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Kenmore 116.35622 Owner's Manual

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Model, Modelo
Read and follow all
safety and operating
instructions before first
use of this product.
Leay sigue todaslas
instrucciones d e operaci6n
y seguddad antesdel usode
este producto.
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
Printed in Mexico
Impreso en Mexico



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  Summary of Contents for Kenmore 116.35622

  • Page 1 Owner'sManual ManualDe/Propietario ® VacuumCleaner Aspiradora 116.35622 Model, Modelo 116.35623 CAUTION: Read and follow all safety and operating instructions before first use of this product. CUIDADO: Leay sigue todaslas instrucciones d e operaci6n y seguddad antesdel usode este producto. Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    You will need the complete model and serial numbers when requesting information. Your vacu- um cleaner's model and serial numbers are located on the Model and Serial Number Plate. Use the space below to record the model number and serial number of your new Kenmore vacuum cleaner.
  • Page 3 Your safety is important to us.To reduce the risk WARNING: of fire, electrical shock, injury to persons or damage when using your vacuum cleaner, follow basic safety precautions including the following: Read all instructions in this manual before Keep hair, loose clothing, fingers, and all parts of body away from openings and assembling or using your vacuum cleaner.
  • Page 4 It is important to know your vacuum cleaner's parts and features to assure its proper and safe use. Review these before using your vacuum cleaner. Item Part No. Part No. In U.S, In Canada Dust Bag 20-50690 20-50690C Control Headlight Bulb 20-5240 20-40600 Belt...
  • Page 5: Parts And Features

    Igiven. WARNING statements alert you to such dangers as fire, electricshock, burnsI IPlease pay special attentionto these hazard alert boxes, and follow any instructionsl land personal injury. CAUTION statements alert you to such dangerous personalI linjury and/or property damage, Position the handle as shown in the illustra- WARNING tion below.
  • Page 6: Operating Instructions

    HANDI-MATE JR.® CORD ASSEMBLY For operation of Handi-Mate Jr.® see Make sure the quick release upper cord separate Owners Manual. I-3ookis in the upright position. Remove the wire tie from the power cord. Lock the power cord into the locking notch base by pressing it into the quick release upper cord hook as...
  • Page 7: Carpet/Bare Floorselector

    Toselecta pile height setting: Turnoffvacuum cleaner. Select a pile height setting by tilting the vacuum cleaner back until front wheels are lifted slightly off the floor. Slide the adjustment lever to the correct setting. There are tour (4) pile height settings on the vacuum cleaner.
  • Page 8 Releasethe handleby pressingdown on the handlereleasepedalwith your foot and pulling back and down on the handle with your hand. Release Pedal OFF - Turns OFF the vacuum (suction) rugs, and fabrics, if the unit is ON, press- motor. ing the SUCTION button cycles the vacu- um cteaner motor through suction levels.
  • Page 9 Remove the To achieve maximum Hose- reach with the attach- hose from the Hose ments, add the crevice hose clip by tool to the end of suction pulling straight out. the wand by Control inserting and twisting slightly. TELESCOPIC WAND WITH Telescopic Wand SUCTION CONTROL SLIDE...
  • Page 10 EXTENSION HOSE TO STORE ATTACHMENTS Some models include an extension hose Remove dusting brush or combination which connects to the stretch hose on the Drush. Snap into appropriate storage location. vacuum cleaner for a longer cleaning reach. Remove crevice tool from the wand by twist- Insert the two tabs on the end of the ing.
  • Page 11 Carpet edges. For best cleaning Guide either side or the front of the noz- results, keep the zle along a baseboard. The full length airflow passage brushes help remove dirt at carpet edges. clear. Stairs. Occasionally, Put handle in full upright position. Slide the check each of the carpet/bare floor selector all the way back...
  • Page 12 DIRT SENSOR The electronic dirt sensor is a feature which will detect particles as they pass Electrical Shock And Personal through the vacuum cleaner. Injury Hazard The dirt sensor indicator is located on the Disconnect electrical supply before front of the switch cover. performing maintenance to the...
  • Page 13: Attachments

