Auxiliary Electric Heating Function Control; Water Pump Operation Control(Valid When Water Pump And The Unit Controlled Simultaneously); The Terminal Simultaneous Control - Haier CA0070AANB Installation & Operation Manual

Air cooled module water chiller
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Pipe dimension: the pipe dimension will be different according to the module quantity. Please install as
70+35, 70*2→DN65;70*2+35, 70*3→DN80;
70*3+35~ *5→DN100;70*5+35, 70*6→DN125.
Water pipe direction: when module quantity is below 3 sets, select the connection of single row type or
multi-row type; but when module quantity is no less than 4 sets, must select the single row type connection.

9. Auxiliary electric heating function control

The auxiliary electric heating function will be performed in low ambient temperature. Connect the water
inlet/outlet pipe with auxiliary electric heater to the total water inlet/outlet pipe, in the electric control box of
the master module, there is the control port of auxiliary electric heating (only with 220V output, not supply
the electric heating control part). After compressor starts up, when the actual ambient temp. is lower than
the "electric heating startup temp. " (factory set parameter B7), and water outlet temp. is lower than "heating
set temp. " – " temp. difference of electric heating startup" (factory set parameter B8), if the two conditions
can be met, electric heating will work. When the actual ambient temp. is higher than " ambient temp. of
allowable electric heating startup" or compressor stops, the electric heating will stop.
10. Water pump operation control(valid when water pump and the unit controlled
In the electric control box, there is the freezed water pump simultaneous control port (only with 220V output,
not supply the water pump control part). When the unit is in standby state, water pump will not start up;
when the unit enters working state from standby state, start up water pump firstly; when the unit enters
standby state from working state or stop state, 30seconds later, water pump will stop automatically. In stop
state, when water outlet temp. is no more than 3 degree and more than 2 degree, the water pump will start
up; when water outlet temp. is no more than 2 degree, start up one module in heating and stop until water
temp. arrives 8 degree.
Note: When multiple units utilize one set of water system, as long as the units start up, all the water
pumps will start up (except for the spare water pump), and forbid to confirm the water pump quantity
according to the running unit quantity. The actual water flow should be in the range of (rated water flow

11. The terminal simultaneous control

Connect the passive N.O. port of the terminal controller to the simultaneous control port (YK) in the wired
controller of the master module unit. When the unit is running and the controller is in simultaneous control
state, when one of terminal unit starts up, the chiller system will start up automatically. When all the
terminal units stop, the chiller system will stop later.
When in electric wiring, please pay attention to the following:
a. The wires are the power supply cable and the communication wire. The wires with the unit have been
fixed properly, and should not be modified by the user.
b. Ensure that the communication wire is earthed on one point after the unit is earthed well; if the unit is
not earthed properly, the communication will be interfered. The communication wire should be
twisted-pair, with diameter AWG20~22, and over 10cm far from the high voltage wire.


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