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Kenmore Sears 89650 Use And Care Manual And Cookbook

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Read this booklet so you
will be able to enjoy all the
in your Kenmore
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ance. Open the door to
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  Summary of Contents for Kenmore Sears 89650

  • Page 1 STOCK NO. 89650 KNOW YOUR UNIT Read this booklet so you will be able to enjoy all the features in your Kenmore Microwave Oven. Record in space provided below the Model No. and the Serial No. of this appli- ance. Open the door to...
  • Page 2 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS The Sears Kenmore Microwave Oven, though simple to use, is not a toy. Respect it as an electric cooking appliance. Become familiar with microwave energy, its uses and limitations. The safety instructions below will tell you how to use your oven to avoid harm to yourself...
  • Page 3 ® DO NOT STORE COMBUSTIBLE ITEMS (bread, cookies, etc.) IN THE OVEN, because if lightning strikes the power lines, it may cause the oven to turn ON. • DO NOT USE WIRE TWIST_TIES IN THE OVEN. Be sure to inspect purchased items for wire twist_ties and remove them before placing the item in the oven.
  • Page 4 SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS SAFETY CERTIFICATION The Sears Kenmore Microwave Oven is designed and thoroughly tested to meet exacting safety standards. It meets UL and FCC requirements and complies with safety performance standards of the U.S. Department...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS MICROWAVE OVEN POULTRY ..........3 2 -3 4 USE INSTRUCTIONS [] Cooking Poultry: General Directions ....Poultry Cooking Table ....... 32-33 IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR OVEN Recipes: Barbecued Chicken, Coq Au Vin, [] Location of Model Number Label ......
  • Page 6: Important Information

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR OVEN Enjoy a new cooking experience from Sears. Please read this manual. It takes only a few minutes-time well spent to learn to use all the features of your microwave oven. Advice on using and caring for Sears appliances is always available at your nearest, Sears store. When you need information, be sure you have the complete model number, located on the plastic label.
  • Page 7: Names Of The Oven Parts

    INSTALLATION Install your oven on a table or countertop by following these six simple steps: Step I : Remove your Kenmore Microwave Oven and all material from the shipping carton. Your oven will be packed with the following items: I Use & Care Manual and Cookbook...
  • Page 8: Setting The Time Of Day

    Step 2: Place the oven in the level location of your choice, but be sure there is at least 4 inches of space at the left side, top and rear for proper ventilation, DO NOT BLOCK THE INLET AND OUTLET OPENINGS at the rear and under the oven.
  • Page 9: [] Oven Control Panel

    OVEN CONTROL PANEL Stage light- When you set the oven STAGE i, STAGE 2 or STAGE 3 will display Indicator Lights f-1°f-I 0,C10 indicating the stage in TIME AUTO and % TIME POWER which your oven is POWER lights indicate cooking.
  • Page 10: Easy Use Chart

    EASY USE CHART Your new solid state control panel allows you to use your microwave oven in many ways. TIME OF DAY HI-POWER/MULTI-POWER MUL_-STAGE COOKING To set: To set: set: 1. Tou&h STOP/CLEAR. 1. Touch STOP/CLEAR. I. Touch STOP/CLEAR. 2, Touch TIME. 2, Touch TIME OF DAY.
  • Page 11: Special Features

    SPECIAL FEATURES QUICK The Quick On feature allows you to cook for up to 9 minutes at HI POWER by touching only 3 keypads. Here's how to do it: 1. Touch STOP/CLEAR. 2. Touch QUICK ON. 3. Touch the number for the number of minutes (1-9) you want to cook at HI POWER. The oven begins to cook immediately for the number of minutes you set or until you open the door or touch STOP/CLEAR.
  • Page 12: General Cooking Instructions

    GENERAL COOKING INSTRUCTIONS QUICK TOUCH COOKING Your microwave has a convenient quick touch cooking feature. I. Touch STOP/CLEAR. 2. Touch POPCORN, BAKED POTATO, BEVERAGE or FOOD PLATE. COOKING GUIDE AMOUNT PREPARATION SPECIAL NOTES FOOD o Follow manufac- Popcorn Only one 3,5 oz. Use only popcorn for microwave package at a time.
  • Page 13: Settings

