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About Bluetooth Device - Philips CID2680 User Manual

In-car entertainment system.
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Disc rating exceeds the restrict setting.
Change the rating settings to lower one.
Disc region code is not compatible with
the unit. Use disc with proper region code.
No image
Parking brake wire connection is incorrect.
Check the parking wiring.
Image flashes or distorted
Video DVD settings do not match with
the DVD. Adjust video DVD settings.
Video connection is improper. Check the
Noise in broadcasts.
Signals are too weak. Select other stations
with stronger signals.
Check the connection of the car antenna.
Change broadcast from stereo to mono.
Preset stations lost.
Battery cable is not correctly connected.
Connect the battery cable to the terminal
that is always live.
Fuse is broken
The Fuse type is incorrect. Replace it with
a 15A fuse.
Speaker wire or power wire is grounded.
Check the connections.
Display show ERR-12
USB/SD/MMC data error. Check the USB
device or SD/MMC card.

About Bluetooth device

Music playback is unavailable on the system
even after successful Bluetooth connection.
The device cannot be used with the
system to play music.
The audio quality is poor after connection
with a Bluetooth-enabled device.
The Bluetooth reception is poor. Move
the device closer to the system or remove
any obstacle between the device and the
Cannot connect with the system.
The device does not support the profiles
required for the system.
The Bluetooth function of the device is
not enabled. Refer to the user manual of
the device for how to enable the function.
The system is not in the pairing mode.
The system is already connected with
another Bluetooth-enabled device.
Disconnect that device or all other
connected devices and then try again.
The paired mobile phone connects and
disconnects constantly.
The Bluetooth reception is poor. Move
the mobile phone closer to the system or
remove any obstacle between the mobile
phone and the system.
Some mobile phones may connect and
disconnect constantly when you make
or end calls. This does not indicate any
malfunction of the system.
For some mobile phones, the Bluetooth
connection may be deactivated
automatically as a power-saving feature.
This does not indicate any malfunction of
the system.


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