de abajo para registrar el neroero de modelo y serie para su nueva aspiradora de Kenmore. N_mero de Modelo...
  • Page 26 ADVERTENCIA Su seguridedes mw Importante pare noeolro6. Pare redudt el risegode Incendlo, c hoqueel_Vlco, lesk_ corporalo deflos el ul]ltzar8u seplradora, actQede acuerdocon precaudonesb_u_ca8 de seguddad,entre elias: Lea este manual antes de armar o uUlizarsu No coloqueobJet_ en las aberturas. aspiradora. No utitlcela asplradorasi elguna aberturaest_ Use suaspiradoraiJnicamente en la lorma bloqueada;...
  • Page 27 Es importanteconcerlas piezasy caracterfsticas de su aspiradora para asegurarsu us,:) a decuadoy seguro. Exam='nelas a ntes de usar su aspiradora. Objeto Pleza _ Pleza I_ en EUA en Canadd ° Mango Filtrode escape 20-86889 20-86889C Primaryfiltro 20-82720 20-82720C de encendido/ apagado Bombillade farol 20-5240...
  • Page 28 abajo. __/=_/=/_l=_'=__ CoIoque el mango comoseve en el diagrama AI mantener Jamanguerade manera que no inter- fera, muevael mangoa la aberturaen la parte Pellgrode choque el_trico superiorde la aspiradom. No conectela aspimdorahasta qua termine de arma_ De Io cordrarlo podrfacausar un choque _ -'_ ole_ corporal.
  • Page 29 COLOCACI6N DEL HANDI-MATE JR.@ CORD6N Para operar el Handi-Mate Jr.® ver man- ual del duefio separado. Aseg0resede que el sujetador superiordel cord6n de liberaci6nrdpidase encuentre en posici6nverti- cal. Quiteel alambrecon el que est,_atado el cord6n el_ctrico. Fije el cord6nen posici6n, f orz&ndolo en la ranurade btoqueo ubicadaen el cuerpo del sujetador superior...
  • Page 30 Para selecclonat unaJuste denlvel d epelo dela alfombra: Apaguela aspiradora. Seleccioneun nivel de ajuste inclinando la aspiradora hacia arras hast que las ruedas delanterasestdn un poso despegadas del piso. Deslice la palanca de ajuste de nivel de pelo de la alfombra a la posicibn deseada.
  • Page 31 Desprendael mango pisandoel pedalde liberaci6n y tirandadel mangohacia abajocon la mano. liberacl(_n del mango MONTADOEN EL MANGO Para arrancarla aspiradora, d esliceel interruptor de encendido/apagado de la posici6nOFF a la posici6n ON. Para detenerla,coloqueel interruptor e n la posi- ci6n OFF. Cuando regresehasta la selecci6n de pisos con alfombra,cuidaque el selectorpuede moverserdpi- damente basra la selecci6n a causade la tensi6n...
  • Page 32 Para obtenerla m_ima Iongitud La manguera incorporada gira con los acoesorios, i ns- Manguera. tale la para facilitarla limplezaen coal- herramientapara Desllzador hendtduras en el quiet direcci6n. GIratorla extremodel tubo. Paraquitar la Para hacerlo, rnanguera, t ire introd0zcala en de la manguera del collar.
  • Page 33 ALMACENAJE DE LOS ACCESORIOS CUIDADO Retire el cepillo para sacudir o el cepillopara NO tire de la a, s plmdomporla mangueraen combinaci_n. Col_luelos firmemente en su lugar de la habltac_. Poddan ocurdrda_osa susper- almacenamtento correspondiente. tenenclas. Retire la herramienta para hendiduras del tubo gir_ndola.P6ngalaa un lado.
  • Page 34 AREAA LIMPIAR ACCESORIO Muebles" _jJne6* EscaJ0ne6 SACUDIR HERRAMIENTA PARA CEPILLO PAPA HENDIDURAS CEPILLO PApA COMBINACION HandI-MateJr." * Siemprelimpie losaccesorios antesde usersobretelas. Odllas de alfombras Para obtener los Gufe uno de los costadoso la parte anteriorde la mejores resultados boquilla a lo largodel hordede la pared. Los cepi- de limpieza, man- Ilos largos ayudan a aspirar la tierraen las orillasde tenga desbloquea-...
  • Page 35 SISTEMA DE PROTECTION Protector d e motor Esta aspiradora tiene una DE MOTOR v._lvulade desviacibn que sirve como protector de Pmteotor Terrnel motor que se abre Esta aspiradora tieneun protector termalque se automaticamente para ajusta automdticarnentepara protegera la aspiradora proveer un flujo de aire al del sobrecalentamiento.
  • Page 36 Siga siempretodas las instruccionos de seguridad al limpiary dade servicloa su aspiradora. Poagm dechoque el6_dco o lesl_ corporal Desmnecte la unided antes de ltmpla_o dadesen4c_.De Io contmdopodrla produ- drseunchoque eldctdco o causar les_ cor- poral s lla asplmdora arranca demanera Imprevlsta.
