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Behind The Refrigerator; Preparing For Vacation; Replacing The Light Bulbs - GE GSE23GSESS Use And Care Manual

Models 22, 23, 25,26,27 and 29
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Care and cleaning of the refrigerator.

Replacing the light bulbs.

Turning the refrigerator off via the controls on the touch panel does not shut off electrical power to the refrigerator.
Your light shield will look like
one of the following:

Behind the Refrigerator

Be careful when moving the refrigerator away
from the wall. All types of floor coverings can
be damaged, particularly cushioned coverings
and those with embossed surfaces.
Pull the refrigerator straight out and return it
to position by pushing it straight in. Moving the
refrigerator in a side direction may result in
damage to the floor covering or refrigerator.

Preparing for Vacation

For long vacations or absences, remove food
and unplug the refrigerator. Clean the interior
with a baking soda solution of one tablespoon
(15 ml) of baking soda to one quart (1 liter) of
water. Leave the doors open.
Set the icemaker power switch to the OFF
position and shut off the water supply to the
Preparing to Move
Secure all loose items such as shelves and
drawers by taping them securely in place to
prevent damage.
When using a hand truck to move the
refrigerator, do not rest the front or back of the
refrigerator against the hand truck. This could
damage the refrigerator. Handle only from the
sides of the refrigerator.
(on some models)
Unplug the refrigerator.
The bulbs are located at the top of the
compartment, inside the light shield. On
some models, a screw at the front of the
light shield will have to be removed. On
other models, the screw is located in the
pocket located at the back of the shield.
To remove the light shield, on some models,
press in on the tabs on the sides of the
shield and slide forward and out. On other
models, just slide the shield forward and
When pushing the refrigerator back, make
sure you don't roll over the power cord or
icemaker supply line (on some models).
If the temperature can drop below freezing,
have a qualified servicer drain the water supply
system (on some models) to prevent serious
property damage due to flooding.
Be sure the refrigerator stays in an upright
position during moving.
After replacing the bulb with an appliance
bulb of the same or lower wattage, replace
the light shield and screw. When replacing
the light shield, make sure that the tabs at
the back of the shield fit into the slots at the
back of the light shield housing.
Plug the refrigerator back in.


Table of Contents

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