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Freezer Compartment - GE GSE23GSESS Use And Care Manual

Models 22, 23, 25,26,27 and 29
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Table of Contents
Replacing the light bulbs.
Replacing the lights on models with LED lighting
Setting the controls to OFF does not remove power to the light circuit. Not all features are on all models.
This light is located above the top drawer.
Unplug the refrigerator.
Lift the light shield up and pull it out.

Freezer Compartment

Unplug the refrigerator.
Remove the shelf just above the light shield.
(The shelf will be easier to remove if it is
emptied first.) Remove the screw at the top
of the light shield.
To remove the light shield, press in on the
sides, and lift up and out.
(on some models)
Unplug the refrigerator.
The bulb is located on the dispenser under
the control panel. Remove the light bulb by
turning it counterclockwise.
Refrigerator Compartment
There is an LED lighting display in the top and sides of the fresh food compartment and in the rear
and side of the freezer compartment on some models.
If this assembly needs to be replaced, call GE Service at 1.800.432.2737 in the United States or
1.800.561.3344 in Canada.
After replacing the bulb with an appliance
bulb of the same or lower wattage, replace
the shield.
Plug the refrigerator back in.
Replace the bulb with an appliance bulb
of the same or lower wattage, and
reinstall the light shield. When reinstalling
the light shield, make sure the top tabs
snap securely into place. Replace the
Reinstall the shelf and plug the
refrigerator back in.
Replace the bulb with a bulb of the same
size and wattage.
Plug the refrigerator back in.
(on some models)


Table of Contents

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