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Haier CA0070AANB Installation & Operation Manual page 4

Air cooled module water chiller
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Every indoor unit is connected to the individual controller or central controller through dual-core
non-polar wire to realize the cental control. When one indoor starts up, the central air conditioning
system will start up automatically. When all indoors arrive the set temperature, the master unit will stop.
Energy saving.
Auto check technology: The system can check the operation status automatically; all kinds of sensors
will transmit the operation parameters to the chip. By pressing the buttons, all the parameters can
display on the liquid crystal screen. When the unit occurs failure in operation, the failure will display on
the LED so that the malfunction can be solved soon.
g. Password control function: According to the user setting, the password control function can be used.
Therefore the control to the unit will be more reliable and more flexible.
h. Equipped with RS-485 physical connector, perfect network communication ability.
Module structure design, the system can be produced or transported as module unit. Every system is
independent, and they are spare part for each other, however which cooling circuit is abnormal, the
other systems do not be affected by the abnormal system, and furthermore they will run in shape.
Module structure can reduce the cost of transport and installation greatly, more convenient.
Heat exchanger of air side is designed much larger, enlarge heat transmission area, lower the
temperature drop of transmission. Consequently, the chiller can run in cool mode even at high
temperature of 45celsius degree in summer, and also can run in heat mode at low ambient temperature
of –15celcius degree in winter with good performance.
k. Safety and protection devices: phase reverse protection device, high and low pressure switch, freeze
protection device, overheat protection device, overload protection device, etc. Also, with Timer ON/OFF,
AUTO operation, defrosting, etc. functions.



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