    HI-POWER/MULTI-POWER COOKING "HI" is the highest cooking power possible with your microwave oven. It is the best setting for cooking foods that have high water content, such as water or soups or foods that need fast cooking to maintain their natural flavor and texture, like fish, vegetables and most casseroles. WHAT YOU DO WHAT THE OVEN DOES COMMENTS/NOTES...
  • Page 14 COOKING GUIDE FOR MULTI-POWER SETTINGS The "Multi-Power" feature lets you cook at the best power control for the food being cooked. MICROWAVE POWER OUTPUT POWER EXAMPLES CONTROL (IN WATTS)* o Cooking fish, vegetables and most casseroles. HI(100%) e Boiling water. ®...
  • Page 15 MULTI-STAGE COOKING Multi-Stage Cooking allows you to set the oven in a first stage at one power level for one time, and then in a second and third stage, at different power levels for different times. You set all of the stages before cooking begins and the stages you have set follow in sequence automatically after you touch START.
  • Page 16 AUTOMATIC DEFROST Three defrost sequences are preset in the oven. The "Auto Defrost" feature provides you with the best defrost- ing method for frozen foods. HOW TO GET THE BEST RESULTS FROM AUTO DEFROST: • Remove any metal twist ties from packaging. e Plastic microwavable pouches need to be pierced several times with a fork.
  • Page 17: Poultry

    AUTO DEFROST SEQUENCE LIST BASE MIN./MAX. SEQUENCE FOOD FOOD DEFROST o BEEF ......Ground beef (bulk), Round steak, MEAT Tenderloin steak, Pot roast, Rib roast, Rump roast, Chuck roast, Stew Beef, Ground beef (Patties) • LAMB ...... Chops, (1-inch thick), Rolled roast, 1 lb.
  • Page 18 AUTOMATIC DEFROST (Cont'd) EXAMPLE: To defrost 2 pounds of Ground Beef. AUTO DEFROSTING INSTRUCTIONS 1. Touch STOP/CLEAR. The benefit of this Auto Defrost feature is auto- C.G "_ ] 2. Touch DEFROST MEAT. matic setting and control of defrosting, but just The DEF i light will show, Qtlick Touch like conventional defrosting you must check the...
  • Page 19 AUTO DEFROST CHART This defrosting chart is specifically for use with the "AUTO DEFROST" feature. AUTOMATIC DEFROST GUIDE m MEAT Food Setting At Beep Special Instructions BEEF Meat of irregular shape and large, fatty cuts of meat should have the narrow or fatty areas shielded with foilat the beginning of a defrost sequence.
  • Page 20: Chicken

    AUTOMATIC DEFROST GUIDE -- POULTRY Food Setting At Beep Special Instructions CHICKEN No poultry over 5.9 Ibs. should be defrosted using AUTO DEFROST nor should any whole turkeys defrosted with this setting. Whole Turn over (end defrost breast-side- Place chicken breast-side-up on microwav- down).Cover warmareas with (under 4 Ibs.) able roast rack.
  • Page 21 MICROWAVE UTENSIL GUIDE You may microwave in many more utensils than you can use on the stove or in a conventional oven. because microwaves penetrate them safely while still cooking the food. Below are listed the utensils you can safely cook with and those you must avoid. To test whether you can cook safely with a utensil not on the lists below, do the following:...
  • Page 22 CARE AND CLEANING What to Clean ® The inside and outside of your oven. ESPECIALLY THE INNER DOOR PANEL AND THE OVEN FRONT FRAME, as shown, to keep the door area free of food or grease build-up. • The glass turntable. Wipe up spills before removing it. Then remove the turntable, as shown, and wash by hand or in the dishwasher.
  • Page 23 INTRODUCTION TO MICROWAVE C OOKING Your Microwave Oven Works cold or room temperature. Cold food will take longer to cook than warm food. The amount of electricity available on very cold or very hot days can cause the Microwaves are a form of energy similar to radio and food to cook more slowly.
  • Page 24: Microwaving Shortcuts

    Standing Time: The food often needs to stand from Special techniques for Microwave 2 to 15 minutes after you remove it from the oven. Cooking Usually you need to cover the food during standing time to retain the heat. Remove most foods when Browning: Meat and poultry with high fat content they are slightly undercooked and they will finish...
  • Page 25 Butter/Margarine, Melting: Cocoa, hot: ® Place I or 2 tsp. each of cocoa powder and sugar o Place butter or margarine in a custard cup or glass measuring cup. in an 8-oz. mug. ® Cook covered at HI power until melted. ®...
  • Page 26: Appetizers/Sauces/Soups

    APPETIZERS/SAUCES/SOUPS Cooking Appetizers: Tips and Techniques Recommended o Crisp crackers, such as melba toast, shredded wheat and crisp rye crackers are best for microwave use. Wait until party time to add the spreads. Place a paper towel under the crackers while cooking in the microwave oven to absorb...
  • Page 27 Cooking Sauces: Tips Techniques • Use a microwavable casserole or glass measuring cup that is at least 2 or 3 times the volume of the sauce. o Sauces made with cornstarch thicken more rapidly than those made with flour. e Cook sauces made with cornstarch or flour uncovered so you may stir them 2 or 3 times during cooking a smooth consistency.
  • Page 28 Cooking Soups: Tips & Techniques ® Cook soups in a microwavable dish which holds double the volume of the recipe ingredients to prevent boil- over, especially if you use cream or milk in the soup. o Generally, cover microwaved soups with VENTED plastic wra-p_or a microwavable lid. •...
  • Page 29: Meat Cooking Table

