Operation Introduction - Haier CA0070AANB Installation & Operation Manual

Air cooled module water chiller
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13.6 LED indication on the control board and the control ports
There are the power LED 1 (VD, green), power LED 2 (+5V, yellow), operation LED (OP, red) on the control
board, which are used to indicate the power is normal (LED is on) and module operation is normal (LED will
flash slowly, when failing, it will flash quickly). Every relay has a corresponding LED (green) on the control
board, when the LED is on, the corresponding relay will be closed. On the control board there are a manual
compulsory defrosting button.

14. Operation introduction

14.1 Start up
Press contineously power button for 3 seconds, LCD will display the product serial number (the default
value 00 00), the unit enters the standby state and the LCD will display the system water return temperature,
then water pump will start up.
14.2 Mode selection
Press button M to select the mode: cool, heat, auto, and press power button to confirm, the corresponding
icon will flash, 3 minutes later, start up the relative unit due to the set temperature and LCD will display the
indication of the running unit.
14.3 Temp. setting (water return temp.)
Press button T to enter the temp. setting of a certain mode, the previous temp. will display and flash, press
button ∧/∨ to modify the temp., and press T again to quit.
14.4 Query the temperature
Press button T for a long time, LCD will display the module No. (e.g.: SYS A), then press T quickly to the
temp. query state. Press button ∧/∨ to check the 1~8 temperatures; press T to quit or 30 seconds later
quit automatically.
14.5 Query the failure
Press button S for a long time to query the failure. When failure occurs, LCD will display the icon, module
No. and the failure code.
14.6 Timer ON/OFF and CLOCK adjustment
Press button S quickly to the set state, then press button ∧/∨ to select timer on, timer off, or clock,
furthen, press S to confirm the selection. Press button ∧/∨ to modify the first digit, press T to move to the


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