    VACUUM CLEANER CARE Always follow all safety precautions when cleaning and servicing the vacuum cleaner. Electrical Shock And Personal Injury Hazard Disconnect electrical supply before performing maintenance to the unit. Failure to do so could result in electrical shock or personal injury from cleaner suddenly starting.
  • Page 14 TO REPLACE DUST BAG TO REMOVE DUST BAG Unfold the Dust new dust bag. WARNING Fold the safety seal tab on the Always unplug power cord from new dust bag electrical outlet before performing away from the maintenance to the vacuum clean- opening that fits on the bag...
  • Page 15: Dust Bag Replacement

    Check motor safety filter frequently and change when dirty. WARNING Do not operate without exhaust filter. Electrical Shock Hazard EXHAUST FILTER Unplug power cord from electrical outlet. Do not operate the vacuum cleaner without the motor safety The exhaust filter cartridge must be filter.
  • Page 16 Depress tabs on rear of agita- tor cover and rotate forward Electrical Shock Or Personal Injury to release from Hazard the nozzle Disconnect electrical supply before body. Agitator performing maintenance to the Cover unit. Failure to do so could result electrical shock or personal injury...
  • Page 17 TO REPLACE BELT TO CLEAN AGITATOR Make sure that the carpet/bare floor selec- Note: In order to keep cleaning efficiency tor is in the carpet position. high and to prevent damage to your vacuum cleaner, THE AGITATOR MUST BE CLEANED EVERYI"IME THE BELT IS Motor CHANGED.
  • Page 18 NOTE: See PARTS AND FEATURES Lower the agitator cover to its original belt number. position. After positioning the agitator cover, push forward on the two (2) locking Loop the other end of the belt on the belt tabs in order to ensure that they are pulley on the agitator.
  • Page 19 Always follow all safety precautions when Re-insert the hose into the opening on the lower body from which it was cleaning and servicing the vacuum cleaner. removed. Press firmly to assure connec- tion. WARNING If the bag and filter areas and the hose areas are free of clogs, check the floor Electrical Shock Or Personal...
  • Page 20 Remove light bulb by pushing the bulb in while Electrical Shock Or Personal Injury turning coun- Hazard terclockwise Disconnect electrical supply before to release performing maintenance to the from the unit. Failure to do so could result in slot.Then pull electrical shock or personal injury...
  • Page 21: Cleaning

    TO REPLACE AGITATOR WARNING Remove the nozzle cover, agitator cover and agitator. See BELT REPLACEMENT Electrical Shock Or Personal Injury AND AGITATOR CLEANING. Hazard Replace the agitator with a new one. Disconnect electrical supply before Reassemble the belt, agitator, agitator performing maintenance to the...
  • Page 22: Clog Removal