  • Page 37 Sim'npre vacfe el cubode la basura ¢uandoel nlvel PARAVACIAR EL CUBO DE LA BASURA de basuraalcanza la Ifnea 'MAX RLL' PAPA SACAR EL CUBO DE LA BASURA: T orne en esta Abierto direcclbn par_brir y vaciar (Para vaclar) ADVERTENCIA Sieml_e desconecte et ¢ord6n6k_ldco antes de repatarelguna partede la asplradora.
  • Page 38 PARA REEMPLAZAREL CUBO DE LA BASURA Pongael cubode la basurade vuelta aden- Tome en esta Ablerto tro de la aspimdora direccl6n pare cerrary user (Pare racier) insertandoel fondo prlmeroe inclinando atr:_scon la manija del cubo de la basuralev- antada. Baje la manija del cubode la soltar el basurapara...
  • Page 39 FILTRODE ESCAPE HEPA Este cartuchodel flltroescape se Ueneque cambiar Pellgrode choqueel6ctdco estb sucio. Debe cambiarseperi6dicamente seg0n las condiciones de uso. Desenchufeel cable de poderdel tomacord- ente. No operela limpladora sin el _bo pd- [] fillto nosepuede l avar p ues perderld sucal_ct- madoo e_flltrode escape.Estd seguro que el dadpara _ a_rapar pok'o,...
  • Page 40 LengOetas Tire hacia abajo de las lengOetasen la parte atrasera del Pellgrode choque_ o leel_ coq:)oral agitatory ruede hacia adelante para Desconectela unldadantes de ltrnplada o liberar de la unidad dede servlclo.De Io contrA_o podrfaprodu- Cubietla de boquilla. drse un d'_lue el(_lco o causarlesl_ ¢or- del agltador poraJ el Is aspiradom _Tanca de manem impmvfsta.
  • Page 41 PARACAMBIARLACORREA NOTA: Pare mantenerunaalia eficienciade limpiezay evitarel da_o ala aspiradora,hay que Aseguraseque el selectorde pisoscony sinalfom- limplarel agitadorcadavez que se cambia la cor- bra este en la posicibn de plsoscon alfombra. Co- rea. Ioquela nuevacorreaalrededor del eje de transmF skindel motor. Tambi_nhayque limpiarel agitadorseg0n el sigu- iente horario: Mo_r...
  • Page 42 Not_Consulte lasPIEZAS A ND Baje la cubiertadel agitador a la posici6noriginal, CARACTERfSTICAS para determinar elN 9,de cor- Despu_sde colocar la cubiertadel agitador. tea. Empujehacia adelanteen las dos (2) leng0etasde cierre para asegurarque est_n en su colocaci6n Ensartela correa nuevasobre el agitador. apropiada, Inser_eel agitador por insertar la parte redondade la tapa en la ranura de la base de la boquilla.
  • Page 43 Procedasiempre con precauciones de seguridadal Insertenuevamentela mangueraen la aberturade limpiar y dar serviciola aspi_adora. la parte inferior de dondela reUr6.Empujeconfir- meza para asegurarse de que quedebienconec- tada. NCIA Pallgrode choqueeldctrlcoo lesi6ncorporal Desconec_ la unldedantesde limplarlao dede servldo.De Io contradopoddaprodu- drse un choquaelddrlcoo causarted6n cor- expansible petal al Is asplradora an'ancade manera Improvlsta.
  • Page 44 Remuevale bombillaempu- jandolay valla dandolavuelta PeUgrode choque el_--trlcoo lesl6n corporal pare la izquierde pare sacariade Desconecte la unldsd antes de llmplarla o la abertura. darle servldo. De 1o¢onkado podrfa produ- Despu_ssaque cirse un choque el_rlco o cau_r lesldn la bombiUa pard corporalsl la asplradom arranca de manem afuera.
  • Page 45 PAPAQUITARELAGITADOR Quite la cubiertade la boquilla, la cubiertadel agitador y el agitador. V_ase CAMBIO DE LA Pellgro dechoque e k_trico o lesk_corporal CORREAY LIMPIEZA DEL AGITADOR. I_:onecte la _k_ad a_s de limpta_a o Reemplazca el agitadorcon un nuevo. dade seri,do. De Io contrarlo podr[aprodu- drae un choqueel6ctrlco o causarlesk_ cor- Reemplazcalas cubiertasde los cojinetes y las pondsl la asplradomarrancade manera...
  • Page 46 Consulteeste cuadropara encontrarsoluciones que usted mismopuederealizarcuandotenga problemas menores de rendimiento.Cualquierservicioque necesiteaparte de otrosdescritosen este manualtienenque ser hechospor un represetante de servicioautonzadoSears. ADVERTENCIAe iQ c uo De_conectela asplradoraantesde darle sePAdoo IlmpladmDe Io contrmiopodrfaprodu- clrse un choque atdc',zlco o ¢ausar lesklncorporal. La asplradom no fur, a loha. 1.
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