    MEAT Cooking Meat: General Directions • Prepare the meat for cooking. - Defrost completely. - Trim off excess fat to avoid spattering. - Place the meat, fat side down, on a microwavable rack in a microwavable dish. - Use oven cooking bag for less tender cuts of meat, - Arrange the meat so that thicker portions are toward the outside of the dish.
  • Page 30 MEAT COOKING TABLE (Continued) Power Cooking Meat Special Instructions Time Control Placeroast fat sidedown on microwavableroast rack. 8-10 minutes Rib roast, Adddesiredseasoningsand cover with waxedpaper. per pound rolled Turn meat over halfwaythrough cooking and shieldif RARE(135°F) (3-4 Ibs.) necessary.Ifusingprobe, insert in center of roast during 9-12 minutes lasthalf of cooking.Removeroast from microwave when per pound...
  • Page 31 MEAT COOKING TABLE (Continued) Meat Power Cooking Special Instructions Control Time Chops Place chops in microwavable baking dish. (5-7 oz. each) 15-18 minutes Add desired seasonings and cover with plastic wrap; 2 chops per pound vent. Cook until no longer pink or until internal temperature reaches 170°F.
  • Page 32 POULTRY Cooking Poultry: General Directions • Prepare the poultry for cooking. - Defrost completely. - Arrange poultry pieces so that thicker pieces face the outside of the baking dish. When cooking legs, arrange them like the spokes of a wheel. - Cover the baking dish with waxed paper to reduce...
  • Page 33 POULTRY COOKING TABLE (Continued) Power Cooking Poultry Special Instructions Control Time TURKEY Place thawed turkey breast on microwavable roast rack, Cover with waxed paper, Cook !/3 of estimated time. Breast, boneless 12-15 minutes Turn breast over. Replace waxed paper. Cook I/3 of (2-3 lbs.) per pound estimated time again.
  • Page 34 Barbecued Chicken 11/2 to 2 pounds chicken pieces, I. Arrange chicken with thicker pieces to the outside in a 2-quart skinned glass baking dish. Cook covered with waxed paper 2 minutes at Power Control HI. Drain and turn the chicken over. 1/2 cup barbecue sauce 2.
  • Page 35: Table

    FISH & SHELLFISH Cooking Fish and Shellfish: General Directions o Prepare tee fish for cooking. - Completely defrost the fish or shellfish. - Arrange unevenly shaped pieces with thicker parts toward the outside of the dish. Arrange shellfish in a single layer for even cooking.
  • Page 36: Vegetable Cooking Table

    VEGETABLES Vegetables retain their beautiful color, fresh taste and crip texture when cooked in the microwave oven. Because vegetables have a high moisture content, you need only add 2 to 4 tablespoons of liquid. Cooking Vegetables: General Directions Whole, Large Vegetables •...
  • Page 37: Vegetables

    VEGETABLE COOKING TABLE Vegetables Cooking Time Special Instructions Power Control Artichokes Place trimmedartichokes,rightside up, in a 2-quart microwavable Fresh (8 oz. each) bakingdish. Add2 teaspoons lemon juiceand 2 tablespoons 2 medium 51/2-61/2 minutes water. Cover with plasticwrap and vent. Cook untillower leaves 4 medium 9-i i minutes can be pulledoff and base pierces easilywith fork.
  • Page 38 VEGETABLE COOKING TABLE (Continued) Cooking Time Vegetables Special Instructions Power Control Carrots Placecarrots and 2 tablespoonswater in I-quart covered Fresh, sliced 51/2-7 minutes casserole.Stir hallwaythrough cooking. Cook untilfork-tender. Let stand covered 2 minutes. 2 cups Frozen, crinklecut 51/2-7 minutes Remove outer wrapping from _x. Place the box on 2 paper (10 oz.) towels.After cooking let stand 2 minutes.
  • Page 39 VEGETABLE COOKING TABLE (Continued) Cooking Time Vegetables Special Instructions Power Control HI Okra Remove outer wrapping from box. Place box on 2 paper towels. Frozen whole 8-9 minutes After cooking let stand 2 minutes. (10 oz.) 8-9 minutes Place okra and 2 tablespoonswater in 2_quartcovered Frozen, sliced mierowavablecasserole.Stir halfway through cooking.
  • Page 40 VEGETABLE COOKING TABLE (Continued) Cooking Time Vegetables Special Instructions Power Control HI Rutabaga. Pierce rutabaga throughwaxy coatingseveraltimeswith fork. Fresh whole 10-11 minutes Place on 2 paper towels. Removehalfwaythrough cooking.Cut into quarters,peel and dice. Place dicedrutabaga and 2 11Ib) tablespoonswater in 11/2quartmicrowavable covered casserole, After cooking,let stand covered 2 minutes.
  • Page 41: Table

