Installation And Debugging - Haier CA0070AANB Installation & Operation Manual

Air cooled module water chiller
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4.2 Foundation dimension
4.2.1 The bearing capacity of the foundation shall be designed according to the unit's operation weight.
4.2.2 The foundation can be beam channel (designed by the installer according to the unit outline
dimension) or concrete structure, and the surface of the foundation shall be flat.
4.2.3 A 10~20mm rubber anti-vibration cushion shall be used between unit and foundation.
4.2.4 The unit can be fixed on the foundation by using anchor bolt with 16 or 18mm diameter.

5. Installation and debugging

5.1 Freight Check
All the units are tightly fastened on the wooden pallet by the bolts. Before leaving factory, the units are
all checked and pre-filled with refrigerant and refrigerant oil, both of which are the precise amount the
unit operation needs. When user receives the product, he shall check it carefully to confirm if there is
product damage in transportation and to confirm all the pre-ordered parts are received.
If there is any damage, he shall immediately inform the transportation person and claim for
compensation according to relevant clauses. If there is problem except for surface damage, he shall
immediately inform our company.
5.2 Transportation
In order to be convenient to carry the unit, the user shall use forklift or crane. When using crane, there
shall be proper partition to protect the top and side panel of the unit (as Figure shown). During carrying,
the unit shall be kept level, and the gradient shall not exceed 30°. Try to avoid units damage due to
improper operation.


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