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Motorola DCX3300 User Manual: Native Mode Settings Screen

Motorola high-definition dual tuner / external dvr set-top user guide.
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Configuring A/V and Closed Captioning

Native Mode Settings Screen

The Native Mode Settings menu is used to configure the operation of the native mode
feature on the DCX3300. The DCX3300 is capable of receiving and decoding a number of
different digital video formats. When operating in native mode, the DCX3300 will
generate a video output format that most closely matches the broadcast video format.
For example, if the DCX3300 is configured to operate in native mode, a channel
broadcast in the 720p format will be output to the television in the 720p format, while a
channel broadcast in the 1080i format will be output to the television in the 1080i format.
When using the native mode feature of the DCX3300, please exercise caution when
selecting the formats from the checklist. If a format is selected that is not compatible
with the television, there may be a loss of video whenever the DCX3300 is tuned to a
channel which is broadcast in that format.
If the television is connected to the DCX3300 using an HDMI cable, the DCX3300 will
automatically customize the checklist of supported formats as reported to it by the
television. If the television is connected to the DCX3300 using Component Video (YPbPr)
cables, the checklist will need to be customized manually.
Note that at least one of the 1080i, 720p, 480p,or 480i formats must be selected from
the checklist for the DCX3300 to operate properly in native mode.
An example of the User Settings menu when configured for Native mode
Note: Native mode operation only applies to the HDMI and Component Video (YPbPr)
DCX3300 High-Definition Dual Tuner / External DVR Set-top • User Guide
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