    Review this table to find do-it-yourself solutions for minor performance problems. Any other service needed should be performed by a Sears or other qualified service agent. Disconnect electrical supply before performing maintenance to the unit. Failure to do so could result in electrical shock or personal injury.
  • Page 23 Cuandoprequnte porinformaci6n ustednecisitar_ el n0memcompleto de softsy modelode la aspiradora que estd Iocadoen la placa de los n_merosde modeloy sede. Use el espacio de abajo para registrar el n0mero de modelo y seriepara su nuevaaspiradora do Kenmore. Numoro de Modelo...
  • Page 24 ADVERTI=NP-n& Susegurldadeam.uylmportanteparanosotr Para • --,-., -vmn reducirelriesgodeincendio, choqueek_trico, lesi6ncor. petal o da_osal utllizar su asplradom, a ctdede acuerdo con precaudones b_sloeade segudd_l, entreelias: Lea este manualantesde armar o utilizarsu No descansela aspimdomsabre escalones. aspimdom. Use su aspiradora dnicamente en la forma La manguera contieno cablesel6ctricos.No los descrita en estemanual.
  • Page 25 Es importante concer las piezas y caracteristicas de su aspiradora pars asegurar su uso adecuado seguro. Examlnelas antes de usar su aspiradora. Objeto Pieza N° Pieza N° en EUA en Canad_ Mango- Bolsa para polyp 20-50690 20-50690C Bombilla de farol 20-5240 20-40600 de control...
  • Page 26 Antesde armar la aspiradora,chequeela LISTA DE EMBALAJE en la cubiertaseparadade la Lista de Partespara Reparaci6n. Use esta lista paraverificarque ha recibido todas lascompo- nentesde su nuevaaspiradora Kenmore. Fijeel cabode la manguera expansible a la Orificio del boquillacomo se muestra.
  • Page 27 COLOCAClONDEL HANDI-MATE JR.® CORDON Para operar el Handi-Mate Jr.® ver man- separado. ual del duefio Asegdrese de queel sujetadorsuperior del cord6n de libemci6nrdpida se encuentre en posioi6n verti- cal.Quite el alambreconel que estdatadoel cord6n el_ctdco. Asegureel cord6n eldctrico en la ranura de labase presionandolo e n el ganchosuperior de...
  • Page 28 Para se]ecclonar unajuste denivel d epelodela alfombra: Apague laaspiradora. Seleccione unnivel de ajuste inclinando la aspiradora hacia atr_lshastaque las ruedasdelanteras est6nun pocodespegadasdel piso. Deslicela palancade ajustede nivelde pelode la alfombra a la posici6ndeseada. Hay cuatro(4) posiclones de ajustade altura en la aspiradora.
  • Page 29 Desprenda el mango pisando el pedal de lib- eraci6n y tiranda del mango hacia abajo con la mano. del mango SUCCI6N OFF - Apaga el motor de succi6n de la aspiradora. prende solamente el ON - Prende (ON) el motor de la aspirado- motor de la ra al nivel de ALTA succion para limpiar aspiradora a...
  • Page 30 Para obtener la mdxima _t,_l_ Lamanguera Collarde Iongitud con los Mengueta-,-_lr_| accesorios, instale la -,_i_t \_| |_ incorporada gira manguera para facilitar la herramienta para Jl L_lll I I_1111 limpieza on cua]- hendiduras Desllzador quier direccibn. enelextremo decontrol de_ Para quitar la del tubo.
  • Page 31 MANGUERA DE EXTENSION ALMACENAJE DE LOS Unos modelosincIwen unamanguera auxitiar q ua ACCESORIOS conectacon la manguera de estiraron la aspiradora Retireel cepilloparasacudiro el cepillopara parsuna extensi6nm,'tslargapara limpiar. combinaci6n. Col6quelos firmemente en su lugarde almacenamiento correspondiente. Retirela herramienta para hendiduras deltube girdndola.
  • Page 32 Orillaa de alfombras. Para obtener los Gufeunodeloscostados o laparteanterior mejores resulta- dela boquilla a Iolargo delborde dela pared. dos de limpieza, Loscepillos largos ayudan a aspirar l atierraen mantenga des- lasorillas delasalfombras. bloqueados los conductos de Esca]ones. flujo de aire. Coloque e l mango enlaposici6n v ertical.
  • Page 33 INDICADOR DE POLVO El indicador de polvoy el indicador de sensibilidad estdn Iocalizados en la partedelanterade la cubier- Pellgro de choque el6ctrlco o lesl6n cor- ta del indicador, poral El indicador el6ctrico de polvomientrasque pasa Desconecte la unidad antes de dando porla aspiradora.
