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Drain Air Gap; Storing - Kenmore 665.1277 Use & Care Manual

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she °
To help avoid hard water residue in your dishwasher, use affresh ®+dishwasher cleaner (recommended)
once a month as part of
routine maintenance,
affresh ® dishwasher cleaner is effective
in all dishwasher
Read these instructions and the instructions found on the affresK _ product package completely
before beginning the cleaning
Removal of Hard Water/Filming:
use of a monthly maintenance
product such as affresh ® Dishwasher Cleaner Part
Number W10282479.
Load your dishwasher (preferably
with dishes affected
by filming/hard
Place tablet in main wash compartment
of detergent dispenser.
Select cycle/option
best for heavily soiled dishes and start dishwasher.
NOTE: Recommended
to use a premeasured detergent
tablet or pack for regular daily use.
Some state or local plumbing codes require the addition
of a drain air gap between a
built-in dishwasher and the home drain system, Check the drain air gap when your
dishwasher is not draining
The drain air gap is usually located on top of the sink or countertop
near the
dishwasher. To order a drain air gap, please call 1-800-4-MY-HOME
®, Ask for Part
Number 300096.
NOTE: The drain air gap is an external plumbing
device that is not part of your
dishwasher. The warranty
provided with your dishwasher does not cover service costs
directly associated with the cleaning or repair of the external drain air gap.
To clean the drain air gap
Clean the drain air gap periodically
to ensure proper drainage
of your dishwasher.
With most types, you lift off the chrome cover. Unscrew the plastic cap. Then check
for any soil buildup. Clean if necessary.
Storing for the summer
Storing for the winter
If your dishwasher is not in use during the summer months, turn off the water supply
and power supply to the dishwasher.
Avoid possible water damage to your home and dishwasher due to freezing water
lines. If your dishwasher is left in a seasonal dwelling or could be exposed to near
freezing temperatures,
have your dishwasher winterized
by authorized
t® affresh
is a registered
of Whirlpool.

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Table of Contents

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