    PASTA & CE/EGG & CHEESE Microwave cooking and conventional cooking of pasta, rice and cereal require about the same arnount of time. But the microwave is the more convenient method because you can cook and serve in the same dish. In addition, there is no stirring and leftover pasta tastes just like you cooked it fresh when you reheat it in the microwave oven+ Cooking...
  • Page 42: Eggs

    Basic Scrambled Eggs Tablespoons Teaspoons Cooking time Eggs Special Instructions of Milk Power Control 8 of Butter Use 10-ounce microwavable bowl or custardcup for I to 2 50 to60 seconds eggs: use l_uart microwavablecasserole for 4 to 6 eggs. Place butter in dish. Cook uncovered20 to 40 secondsat 11/2to 2 minutes Power Control 10 or untilbutter melts, Beat eggs and milk together with forkuntilwellbYnded;...
  • Page 43: Tips And Techniques

    SANDWICHES/BREADS/CAKES Who doesn't like a sandwich? As a snack, lunch or light supper, only one thing can enhance its appeal Heating it! It takes just seconds in the microwave oven and it's so easy. Heating Sandwiches: Tips & Techniques o Sandwiches heat very quickly because they are porous. •...
  • Page 44: Directions

    Baking Bread: General Directions o Prepare the bread/muffins for baking. -Fill the loaf dish or muffin cups only half full to avoid spill over. Microwave-baked breads and muffins have greater volume than those conventionally baked. -To give breads or muffins a browner, more "baked" appearance, add spices such as cinnamon to the batter or top with chopped nuts, toasted coconut or cinnamon and sugar.
  • Page 45 Garlic Bread 1/4 cup(l/2 stick) butter I. Combine the butter, garlic powder, salt and pepper in a 2 cup 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder glass measuring cup. Cook uncovered 45 to 60 seconds at Power Control 2 or until the butter is softened but not melted; beat to blend. 1/s teaspoon salt 1is teaspoon...
  • Page 46: Cakes And Mixes

    Convenience Cakes and MLxes: Tips and Techniques e Fill the baking dish only half full. Microwave cakes rise much higher than cakes baked in a conventional oven. ® The cake is done when a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. There may be moist spots on top of the cake after you remove it from the oven.
  • Page 47: Beverages

    BEVERAGES Heating Beverages: Tips and Techniques WHAT TO USE: Use mugs cups, and even china, if it has no metallic decoration. WHAT TO HEAT: Mi k tends to boil over, so if you heat milk, use a container about twice the volume as the milk.
  • Page 48: Foods

    REHEATING FOODS General Directions for Reheating o Measure the amount of food to decide how long to reheat it, Room temperature food heats faster than refrigerated food. o Take canned foods out of the can and put them in a microwavable dish. Alwaysuse a microwavable casserole or dish for reheating.
  • Page 49: Recipe Index

    RECIPE INDEX Nachos ............Apricot walnut bread ......... Baked whitefish meuniere ........Onion soup ............Banana bread ........... Orange coffee ........... Barbecued chicken ..........Orange raisin bread ........... Basic brown sauce ..........Basic omelet ............. Beef and tomato pitas ........Poached fish fillets ..........
  • Page 50: And Answers

    QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS OPERATION Q. What is wrong when the oven light will not glow during cooking? A. There may be several reasons why the oven light will not glow. Perhaps: ® Cooking time has not been set. • START has not been touched. •...
  • Page 51 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Co.t,d) FOODS Q What is wrong when baked foods have a hard, dry, brown spot? A. A hard, dry, brown spot indicates overcooking. Shorten the cooking or reheating time. Q. Why do eggs sometimes pop? A. When baking, frying or poaching eggs, the yolk may pop due to steam build-up inside the yolk membrane. To prevent this, simply pierce the yolk with a wooden pick before cooking.
  • Page 52 BEFORE CALLING SERVICE You can often correct operating problems yourself. If your microwave oven fails to work properly, locate the operating problem in the list below and try the solutions listed for each problem. If the microwave oven still does not work properly, contact the nearest Sears Service Center.
  • Page 53: Sears Service

    Microwave Oven has added value when you consider that Sears has a service unit near you, staffed by Sears Trained Technicians-professional technicians specifically trained on Sears Kenmore Microwave Ovens, having the parts, tools and equipment to insure that we meet our pledge to you- "We Sevice What We Sell!"...

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