  • Page 34 ICUIDADO DE LA ASPIRADORA Siga siempre todas las instrucciones de IADVERTENCIA seguridad al limpiar y darle servicio a su aspiradora. Pellgro de choque eldctrlco o lesi6n cor- poral Descone_e la unidad antes de dando mantenlmlento. De Io contrarlo podria pmducirsa un choque el6ctrl¢o o causar lesl6n corporal slla aepiradora arranca de manera Impmvlsta.
  • Page 35 PARA QUITAR LA BOLSA PARA CAMBIAR LA BOLSA PARA POLVO Desdoblela bolsa para polvo nueva. Bolsapara Leng_etade Doble la leng0eta polvo segurldad de seguridadde la j_,=,./_-'--_! nueva bolsa para v\ ___ po ,o en dir i6, r/, pre desconecte el cord6n 61ectrl- =sT= ADVERTENCIA centrariaa la aber- ,I/ "\...
  • Page 36 Examine el firm de seguridaddel motor de vez en cuando y cambio cuando estd sucio. CUIDADO No opere la asplradora sin el filtro de ADVERTENCIA escape. Patigm de cheque et6ctrlco Desenchufe el cord6n de la corrlanta FILTRO DE ESCAPE eldctrlca. No opere la aapiradora sin el HEPA filtro de aegurldad del motor.
  • Page 37 Lengge_s Tire hacia abajo de ADVERTENCIA las leng_etas en la parte atrasera del agitatory ruede Pellgm de choque eldctrico o lesl6n hacia adelante para corporal liberarde la unidad Desconecte la unidad antes de dando Cub!errs de boquilla. mantenlmlento. De Io contrarlo podHa De! agitador producirse un choque el_ctrico o csu- sar lesi6n corporal sl la aspiradora...
  • Page 38 NOTA: Para mantener una altaeficiencia de PARA CAMBIAR LA CORREA limpieza yevitar elda6o a laaspiradora, hay que limpiar elagitador cada vez quesecambia l acor- Asegurase que el selectorde pisoscon y sinalfom- r_a. bra esto en la posici6n de plsos con alfombra. Coloquela nuevacorreaalrededor del eje de trane- misi6n del motor.
  • Page 39 Nota:Consulte l asPIEZAS AND Baje la cubierta del agitador a la posici6n origi- CARACTER|STICAS paradeterminar el N _. de nal. Despu6s de colocar la cubierta del agita- correa. dor, Empuje hacia adelante en las dos (2) leng0etas de cierre para asegurar que estdn Ensarte la correa nueva sobre el agitador.
  • Page 40 Proceda s iempre conprecaucionas de seguri- Inserte nuevamentela mangueraen la abertura dad al limpiar y dar servicio la aspiradora. de la parte inferiorde donde la retir6. Empujecon firmeza para asegurarsede que quede bien conectada. Si ias zonas del filtro y la bolsa y las zonas de Pellgro de choqua el_ctrico o lesl6n la manguera no estdn atascadas, examine la zona de la boquilla.
  • Page 41 Remueva la bombilla empu- ADVERTENCIA jandola y vaya dandola vuelta para la izquier- Pe|igro de choque ei6ctrico o leslbn cor- da para sacaria poral de la abertura. Desconecte la unidad antes de dando Despu_s saque mantenlmlento. De Io contrarlo podrfa la bombilla producirse un choque el6ctrico o causar para afuera.
  • Page 42 PARA QUITAR EL AGITADOR Quite la cubierta de la boquilla, la cubisrta del agitador y el agitador. Vdase CAMBIO DE LA Psligro de choque el_ctrico o lesi6n CORREA Y LIMPIEZA DEL AGITADOR. corporal Reemplazca el agitador con un nuevo. Desconecte la unidad antes de dando mantenlmlento.
  • Page 43 Revise e ste recuadro para encontrar soluciones a problemas que puedecorregirustedmismo. C ualquierotto servicio debe ser realizadoporSEARS u otroagente de servicio calificado. contrarlo podrfa produclrse un choque el6ctdco o causer lesl6n corporal. Conecte bien, oprima selector de La aspiradora 1. Est_ desconectada. funcJona.
  • Page 44 Your Home " iiiii!!iii!i!!i!!!ili! iill For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heatingand cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold itl ii !i!ili!iiii !i,i For the replacement parts, accessories and owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourseff.

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